Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wrap it up - send the trophy to Boston

With their move today to acquire Kevin Garnette from the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Boston Celtics have pretty much solidified their return to glory. Not many teams in the east will be able to withstand the 3 headed monster of K.G., Paul Peirce, And Ray Allen....


Don't forget about what K.G. did when he had Latrell "the choke artist" Sprewell and Sam "I Am" Cassel - who's back was not 100% - they got all the way to the Western Finals and fell because they came up against Kobe, Shaq, and the championship form Lakers.

The East is not as strong as the West was then ... So we can at least book them a trip to the Finals for the 07-08 Season; If they face the Spurs or the Suns, they have a really good shot at hosting that Parade in the city where the Tea Party got it all started...

And yes, once again, the GM for the Lakers sat back and did nothing. Boston sends a very good prospect in Al Jefferson, and another with potential due to his athletic ability in Gerald Green to The T-Wolves; Truthfully right now, Green is more like a Ricky Davis than a budding Superstar - so we'll see how that works out. Gomes? .. yea, he's Ok - Futre draft picks and cash may turn into something.

But the Lakers could have sent Lamar Odom, (ok, not that great - gets injured often), Andrew Bynum (I was willing to wait, till I heard that Kobe was not...), Kwame "no hands" Brown (hey, he's a lil better than Gomes... maybe...) Javarious Crittenton, a new gaurd with lots of potential, equal at least to Green... Jordan Farmar - who I love in a Lakers Uniform but ... do what you gotta do to bring K.G. to L.A. - and they could've added some draft picks cash, whatever - but ... nope.

However I'll give ol' Mitch some slack; Truth be told I doubt Kevin McHale would do anything to help the Lakers; a team that he had to battle almost every year for the right to take home a Championship - so, he did a deal with his team mate, and a good friend of his, Danny Ainge. Makes sense... logically speaking.

So now, Let's talk about Kobe.

Kobe may just leave... which really sucks; but the Lakers MUST sign someone BIG at the end of this season, Or bring in someone DURING this one to even give the Lakers a shot at having the Best Players in the League around for the remainder of his career.

Al for GM campaign officially resumes... stay tuned for more entries on this topic...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Crying from Laughing...

In a net 'Hot Topic' category, I'm gonna start off with a Hilarious video - from some dude who Never should've been allowed access to technology.

Reh Dogg - Why Must I Cry

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Technology ...

The internet is a gold mine; being technology challenged in 2007 is not a good idea; not something to brag about or be proud of; the Good news is, you can change that, starting today.

If you're already literate in 'gadgets' then you're right where you need to be; Now that you are reading thaShow, let's talk about how awareness of what's out there can put you in the right place at the right time - timing is Everything; especially when it comes to striking it rich!

Some call it luck ... I call it timing.

Being that I am such a tech guy, I tune into Leo Laporte on the weekends while riding around town in my car; he's got lots of good advice concerning a wide range of electronics; from computers to phones to accessories; he's a pretty knowledgable guy; So when I noticed that he had a podcast, I had to link it to thaShow.

He's got a real good thing going for this Twit.Tv site - lots of real good listening is available there; More cool links are on the way - such as The Loose Cannons, a great sports talk show, along with Petros and Money; And if I can find her, Dr. Laura!!

I think if more women tuned into Dr. Laura the world would Instantly become a better place.

Thanks for stopping by thaShow - more good stuff is on the way!

A good site... TWIT.tv

A good site - I'll add more of my comments later.

enjoy! : http://www.twit.tv/

Oh ... Top 9.47% & why is Myspace Hating??

I noticed something a few weeks ago when I first began promoting the wonderful FREE opportunity Agloco on Myspace - that myspace was Re-directing any and all links To agloco back to MySpace. Why is that?

What do they have against the company I was thinking; perhaps they're competition...

Perhaps Tom is afraid of Agloco taking away some of their advertising Dollars if this company can come along, with a HUGE network of people using the Bar while they surf the internet.... this could be bigger than I originally thought.

And if you've been reading my thoughts here on thaShow you know I think very highly of this bar - So much so that I've now dedicated 2 posts Back 2 Back to showcasing my progress in the company.

We're up to the top 9.47% in the company now ... This is extremely ground floor.

Here's where I stood last time ...

Anybody can do this - it's So very simple; All this means is that in a few short days, I've earned over 12 shares in this company. ... So far!

Imagine the possibilities - if you join, it's all about having a Network of people who you've spread this information to. That's what matters most if you truly want to take advantage of this. Be the reason that agloco becomes Viral!

I've also noticed that all links, and banners that I have up on my MySpace page that link to thaShow no longer work either; I'm guessing it's because of my partnership with Agloco.

Myspace has some sort of Link system going where they enter in the names of all the 'bad links' and from that point foward any links pointing to sites on their bad links list will no longer work. Sucks really...

I'm going to see what I can find out about that.

talk to you soon!

... oh and remember; You could be getting paid right now!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Moving on up! in Agloco

I've moved up ... I'm now in the top 10% of members with referrals for Agloco; I'll get a graphic posted soon.

