Thursday, July 12, 2007

How AGLOCO will make you Money...

One of the greatest things about the internet is the ability to get information on anything. Never let the lack of information stop you from making Money!

Here you go folks; a couple Really good videos explaining how AGLOCO can work for you.

Here's my Sign up Link:
- make sure you sign up using My link, in order to keep the 'karma' moving in the proper direction. You'd want it the same way, when you tell your friends about this awesome idea - getting paid while you Do what you're doing now ... reading blogs and watching Videos, getting informed - Sign up today!

edit July 12, 2007: Watch a video of a Guy showing off his ViewBar, explaining how it works - I'm going to make a few of these videos aswell, training you on how to Make Money with this ViewBar (it's all about Growing the Community) - Mind you, this video was made Before the ViewBar was finished; It is NOW currently Available.

When I First announced that I was partnering with this company, I explained that I am no rookie to the Paid2Surf opportunity - they've been around for some time now, and this is Supposed to be an improved version of everything we've seen in the past; a more stable business model that should keep this company around; long enough for you and Me to grow HUGE networks; and make some money!

This video explains a little history of a company that I used to be a member of, AllAdvantage (and yes I did make money from that company) - and goes into what this "opportunity" is all about;

AGLOCO is what's happening now! Sign up today -

One more video from a guy using the product; Turns out his video is a Great testimonial about what Can happen for YOU if you sign up today, using my referral link (of course) - then pass Your referral link around to all of your friends, blog about it, do whatever it takes - to Build a HUGE network of people who will be surfing the web, and making money while doing nothing they wouldn't normally do already.

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