Tuesday, December 02, 2008

YouTube vids, Slowing down ThaShow

Sorry folks...

The number of YouTube videos I had on here were slowing down the load times for thaShow - I do apologize for that - one of the things I originally wanted to do here were podcasts, sharing my thoughts on different topics - but I have far too many irons in the fire so to speak, to devote the time, to create quality videos or audio recordings - So, I went with another idea I had, to share the kinds of Videos I enjoy; that I think other people can gain a lot of insight from.

I've reduced the number of posts that show up; and will keep in mind moving forward not to post So many Video Series' back to back - I've got a good one on the way called, "The Origin of Aids" that aired on Sundance Channel; I'm trying to get some of my partners in knowledge to contribute to ThaShow; giving you more to read or watch, more often. So, stay tuned for that...

But the next video series will be an eye opener; that's for sure - because it's been said for many years by black people, including more recently Kanye West in a song; and when the Rev. Jeremiah Wright said it, he was talked about like he was crazy - but He's not - Scientists Created the AIDS Virus, then told Africans to come get a Polio Vaccine Shot; which was really, a Shot of AIDS; and from there, the epidemic has spread.

Sound Familiar?

The Gov't did this before - with Syphilis; this is well known, the Tuskegee Experiment.

My White brothers and sisters need this information; SO many still believe that racism is over with; that tactics are no longer being used to negatively effect black people - They need to know this - because whatever they do to blacks, eventually effects whites also; In the end, the only color that 'really' matters is Green; but racism is often used to keep us divided; so that white people will not care about what is happening to blacks; under the guise of feeling that there are still benefits to being white - sure, it's obvious to some; but sadly it's not obvious to nearly enough white people, as I feel they are the only ones who can truly put an end to what's happening in our world.

Much more from me on these topics - Stay tuned!