Want the secret of my success? Sign up for the Money Making Tips newsletter on the Right hand side of thaShow

Agloco is a really good, really simple Opportunity; It really is something that I believe in. It's gonna grow, and if you're not involved now, you're just gonna miss out and kick yourself later. It's Free...

If you're surfing the net right now, what good reasons could you possibly have Not to get involved?? I've actually talked with a couple of people who didn't want to do it; They didn't give me a reason why though.

Asking for it only bothered them... which is too bad really.

They see me as the bad guy, now - In 5 years they'll regret treating me that way. What If I'm wrong though? What if all of this turns out to be worth absolutely nothing?? Well it was FREE!

So I've lost nothing - the respect of peers? Truth be told, respect comes and goes. No offense to the masses out there; but most people work 9 to 5's and do not spend much time at all studying or disecting business opportunities. This is a real one - if they don't respect me it will have little to nothing to do with whether or not Agloco panned out.

Because if they are a student of business; they understand that there are NO Garauntees In business.

There is only Opportunity - and Opportunity alone.

When gold was found in San Francisco, it was no Garauntee that moving out west and buying land was going to result in Striking it Rich; But the opportunity was there. Lots of people got Rich.

Investing in Google 5 years ago, was a Risk - there was no Garauntee that the stock was going to rise to $520 per share ... Only the Opportunity.

This is what you must understand if you choose to get involved with using this bar, and more importantly, Growing a Network - You must be able to conquer the fear of what other people will think; Not everyone's opinion is Qualified enough to matter That Much - when it comes to Business Opportunities.

The truth of the matter is, IF Agloco pans out - and IF you have been using the bar, building up hours and hence shares in the company - IF this pans out you could be sitting on top of a gold mine - literally.

So what do you have to lose by NOT getting involved? A Potential Gold Mine that you don't have to pick up and relocate for - that you don't have to part with any Money to hold shares for - where all you had to do was do as you normally do, and surf the web like you normally do - and that's it.

You don't wanna miss out on that do you? Join today!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Transformers 2? I hope so...

Wanted to share my thoughts on Transformers; a movie which I really did enjoy; and yet Do have a few hopes and aspirations for a sequel....

Great quote on aspirations for a Sequel

I rally like what they did with the cartoon I loved to much as a boy. Would I call it a great movie adaptation? Not so sure.. just yet. If they go the route of Lord of the Rings, and The Matrix - this could turn out to be a Great Movie 'franchise' ...

Though I sorta don't want to use the word franchise, that's exactly what it's become nowadays. Any movie that involves an 'ongoin story' with many of the same characters reprising their roles; There have been many, some more successful than others - and with each release the franchise gets stronger .. or in some cases weaker and more diluted.

Being that this is a Cartoon that ran for quite some time there is plenty to choose from when it comes to thinking about a sequel - I'd like to make some suggestions in terms of what I'd like to see.

Show us more of the war on Cybertron - build the character of the Decepticons, and not just the little 'cute' ones... show us more of Starscream, and much more of Megatron - show them destroying and decieving, and you know - make them more villianous than before.

Overall the robots need more screen time - the humans... less. Not that I minded so much for this first film; afterall it's a setup movie - right? It's just introducing us to what we are about to see... we hope.

Because there is So much material, I'd like to see them think BIG with this one - I'm talking not only 3 sequels.. but give us 5-6 of them ... if they do it Right, they can stretch this out to a 9 or even a 10 part movie.

Before you roll your eyes at that thought; Jason and Halloween Movies ran that long... we'll do it for a good horror 'franchise' - not a good action one? I haven't seen Spiderman 3 but the reviews weren't so good - they tried to fit too much into one film they say - know what that usually means? It means the actors are acting like divas and are making too much fuss about coming back for more sequels without getting More Buck - and often More Screen Time.

Seems like what happened with X-men 3 - Killing off Professor Xavier?? Wtf??

But - this is the main difference with CGI characters; they're not actors who are going to cause a Big fuss over their paycheck - Voice Actors can only complain so much; I mean how many people would love to do some Voices in upcoming transformer movies???

Human actors are sometimes irreplacable; Different actors deliver different performances. But a CGI actor, drawn by the same artists, will pretty much deliver the same, and often Better as time goes on. So a LONG series is very possible - but only if they do it Right; which means taking their time with each movie - developing the Robots - and building the story much, much more around the War between the Decepticons and the Autobots.

We don't need lots of Humans in this story for us to relate; Ok the boy and his girlfriend, maybe his mom and dad - since afterall the Boy and his Dad were in the original series (in much different roles) - but we dont need screen time for the secretary of defense; the hackers; the friend of the hackers; the sector 7 agents, And the soldiers.... Unless those scenes are going to involve body count.

Tyrese and Duhamel - Big Stars - kill the other dudes off. That would've made the decepticons more fearsome - the Two star soldiers barely escape, if not for the help from the Army sending in those bomers from a nearby base... Now, when you bring those two guys home they are more equipped to help fight in the city - which was a great scene by the way.

