Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wrap it up - send the trophy to Boston

With their move today to acquire Kevin Garnette from the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Boston Celtics have pretty much solidified their return to glory. Not many teams in the east will be able to withstand the 3 headed monster of K.G., Paul Peirce, And Ray Allen....


Don't forget about what K.G. did when he had Latrell "the choke artist" Sprewell and Sam "I Am" Cassel - who's back was not 100% - they got all the way to the Western Finals and fell because they came up against Kobe, Shaq, and the championship form Lakers.

The East is not as strong as the West was then ... So we can at least book them a trip to the Finals for the 07-08 Season; If they face the Spurs or the Suns, they have a really good shot at hosting that Parade in the city where the Tea Party got it all started...

And yes, once again, the GM for the Lakers sat back and did nothing. Boston sends a very good prospect in Al Jefferson, and another with potential due to his athletic ability in Gerald Green to The T-Wolves; Truthfully right now, Green is more like a Ricky Davis than a budding Superstar - so we'll see how that works out. Gomes? .. yea, he's Ok - Futre draft picks and cash may turn into something.

But the Lakers could have sent Lamar Odom, (ok, not that great - gets injured often), Andrew Bynum (I was willing to wait, till I heard that Kobe was not...), Kwame "no hands" Brown (hey, he's a lil better than Gomes... maybe...) Javarious Crittenton, a new gaurd with lots of potential, equal at least to Green... Jordan Farmar - who I love in a Lakers Uniform but ... do what you gotta do to bring K.G. to L.A. - and they could've added some draft picks cash, whatever - but ... nope.

However I'll give ol' Mitch some slack; Truth be told I doubt Kevin McHale would do anything to help the Lakers; a team that he had to battle almost every year for the right to take home a Championship - so, he did a deal with his team mate, and a good friend of his, Danny Ainge. Makes sense... logically speaking.

So now, Let's talk about Kobe.

Kobe may just leave... which really sucks; but the Lakers MUST sign someone BIG at the end of this season, Or bring in someone DURING this one to even give the Lakers a shot at having the Best Players in the League around for the remainder of his career.

Al for GM campaign officially resumes... stay tuned for more entries on this topic...

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