Thursday, July 12, 2007

Updates & Articles

More of what you love is coming soon - It's been a very busy month for me so far, but that's always a good thing. Many of the promises I've made as far as Vlogging and PodCasting will soon come true - soon as everything is ready.

Things take time - and often in our Microwave society we do not appreciate the value of waiting till things are right; Sometimes being in a hurry is not a good idea - then there are other times when being in a hurry is the BEST idea.

As with so many things in life, knowing when to hurry and when to wait is all about understanding the Balance that is forever at work in our Universe.

None of us are perfect; Especially not me - and yet we all can strive towards perfection; we can make the efforts to improve.

I've got some comments to make about the NAACP putting the "n word" in the grave... I've got some more commentary on the media and our minds - and I'm also going to bring you some new twists... I'm considering purchasing a Domain Name for ThaShow that will be easier to remember than it's current incarnation.

I'm going to keep thaShow hosted here, and may have found a way to do what I'm thinking of. Take a look at this page - it's still under construction but it's an idea fest in terms of what I can do if this is going to work as well as it does.

My web design site is almost finished; feel free to have a look at how it's coming along.

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