Except, they should've destroyed even more buildings - good idea for part 2 - we don't really care if they destroy stuff; Damage an entire city for all we care; We just want to see these robots going at it. Like, I'm not glad they killed off Jazz like that; He was a rider; We needed to see him fight more - at least; I mean if they're gonna kill the guy off, after he is the first one to take on Devistator (the Tank) and is the first one to stand up to Megatron (who also needed way more screen time...)

Bring in Soundwave - And his tapes - Ravage (the savage robot dog), Laserbeak (the bird) and Rumble (a lil dude who creates earthquakes) - and Soundwave MUST have that dope voice he had in the cartoon or it just won't be the same.

So those are just a few of my suggestions; again if done right this can be a very good, and very long movie series that many will enjoy for years to come. There is a lot of story to tell, front story as well as back story, and it all can be told in an interesting and entertaining way. Maybe a movie or 2 end up revolving around 3-4 robots and some sort of mission they need to complete - the obstacles they have to face; including fighting and defeating decepticons ...

... i sound like a kid.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I thought this was pretty cool - Amazon.com has stores that they allowed me to customize with my favorite categories - Check it out!


Agloco: A really simple Affiliate Program

It's known as affiliate marketing.

People who actively participate in affiliate programs; where they get a % of comissions and sales that they helped make possible; To help lend some credibility to this practice I'll just state that Amazon uses an affiliate program; so, there ya go.

If Amazon can use it, why can't Agloco? or any other company for that matter...?

Well fact is many companies do - many websites offer affiliate programs where a normal person with some sort of web knowledge can grab html code to place banners on their blogs, websites, myspace pages, and so on. These banners include 'affiliate code' which links any sales made on that Affiliate Site automatically deposit $$$$ into the account of that lucky affiliate.

With Agloco, you're going to get a % of the sales that Agloco makes, just by using the bar. If you're smart, you'll refer a huge network of agloco users just to ensure that you can get an even larger piece of the pie.

This is going to be BIG because it's FREE and extremely Simple - it's also an accepted form of Making Money on the internet.

Joi my team - here's my "affiliate" link - http://agloco.com/r/BBDR8973

For more info on Amazon's excellent affiliate (associate) program, click here:

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hahahaha - Mike Grovel and the Rock Video

This is So funny...

I decided to check out Super News @ their current TV web address http://currenttv.com/supernews - and ran into this Absolutely hilarious parody of the Mike Grovel Rock Video: Trust me, I had no Idea what it was either, so I'll show it to you below.

You Must watch the Parody First to get the joke... click here.

THEN once you've done that; No Cheating now; you'll only cheat your self out of a good laugh; Make sure you've watched the Super News version first.... ok???

Now.. check out the real thing.

If you watched the Parody first, Then watched this video, you just laughed your ass off. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Super News... Transformers and Sin City

I watched Sin City on the Spike Channel earlier, and decided to see what I could find in the way of a trailer or something for part 2. Didn't find it; So I backed into this video while searching out any info on a sequel to Transformers... a movie I really enjoyed watching.

Check it out:

While I'm at it - another Funny clip from the people who put together, Super News.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Top 12.6% in Agloco ... already

Ok, I'm going to do something that MOST of the Top Guns in Agloco won't do - and that is show you exactly why this is a Mud Floor Opportunity.

I'm going to show you how many Referrals I have, along with evidence that I really am in the top 12.6% (as I type this) - and afterwards will explain Why this makes so much sense to hop on right Now!

... other than it being FREE ...

See that? 17 Referrals - and I'm in the TOP 12.6% ....

I signed up back in March, but didn't start promoting till the bar was released; and honestly, I lagged on that too. What a mistake... I should've been recruiting since March!!! Anyways, I honestly have only started promoting this 3-4 days ago.

And already, look at where I'm at.

If you don't have VISION - opportunities like these don't look like much at all. When I tell people things like "This company is paying out shares and cash in the future, but it's an un-named amount." ... They don't get too excited.

Mostly it's because they do not Understand a few things; They don't understand stocks and shares in a company; They don't understand Advertising online; They don't understand that Google was once a company no one had ever heard of; but because people kept using them to search for things online, google's value grew, and grew and grew... They don't understand a MUD Floor Opportunity.

If 17 Referrals puts me in the TOP 12.6% in this company, that means this is a MUD Floor Opportunity.

Ground floor is good - Mud floor is even better... sometimes. If this company gets BIG, the people who are in the Mud Floor phase will have much to say about that happening. Once it begins to bubble, that is when it is officially a ground floor opportunity; once the seeds have been planted, and the foundation is strong - once it's pretty certain that the company is Going to be a success - and from that point it'll go from Ground Floor - to a great opportunity - and who knows what'll happen 3 years from that point... or 5 years from that point.

It's either gonna Flop, or Fortune.

If it Fortunes do you really feel ok about Missing out? Knowing that all you had to do was join, and download a silly bar to run While you surf the web? The bar is tiny, it's like having a Google and/or Yahoo Toolbar on while you surf the web. The difference however, is they'll Pay you for having an Agloco Bar running.

