Friday, July 27, 2007

Technology ...

The internet is a gold mine; being technology challenged in 2007 is not a good idea; not something to brag about or be proud of; the Good news is, you can change that, starting today.

If you're already literate in 'gadgets' then you're right where you need to be; Now that you are reading thaShow, let's talk about how awareness of what's out there can put you in the right place at the right time - timing is Everything; especially when it comes to striking it rich!

Some call it luck ... I call it timing.

Being that I am such a tech guy, I tune into Leo Laporte on the weekends while riding around town in my car; he's got lots of good advice concerning a wide range of electronics; from computers to phones to accessories; he's a pretty knowledgable guy; So when I noticed that he had a podcast, I had to link it to thaShow.

He's got a real good thing going for this Twit.Tv site - lots of real good listening is available there; More cool links are on the way - such as The Loose Cannons, a great sports talk show, along with Petros and Money; And if I can find her, Dr. Laura!!

I think if more women tuned into Dr. Laura the world would Instantly become a better place.

Thanks for stopping by thaShow - more good stuff is on the way!

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