Saturday, July 14, 2007

WOMEN!! you matter!

One of the best quotes I ever took from George Zalucki, is about the importance of women to our world - "Women are the power of the Universe" - Dr. Laura, who runs a local (and probably a national) radio show, and gives out some GREAT advice for women, even has a book or two written about how women can better please their husbands, and live happy lives - says "As women go, so goes society".

From reading the article by Robert Kiyosaki and having Good Business Partners, what stands out the most for me is his comment about his Wife - How important it is that your "partner" - has the Same Goals as you do.

I've spoken for years, at legnth with women about how important THEY are to all relationships; So many have been lied to by the media and what not, to where they place literally all the blame for their Failed Relationships, on the MAN!

Rarely do I meet a woman who blames her self, or even takes half of the blame - I'm not saying there aren't any out there; I'm only remarking on the ones I have come across.

I read something in Fortune or Money magazine about 2 years ago, remarking on this same topic. That successful people are usually married to a supportive, success-oriented partner.

Women, you Matter!!!

Instead of looking for men who already have money - who usually already have a woman, or two, or three; Instead of fighting over that Man with 2-4 other women... find a man with goals, with visions of success, and see what role you can play in helping him achieve it. What just may end up happening is, together the two of you experience your dreams; and live out your Shared Goals.

Ladies, if you have a man, and the two of you are doing ok in life, but he wants to be RICH - and you've got a 'fear' of being rich, having more - be sure to check your goals, and understand how they conflict with your man - Same goes for you men who are afraid of wealth, who have wives or gf's that aspire for more - if YOU dont step up and support her, she may find a man who does.

More from me later - have a great weekend!!!

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