Sign up today!

How America will fall?

This great article written by Brian Trent was on Netscapes homepage today - and it's great. In a way it reminds me of things I have stated online for many years; "We the people" - have forgotten our role in society, we overlook our power - to protest, to speak out, to change whatever is not working in our country.

Instead, we've become a country full of people who do not want to take responsibility for anything. Not for racism, poverty, or poor education - Nope, not our fault, not our responsibility.

Maybe it's because America is not rooted in "African Principles" of community; It takes a village to raise a child - we don't have this mentality in America. It's survival of the fittest, every man and woman for his or her self - and with this kind of thinking we are clearly NOT united - how long will we last??

Enough from me, check out what Brian Trent had to say.

originally posted @ http://www.populistamerica.com/you_are_destroying_america_yes_you

You are Destroying America. Yes, You.

July 18, 2007
by Brian Trent

Sooner or later (as all great civilizations through time have dealt with) America will be attacked by terrorists again. There are too many people out there hopelessly addicted to extremism, to acting as pawns in a game of supernatural Risk, to blind fanaticism for it not to happen.

But that won't destroy America.

In history, there have been the Hyksos, the Hittites, the Visigoths, the Huns, the Golden Horde, the Crusaders, and countless other unnamed peoples who have arrived with sword and torch to bring devastation to society. Today they use bombs and AK-47s. And in the future, even if education raises up humanity from the gutters of ignorance there will still be those of the fanatic pathology. It is likely there will always be barbarians.

But that won't destroy America either.

You will.

I'm referring to the screeching fear-addicts who have raped the United States so thoroughly that they should be drawn up on charges of treason. The cowards who, unlike their grandfathers and earlier ancestors, want a nanny state to coddle them, hug them, and ultimately contain them in a little crib with bars and monitors and cameras.

These are the whining tantrum-throwers who live in such a fear-choked world that they will trade in America's Constitution and Bill of Rights for far less than thirty pieces of silver.

They want the President to have the power to arrest Americans without review or charges. To have the power to imprison them indefinitely. To be able to strip away a citizen's status with the magic words "enemy combatant" and cart them off to secret military trials per the PATRIOT ACT's overbroad definitions.

These are the traitorous weasels who think that standing up for America's rights is an act of weakness! The fools who have forgotten that every President swears an oath to "protect, defend, and preserve the Constitution of the United States." At the end of the day, it is the Constitution which must survive us and continue as the guiding principle for America's future as it has been for our past.

These are the cultists who have surrendered their most precious ability - freethinking - to be told by pundits what to echo and chant with brainless repetition.

I am not afraid of terrorists.

My country defeated the British Empire when we were but scattered colonies in the wilderness.

We defeated Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany.

We can defeat today's Visigoths without devolving into a police state, without becoming the very antithesis to freedom and civil liberty that we were founded upon. For it is these notions that form the spine of our founding document - the Constitution.

And while we're at it:

You spineless people who endorse the government listening to your phone calls, invading your homes, monitoring you beneath banners of "Freedom is Slavery" and ever-watchful eyes.

You people who are so terrified of open and honest debate that you simply parrot your equally cowardly pundit priests. You who refuse to hold the government accountable, refuse to remind them that they work for us, that we have the power in this nation, that the principles of liberty you mouth are things which must be fought for on domestic soil.

You who allow George W. Bush's illegal wire-tapping and surveillance and propaganda machines to operate unfettered, without realizing that someday a Hillary or PETA or Moore will have access to the same system put in place today. Didn't think of that, did you?

America can only be destroyed from within, not without. It isn't gay marriage or pluralism that destroys us. It is the fear-addicts who are also astounding hypocrites: who support the right to bear arms despite 11,000 deaths a year (and for the record, I also support the Second Amendment wholeheartedly) but freak out when confronted with the proportion of deaths-from-terrorism over the last several years and will fork over their souls to a nanny-state self-perpetuating White House regime without hesitation.

Hypocrites. Cowards. Traitors.

Make no mistake that those in power are keenly aware of how easy you are to manipulate. They flash the lightning and you cower. They feed you a steady diet of feel-good platitudes because they know the real meal - reading the Constitution - is something you won't bother to stomach.


When we're attacked again, we need to stand strong and firm and fight, against those barbarians who hurt us and against those opportunistic politicians who will try to exploit the tragedy.

Don't let others tell you what the Founding Fathers wrote. Read it for yourself, brush up on your history, and rediscover the bravery of your progenitors.

Before it's too late, and the "land of the free/home of the brave" becomes a footnote filed under irony.

Brian Trent [send him email] is a professional essayist, screenwriter, and novelist; he is the author of "Remembering Hypatia" and the just-released "Never Grow Old: the Novel of Gilgamesh." Brian is a contributor to American Chronicle and The Humanist Magazine. Visit his website at www.rememberinghypatia.com.

Copyright 2007 Brian Trent

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Who is The Man?? : Putting a finger on who 'the white man' really is.

