Saturday, April 22, 2006

Why Love Kobe Bryant?

I'm a big NBA basketball fan - love the game, love the Lakers, and am Lucky to cheer for a team that has had So many greats - Saw a wonderful article written today on which I'll provide a link to - and the entire article aswell in just one moment.

First I want to say that Audioblogger Sucks major buttocks.

And back to ThaShow - it's coming - stay tuned - working out just 'exactly' we're going to talk about, and what format we're going to take. Lots of commentary on subjects that I'm sure you'll find interesting, Kobe Bryant is a subject all in itself.

It has been, for a very long time - and especially due to his Split Popularity; I think that accurately Describes the guy - and the conversation - like his commercial you either Love or Hate this guy... As the NBA wraps up it's season and prepares for it's Second Season; the well anticipated Playoffs - Here's the #1 moment from a season of great moments - for us to reflect on the Historic Season, of #8 - Kobe Bryant.

"if you line the Picture up "Eighy One Reasons to love him" - the story should fit real nicely into the frame."

That's an extremely well written article about one of the greatest basketball players to grace the game - ever - and Forget about that rape case - forget about his fueds with Shaq... and even with Phil - Things happen to all of us when we are young that we grow up to regret doing; So let's be realistic and fair when we think about Kobe Bryant.

It would be a tragedy if this guy doesn't win MVP for the year he had, and it would mostly be due to how people Feel about his actions; as if everyone is his Parent and has a need to punish him for behavior they don't approve of - for things he did 2-3 years in the past.

Stay tuned for more commentary on this SuperStar living Legend - could possibly be a topic on 'thaShow' - whenever it's ready to be released...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The "Internet" isn't fake - The People on it are.

In response to many many years using internet networking forums such as AOL, and Yahoo messenger - and most recently creating profiles and meeting folks on the Internet Phenomenon - I have come to understand that the "internet" is not fake.

The People using it are...

yes... this will also be one of my many topics coming to ThaShow - stay tuned to hear my thoughts on that.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

ThaShow Audio Intro's pt. 3

Ok so... Feel free to listen to these - they are really just 'tests' - sadly I had 2 others that I messed up on, and they were Effin Great!! - lol - seriously though check them out, it'll give you a better idea of what's coming up on ThaShow - much more coming from me later in the week on these "audio blogs" - ThaShow is coming soon...

this is an audio post - click to play

ThaShow Audio Intro's pt. 2

Hear me get more in depth on what "ThaShow" will bring to you - just me talkin about some random stuff, purely unscripted, enjoy.

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ThaShow Audio Intro's pt. 1

Hear me test out - a service that allows me to call in and drop a few thoughts on you all from anywhere I am - apparently I've got 5 minutes to spill my guts. Listen to it now...

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Monday, April 10, 2006

ThaShow "audio" tester

Testing out's "audioblogger" - forgive the long pause at the beginning, I didn't know it was time to record yet!

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The Media Missed this one!

I got an email recently, describing a generous story about actor Denzel Washington. Before sharing it I wanted to research it to make sure it was true - and it turns out for the most part, it is. It's a bit sensationalized though - It makes a claim that Denzel went to visit wounded soldiers from the War in Iraq - and wrote a check on the spot to build another facility to help house the families of these wounded soldiers.

Denzel didn't write a check "on the spot" - but he did write a check to help build another facility. Great stuff, and you can read about it here.

Check out some images from that same site showing photos from Denzel's Visit.

The story in the "email" poses a very interesting question:

"The question I have is why does Alec Baldwin, Madonna, Sean Penn and other Hollywood types make front page news with their anti-everything America crap and this doesn't even make page 3 in the Metro section of any newspaper except the base newspaper in San Antonio. "

Interesting question indeed - Why doesn't this kinda stuff get any press? Ah, the media - another great reason to go see V for Vendetta just to whitness that movies take on the media. Just what is the media? Where does the media derrive it's power from? If you ask me, it's the society that gives power to the media. We trust these people because they are on Television. Outside of that, we have been given no other good reason to trust that what they tell us is indeed factual - or is indeed "news" - The internet really has changed lots of our society in how we access information. However;

The media has done a good job in discrediting the sources on the internet - this email is a good example of just why that is - People can make up anything and without having their sources checked can pass around any story they'd like as fact when very often it turns out to be fiction.

The difference between information on the internet and information in the news is that supposedly the information on the news has been researched first; while the information we recieve on the net "should be researched" - It requires the individual to do something while the news requires the individual to do nothing - to sit there and accept that what they are about to report is indeed Fact!

How dangerous something like that actually is... but that's for another post.

The individual, "Should" always Do something.

None of us should accept anything as fact - but we Should recieve it all with an open mind - until we find a reason why not to later. We need to be careful not to pre-judge information - because information is so important; it can save a person's life - while lacking information can be the very reason for why a person loses their life.

I wanted to share this story about Denzel and his generous deed - but I wanted to make sure I was sharing real information. Feel free to use our Google search box at the bottom of Thashow's blogspot in order to look up and cross reference this story.

Now back to this question - Why do certain celebs recieve press for their "negative" or what could be viewed as "negative views" - while others do not recieve any mention at all for their Positive acts?

