Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Presidential Hopeful, Barrack Obama, talks with Tavis

Barrack Obama, on the Tavis Smiley show; a very candid interview ...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More on Tony Robbins... with Charlie Rose

Just in case you're not aware of who this guy is.. check out this interview by Charlie Rose;

I had the pleasure of hearing this man speak in person; one of the BEST experiences of my life...

The story of Rocky...

Tony Robbins is hands down one of the most Corniest people to ever live; But if you've never sat down and heard him speak you're missing out on one of the most inspiring speakers of all time - Listen to him tell a story that I've heard before, talking about Sylvestor Stallone.

Inspiration can come from anywhere people; Remember that - stay open to it - it may just be around the corner; and when it comes, it's much better to be Prepared for the opportunity and Not have it, than to Have the opportunity and Not be prepared... you've gotta be ready, and you've gotta stay hungry.

Can you do it??

The Greatest Revenge is Massive Success!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dog the Racist Bounty Hunter....

Serves him right - if you ask me.

His son found a woman that makes him happy and she happens to be black; This is a scenario which I'm sure plays it self out in plenty of homes across the USA - where parents disapprove of who their children date, based soley on race.

Race, in my opinion should never be the deciding factor in who you date; If anything it's one of the least important qualities to look for in a partner; I've always been open minded in this dept; and really wish more people were - Truth is, this is what Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Dream" was all about.

Many years ago we held this discussion at thaClub - where one of our members brought to light a document written by Martin Luther King Jr. before he died; In it he speaks of an "Interracial Society". If you want to know why he was killed, this is the reason.

His dream was about much more than racial 'equality' - than making it fair for blacks to get jobs, to vote, to have a say so in America and to be unrestrained while seeking to attain the American Dream; No, when he makes mention of it in his "I have a Dream" speech, what he's alluding to is an Interracial society where race truly Does Not Matter ...

In his speech, he talked about white boys & girls and black boys & girls playing together; going to the same schools; He talked of a place where no one judges anyone on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character.... As many speakers do, he was using metaphor - he was using analogy - He was speaking of a society where the 'idea' of race is thrown out completely.

This most recent case where Dog is taped by his son, making racial slurs over and over about his son's Black girlfriend, only exposes the truth about our nation - as I've stated many times on the topic of race and racism, laws were changed; Ideas were not.

There was never a movement to change how white people educated their children on the topic of race; Business people were made to change their policies; hiring blacks, allowing blacks to eat in their restaurants; Policies changed; allowing blacks to vote, to ride anywhere on the bus, to attend the same schools as white kids - But never were people Made to "feel differently" about race.

Nothing has changed really because of that - The policies stemmed from the feelings - So long as people FEEL a certain way, policies are meaningless. It equates to a society where people just go through the motions. We speak, and fake smile at each other, and inside people curse each other; ... "Nigger ... " .... "Cracker ass cracker" ....

you fill in your racial slur.

I'm glad his show was pulled; but I don't hate the guy; Clearly he was raised to feel a certain way and now that he's been exposed publicly he's gonna make some changes. All things happen for a reason and I'm sure this will make "Dog" an even better man before his final curtain call; let's hope so anyway.

And let's hope this matter can be used to help steer American Society closer to the dream held by Dr. King - that we may all come to realize the true hiddeous nature of hate; of racism. That we all will look within our selves, our families, and challenge this Way of thinking and feeling that has been with us for far too long.

Because let's face it - HOW many conversations like these are being had on a daily basis between Parents and their Kids - that are not being taped and turned into the National Enquirer ... ?

Exactly my point.

Check out these related videos and links to this shocking story ...

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Dog's apology ...

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... finally in Reflection on this story; how many racist have been exposed this year alone? First it was Michael Richards ... then Imus got out of hand ... and now Dog.

Just like the previous two, he issues an apology and expects people not to believe that he is racist; Well my only problem here is, Of course he's racist; Does he have work to do about his racism? Can he change and turn away from his racism? Sure - but to come out the next day and say "I'm not racist, I didn't mean it in a racist manner" is to Piss in the face of everyone's intelligence...

At least own up to what you do - then apologize - and your apology will be viewed in a different light; when it's sincere, when it's heart felt; Then and only then is it real. Let's keep Dog in our positive thoughts in hopes that he learns a lesson from his actions; and makes changes in his life.