It came up in a recent conversation, that it is important to identify Who "the man" is.

When blacks complain of systems put in place by 'the man' to benefit white people, while damaging blacks, they are not speaking about 100% of white people, as 'the man'. They are referring to the handful of whites who make the decisions when it comes to Culture Impacting events.

Please keep in mind that when I speak of Culture - I am speaking of something generated, cultivated, nurtured, grown, created - African Culture prior to slavery was totally different from Afro-American culture of 2007 ... Hell, 40 years ago in 1967 Afro-American Culture was different from what it is today; it did not Include many of the things that are now 'common place' in todays society.

We must keep up with events - we must understand the past, as the events of the past tell the story of why things are the way things are, today.

So, who is The Man??

The man is a collection of White decision makers; The Man is the President, deciding what funds go to where. The Man is the Record Executive deciding what artists will get money and funds for distribution, advertising, and promotion. The man is the TV producer who decides which videos get air play - or the radio producer who decides what songs will play in their daily rotation.

The man governs the funds of the school board, deciding which schools will get what amount of money to improve and grow the minds of that community. The man hires the teachers, who care more about money than their job. Who want raises when test scores are dropping; when performance is sinking - teachers who could care less about molding minds of the future; and are more concerned with paying the bills of last month!

The man is not the white guy (or sometimes black, hispanic, etc..) who delivers the nightly news - the man is the one who decides what news stories will be reported, by the guy he hired to Deliver it, to the people watching.

The man decides what television shows will run this season; which shows are coming back for another season, and what shows will be coming soon; The man gave the green light to Tyler Perry to put "House of Payne" on tv; a dry unfunny, modern day minstrel show, that takes every opportunity to remind people living in America, that black people are only concerned with laughing and entertaining; being loud and out of control; going to work for a paycheck, not actually to work

Ok I'll admit I only watched it once, and was sick of it so quickly; reviews have not been so well either. There are many others out there who share my sentiments.

The man, includes the slave owners who put the wheel in motion (so to speak) - who set forward a generation that would raise future generations to think, talk, and behave a certain way; A culture that was further influenced through images; published by The Man who owned the printing press which released 'propaganda' - images defining what it means to be black...

...perceptions, ways of viewing the world, their world, their place in this world, this country, this ... american Culture. Ideas which often conflict with the law; These ideas are put into the minds of black men and women at young ages, and after years of having these ideas put into their minds, naturally, they carry them out; Some more than others...

I look at Micheal Vick being indicted today, and feel sorry for him; A part of black 'culture' - dog fighting, has put him in an uneasy position; Already it would seem that he is guilty from how 'the man' is reporting the story; and yet, we do not know to what degree he was responsable for the events that supposedly went on at his house in Atlanta.

It's his house... but that's really all we (the people) know - that, and of course everything else 'the man' has told us...

But, the man wouldn't lie - would he??

AGLOCO Little Guy: Where are my referrals going?

Interesting Article here written by another guy in Agloco - with some interesting topics about why Some people aren't showing up in your Referral List (if you're out there promoting the bar, the company, and the opportunity to get paid for your time online.

Check it out !!
AGLOCO Little Guy: Where are my referrals going?

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Excited about Agloco

So after a few days of browsing the Agloco universe - I'm very excited to build this New Internet Company.

That is indeed what this is - a NEW google - a NEW YouTube or Myspace - something that literally every person who uses a PC ... uses while On the PC. That should be the goal and the vision of every person who signs up for this awesome opportunity; Especially if they are doing so to make some money!

Being involved with the Web Design & Development Industry for a while now, being a marketer for 8+ years, and specifically being an Internet Marketer for the past 6, I can honestly tell you that this Agloco Opportunity is a BIG one.

I used AllAdvantage, and Epipo - I did not make LOTS of money but of course I did not have a HUGE team either. The most I had referred personally were 8 people, who referred in total 2-3 - most didn't use the bar each month, a few did - enough to where I made around $50 from doing absolutely Nothing.

Understanding why the past Paid To Surf models failed, is key in understanding why This one will remain strong for many years to come - it's up to Us to grow the company! If we don't grow it, it won't be worth anything, we really won't make much money - but ... if we Do grow this company, and grow it big, we will be sitting on top of a Gold Mine for many years to come.

Who's excited about that??? Click here to sign up today!

We are at MUD Floor with this opportunity... With only 13 referrals, I already am in the TOP 15% of leaders in this company! That's amazing... Imagine where I'll be when People really start learning about this company, and signing up under me - Imagine where YOU will be under my tootalage... =)

If you're interested in learning from me, getting tips and Ideas on how to grow your business, simply sign up on my Agloco team - and show me evidence that you're indeed on my team (a screen shot of the sign up page will be best!) and I will share some Dynamic Network Building strategies with you - so you can Grow YOUR company, within this awesome online Company.

here's to Agloco!! here's to the future ... OUR future!