The media picks and chooses which stories they are going to report; So why didn't they choose to report this one?

Perhaps in the age of the internet, the media is also slowly transforming - perhaps we can begin to look to blogs for relevant information; Perhaps if we get into the mode of looking up EVERYTHING - no matter how long it takes us to do that, we'll learn more and be better informed about the world we live in and the ideas that are being presented to us as fact.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Power of the Internet...

What do you use the internet for?

As I dive into this world of blogging and podcasting - just as I dove recently into the world of Web Design, I'm finding that there are BILLIONS of other websites, and I'm sure there are just as many blogs and podcasts... So just what's going to make you come to check out mine?

Perhaps content - conversation about Relevant things in your life. That's one HUGE benefit that the internet does bring - it's the grandfather of On Demmand programming, just perfect for this microwave society - where people want everything Right Now!

And if you could have "anything" right now - what would it be?

How bizzare is it, that you can just about find "that" - whatever "it" actually is, right here online - in a search engine on yahoo, google, or ask jeeves. What a device this thing truly is.

What "should we" use a device like that for? Are we using it wisely? I suppose those are questions that come down to the individual and that person's goals in life. I've found the internet to be an incredible tool in helping me reach goals, and find ways to make other goals an eventual reality.

I've met people, and read about people who've done some amazing things with the internet, and so I'm really interested in hearing about the MOST interesting ways to spend your time, online.

leave your comments below, or email us at

Time Traveler's prediction

I hope it doesn't come to this - but I have talked about it in chat rooms, during racial conflics about how the possibility of a Civil War, based purely on racism is quite possible. Only I had my idea a bit backwards; I used to say black people would get so fed up with this treatment that we'd eventually strike back... but sadly over the years I've come to realize that black numbers are far too small for something like that.

Numbers ...

I listen to a crazy radio show called Coast to Coast AM - comes on 640AM on the radio station out here, around 10pm - and goes till 2am, then replays - but they talked about a time Traveler on the show last night, some guy named JT Litier, and anyways he supposedly came back from the future, from 36 years in the future and posted all kinds of predictions on the internet - one of which talks about a 2nd Civil War in America - and how it involves Spanish.

Sheds new light on what this could turn into, because of numbers - it's important that we work together, have dialouge and consider our options; that we find a peaceful resolution to this current situation.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Movie ReViews....

Two movies that I'm going to be sure to give plenty of air time, are The Matrix Trilogy & V for Vendetta; Both movies written by the Wachowski's, and if you didn't before - you will have a whole new appreciation for The Matrix Trilogy & if you have not yet seen it, Do so before listening to thaShow because V is Mind Blowing - Relevant to today - and is a movie everyone in America Must see!

Pretty strong feelings there huh...

Well why don't you check out the movie and let me know if You come out of there with any strong feelings; some intriguing points are made by an intriguing story - one which I wasn't sure I was going to like when it first got started - but 5 minutes into the film and I was ready to go wherever that ride was taking me.

As for The Matrix.... wow - we don't even have time for me to get into that one - you're gonna enjoy the new insight - while others who already love these films should really enjoy the discussions about these movies and their "Relevancy" to our lives - BookMark us - come back soon!

We've gotta new layout

... sorta.

I threw together a nice catchy flash banner, brings the page alive - in a way the Bright Green just didn't do.

so now we've gotta logo. Hope u all like it.

The podcasts are a lil ways off - get used to reading these updates as we build the buzz, test out ideas, and make sure our preparation will pay off in a podcast worth listening to. So much to talk about, how are we possibly going to hold your intrest?

That is a question that we'll seek to answer, as I assemble my team to run the lanes, in route to our championship trophy; bring you all a quality show, that is entertaining, educational, inspirational, and informative - all at the same time.

Stay tuned - thaShow is coming... and it's kinda already here.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My take on: Illegal Immigration Protestors.

Racism is a disease that keeps us divided instead of united; and is slowly destroying the "potential of America".

America however is a society rooted in racism - this is the country that prospered so much from slavery and legalized segragation; employing oppressive tactics against blacks to keep them from aspiring to acheive higher levels of success in American Society; Leaving more room for more whites to literally gobble up all the good opportunities.

It's backfiring.

Illegal Immigration Protestors are not "for all" illegal immigrants - This issue is all about race.

Before we tell them to quit protesting and be more American - We need to realize, that's exactly what they are doing; Being Racist ... Being American.

United "We'll stand" - divided ... "we'll surely fall apart."

If you have any - leave your comments below.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Most Americans in favor of illegal immigration - "according to Yahoo Poll"

Here's our Riddiculous story of the day

Click here to check it out. "Riddiculous story of the day":

You all read that - then come back later to read what I have to say....

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Speaking of the ads...

Here's our site of the day - happened to see an ad on this site that was appealing to me - from 'adbrite' - a really nice site by the way, please follow my button on the right hand side to their site to check them out - but the site is all about Illegal Immigration - a pretty recent event, and current conversation if you ask me.

I'm not on the fence - I've got an opinion for you - with a few more things to consider - make sure you stay tuned for that - for now, have a look at our site of the day.

If you see something you find interesting in our sponsor areas, be sure to check it out - ya never know what kinda great sites you'll bump into.