How to take Screen Caputure Shots

All keyboards come with a handy button near the very Top of the keyboard - there's a key that says "Print Scr" - which stands for "Print Screen" -

  1. Go to a page that you would like to Take a Screen Capture of.

  2. Press that button "Print Scr" when you have the Shot you want. Pressing this button "Copies" the screen to your clipboard, and you can Paste it as an Image (next step)

  3. Open up a Photo Editor - such as PhotoShop, or any program you have that allows you to view and edit photos - open a New file and Simply Paste your screen capture onto that new canvas.

  4. Save the file as a .jpg and Send it to me! It's that simple....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

WOMEN!! you matter!

One of the best quotes I ever took from George Zalucki, is about the importance of women to our world - "Women are the power of the Universe" - Dr. Laura, who runs a local (and probably a national) radio show, and gives out some GREAT advice for women, even has a book or two written about how women can better please their husbands, and live happy lives - says "As women go, so goes society".

From reading the article by Robert Kiyosaki and having Good Business Partners, what stands out the most for me is his comment about his Wife - How important it is that your "partner" - has the Same Goals as you do.

I've spoken for years, at legnth with women about how important THEY are to all relationships; So many have been lied to by the media and what not, to where they place literally all the blame for their Failed Relationships, on the MAN!

Rarely do I meet a woman who blames her self, or even takes half of the blame - I'm not saying there aren't any out there; I'm only remarking on the ones I have come across.

I read something in Fortune or Money magazine about 2 years ago, remarking on this same topic. That successful people are usually married to a supportive, success-oriented partner.

Women, you Matter!!!

Instead of looking for men who already have money - who usually already have a woman, or two, or three; Instead of fighting over that Man with 2-4 other women... find a man with goals, with visions of success, and see what role you can play in helping him achieve it. What just may end up happening is, together the two of you experience your dreams; and live out your Shared Goals.

Ladies, if you have a man, and the two of you are doing ok in life, but he wants to be RICH - and you've got a 'fear' of being rich, having more - be sure to check your goals, and understand how they conflict with your man - Same goes for you men who are afraid of wealth, who have wives or gf's that aspire for more - if YOU dont step up and support her, she may find a man who does.

More from me later - have a great weekend!!!

Some wisdom from Robert ...

Get good advice - whether it's from someone you know, or someone with a great reputation, who you get advice from in life, Matters!

If you've been reading ThaShow for some time now, I've already advised against trusting the media; Most of their advice is fueled by their desire to make money, Not their desire to make YOU money.

I've shared quite a few Good advisers with you here at ThaShow, but don't think I've shared one of the Very best when it comes to matters of making more money, running a business, moving stocks and/or real estate - Robert Kiyosaki.

I read his book Rich Dad Poor Dad many years ago and it truthfully changed my life - it changed my perspective on many things.

Here is some good advice, on picking the Right people to do business with, by Robert Kiyosaki. Click here to read the article.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Some thoughts from George Zalucki

YouTube is great...

Before I got into web-design I was strongly involved with ACN - a great company which really helped give me the foundation necessary to be successful in running, owning & growing a business.

Why? The Training - there were some really inredible minds in this company and most of them put Their knowledge out on stage for anyone to grab a piece of. Now I'm going to bring you via YouTube - one of the greatest Trainers in that company, talking about the general principles of succeeding in life.

George Zalucki pt. 1

George Zalucki pt. 2

Updates & Articles

More of what you love is coming soon - It's been a very busy month for me so far, but that's always a good thing. Many of the promises I've made as far as Vlogging and PodCasting will soon come true - soon as everything is ready.

Things take time - and often in our Microwave society we do not appreciate the value of waiting till things are right; Sometimes being in a hurry is not a good idea - then there are other times when being in a hurry is the BEST idea.

As with so many things in life, knowing when to hurry and when to wait is all about understanding the Balance that is forever at work in our Universe.

None of us are perfect; Especially not me - and yet we all can strive towards perfection; we can make the efforts to improve.

I've got some comments to make about the NAACP putting the "n word" in the grave... I've got some more commentary on the media and our minds - and I'm also going to bring you some new twists... I'm considering purchasing a Domain Name for ThaShow that will be easier to remember than it's current incarnation.

I'm going to keep thaShow hosted here, and may have found a way to do what I'm thinking of. Take a look at this page - it's still under construction but it's an idea fest in terms of what I can do if this is going to work as well as it does.

My web design site is almost finished; feel free to have a look at how it's coming along.

Check out our Spring Widget!

Do you like the blogs you've been reading here at thaShow?? Show your support and stay up to date on everything posted here, by using our SpringWidget!

Click on the "Get this widget" link - OR click the Options Button to download our Widget for your desktop, or grab some HTML code to post on your websites, myspace pages, or wherever you go; wherever you'd like to tell other people about this awesome blog, ThaShow! (PodCasts and VideoBlogs coming Very Very soon!)

This looks Effing Cool!

Check out this trailer for a new CGI movie ... (I think... I hope!)


I have been a big Fan of the all CGI films movement for some time now - and I just saw Transformers TWICE last week; The day it came out, on the 3rd .. as well as the Saturday that just past. I thought it was Really well done.

The cartoon came out 20 Years ago!! ... I was a young boy then, and really enjoyed coming home to watch the cartoon - the battle between the Autobots & Decepticons, and was there to see the first Cartoon Movie, where they made one of the BIGGEST mistakes EVER by killing off Optimus Prime!!

Personally I dont think the franchise ever recovered from that blunder; the cartoons they put out since, featured diminishing story lines - most Not of intrest at all - and I think they were Thankful, very thankful that Steven Speilberg came along to save the day...

They did a Wonderful job in my opinion of bringing these Robots to life - these childhood 'heroes' so to speak and I'm hoping for Mnay more Transformers Movies to come...

I'm a BIG Fan of CGI - I think it gets better and better all the time; and if you took a moment to watch that Preview for the EON movie... which I Hope is a real movie and comes out soon... you can see what I'm talking about.

Did any of you reading this ever see Final Fantasy??

I LOVED that film, but wish they story line would've been more thought out - wish it would've ended better than it did; and I really wished they'd come out with more movies like it.

If I had enough money, I'd produce LOTS of all CGI films - because I think there definitely is a Market for them - especially as time and technology progresses forward.

I hear they are making a G.I. Joe film now... I can only hope they opt to go 100% CGI in order to ensure that there is NO Limit on the Action they can create - No limit on making the Characters Look as Real as they did, and as Close to how we (speaking for all those in my generation, the 30-40 year olds) remember them.

I was a BIG time G.I. Joe fan as a boy, had lots and lots of the toys, and felt it was one of the best Cartoons of all time; even better than Transformers.. which was pretty effing cool.

Leave your comments - tell me how you feel about All CGI movies and if you agree with me that there is a market ready and hungry for these types of projects to Flood the movie theaters near you...

How AGLOCO will make you Money...

One of the greatest things about the internet is the ability to get information on anything. Never let the lack of information stop you from making Money!

Here you go folks; a couple Really good videos explaining how AGLOCO can work for you.

Here's my Sign up Link: http://www.agloco.com/r/BBDR8973
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edit July 12, 2007: Watch a video of a Guy showing off his ViewBar, explaining how it works - I'm going to make a few of these videos aswell, training you on how to Make Money with this ViewBar (it's all about Growing the Community) - Mind you, this video was made Before the ViewBar was finished; It is NOW currently Available.

When I First announced that I was partnering with this company, I explained that I am no rookie to the Paid2Surf opportunity - they've been around for some time now, and this is Supposed to be an improved version of everything we've seen in the past; a more stable business model that should keep this company around; long enough for you and Me to grow HUGE networks; and make some money!

This video explains a little history of a company that I used to be a member of, AllAdvantage (and yes I did make money from that company) - and goes into what this "opportunity" is all about;

AGLOCO is what's happening now! Sign up today - http://www.agloco.com/r/BBDR8973

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Sign up today! - http://www.agloco.com/r/BBDR8973

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

AGLOCO update: 100th post!

and now... for our 100th post!

I wanted to give everybody a quick update on the AGLOCO company that I started talking about a couple months back. They've finally released their viewbar - I'm a little disappointed because no one signed up - and the few who did, Didn't follow the directions and Signed up without My referral ID!!!

That sucks.

What they are doing is a 'little' bit different from my Last experience with Paid to Surf, but the general idea is still the same.

Instead of paying directly for hours surfed... they're giving away Stock in the company - shares that will be worth money, Some day. Not a bad idea, especially if the company becomes a major success ... like Google or Yahoo - and if it crashes, no big deal because none of Us put any money in, so we wouldn't be Losing money either.

They will spread money out to it's members that is left over once they start earning some; and that's cool too - but mainly they're paying in Stock, for now.

There is also a limit of how many hours you can surf - up to 5 hours per day that they'll pay you for - Which isn't bad; Not everyone spends more time online than that anyways. The bar itself is Very slim, sleek, unobtrusive.

It's worth it just to see what happens; You're not gonna make money any other way WHILE surfing the web, so you might aswell sign up and give it a try.

My link - http://www.agloco.com/r/BBDR8973

Sign up Today! Download the ViewBar and start earning Stock/Money Today! Tell everyone on your myspace about it - tell all your friends and family in your Email Address Book - give them your Referral link, and encourage them to do the same.

Together we can all make LOTS of money ... in stock. =)

More updates on this are on the way - talk with you soon.

Monday, July 02, 2007

So ... No jail for Scooter..

Everyone saw this one coming.

The sad part, is that it happened. Really goes to show us all who's running the show; and people are pretty Livid about it over at the message boards on Netscape.

Really goes to show, that when it comes to Justice it's always about who you know. Paris Hilton went to jail; but she's not on the staff of the President. She's just some rich girl benefiting off of daddy's money - and granddaddy's money - and great granddaddy's money.

Having money will get you some good treatment while in jail - such as having your Own cell, away from the other 'rift raft' - in a secluded section of the jail. It's still jail but... it's NOT "Jail".

Of course, this will all be forgotten within a few weeks, because people are so consumed with their daily lives - all the unimportant things that matter So much to people like television shows and new music which comes out on Tuesdays.

If there ever was a plan to stupify the American people - it has worked. There have been signs of this sort of thing ever since the first 4 years in office; what made Americans go out and re-elect the guy, is really not beyond me - Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for him; He gets to live his dream, and that's wonderful.

But ... it just so happens to be at our expense.

They have succeeded in making this 'war' all about who's with us and who's not. To say anything bad about the war, means you're agains the USA - what happened to the possibility of people just being against war ... death ... murder? Do we have to be against the USA if we don't like the idea of over 3,000 troops dying... under the guise of keeping us safe?

If anyone has ever watched the Loose Change Documentaries then you know what I'm getting at, when I say that none of us truly know what happened on 911 - I mean, c'mon people - we were Not there.

You and I were not in the airplanes that crashed into the towers - you and I have not seen any video footage of the terrorist boarding the planes - all we know is what was reported to us; If you've been reading thaShow for a while now, you know where I stand on Media Reports.

This is all not to say that there is NO possibility that the footage and audio recordings in the Loose Change docs are faked - this is the computer age, when cartoons of My childhood days are being brought to Life, left and right - from X-Men, to Spiderman, ... to Transformers!

I cannot Wait to see this film; I hear it's great - The trailers look great - everything I've seen looks great - I cannot wait - I hear the first one is so good that they're already working on Part 2 - and if they both do well, they plan on making a part 3,4, and 5!!! ....

Boy, I sure would love to have a country to watch those movies in... wouldn't you?

This country is not without a dramatically unethical past - so for a black man to view America's future as possibly a recycling of the old, is not too hard to imagine. I can only hope that people wake up - that people read all of the stuff I'm talking about in this blog, and Do something about the many issues we face - namely when it comes to matters like racism.

Racism, in my opinion keeps us divided to the point that we cannot come together long enough to do what is Right, Fair, and Good for All races in this country.

Like, Immigration - I get it latino and hispanic people everywhere - you have Family that have come here illegally, they're out there working hard, not making much, and you not only want to see them stay here, but you want to see them make more money too.

My only problem is, that is completely Racist!

You are disregarding the Other races in this country; you're Disregarding how they feel about it, and you're disregarding the effects of all this immigration on all these other races.

I get it - your people were here first - although I hardly ever hear you claim to be Native American... Indian ... etc. Last I checked, that's actually who was here first. But, nevermind the semantics, I know what you mean - you feel that this is still Your country, no matter what.

But, you have a country.

It's corrupt - so your relatives have come here, because it's easier to earn a buck here than it is there. Right?

If that's what it's about, then why make it about all these other issues? I know why... because you could care less about other races.

You could care less if the illegal immigration has over-crowded our cities, schools, neighborhoods, hospitals and so on. You could care less if the only people who Understand what they are saying, are those who speak Spanish - You could care less if other races cannot communicate with you because all that matters, is you can communicate with each other.

I'm not saying latino people are evil, terrible people - I'm just saying that those who support these types of ideas, are racist - and need to re-consider the effects of being that way in a country that is 'supposedly' trying to get away from racism.

Then again - I can't blame them, when the other two pre-dominant races that are here still can't get their act together in that regard.

So, it's all messed up - and while we fight over silly things like this - the politicians are cleaning up! They're lining their pockets from all the problems that we just refuse to solve.

The vast majority of people in this country do not vote - Especially minorities - So that means that, whites who still harbor racism continue putting politicians in office who do nothing about, racism - who do nothing to bring Americans closer together, and who do all they can to benefit, upper-class white people.

Good for them right?

Oh, why am I complaining - afterall, things are better now. I just need to go get a job... that's all. If I don't qualify, then I need to go back to school, so I can get a job. But who owns the schools? Who owns the jobs?

It all adds up to me putting Money in the pocket of someone who would call me a Nigger if I said or Did anything to displease them. As if that term even begins to accurately describe who I am...

Let's say I can't find a job - the reason would be because I'm not looking hard enough ... lazy nigger.

Let's say I can't afford school - the reason would be because I should go get a job, and stop being a lazy nigger...

You cannot sit there, read that, and tell me that you do not know white people who truly think that way in 2007. That's not to say that all white people think that way, afterall, life is so good for so many white people that they never even take the time to THINK about any of what I'm talking about.

Me mentioning it probably drove many whites to close the page!

Because everywhere they look, on tv and on radio stations, they're being told that these arguments I'm making have no merit - Repetition Is the mother of all learning; so if you hear something enough times, it's gonna be stuck in your mind.

We have officially been programmed, and brainwashed into being a complete Mess!

So, we do not have time to think about our safety - we do not have time to consider who is really a threat to us; the terrorists... or the government... we put trust in our gov't, as we should - in hopes that they will do the right thing for all of us; but we're so preoccupied with our lives that we do not have time to make sure that's what they're doing.

Here's to Hope!

Hope that we'll all awaken from our slumber to realize that ignorance... is NOT bliss. It's just ignorance.