Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Transformers 2? I hope so...

Wanted to share my thoughts on Transformers; a movie which I really did enjoy; and yet Do have a few hopes and aspirations for a sequel....

Great quote on aspirations for a Sequel

I rally like what they did with the cartoon I loved to much as a boy. Would I call it a great movie adaptation? Not so sure.. just yet. If they go the route of Lord of the Rings, and The Matrix - this could turn out to be a Great Movie 'franchise' ...

Though I sorta don't want to use the word franchise, that's exactly what it's become nowadays. Any movie that involves an 'ongoin story' with many of the same characters reprising their roles; There have been many, some more successful than others - and with each release the franchise gets stronger .. or in some cases weaker and more diluted.

Being that this is a Cartoon that ran for quite some time there is plenty to choose from when it comes to thinking about a sequel - I'd like to make some suggestions in terms of what I'd like to see.

Show us more of the war on Cybertron - build the character of the Decepticons, and not just the little 'cute' ones... show us more of Starscream, and much more of Megatron - show them destroying and decieving, and you know - make them more villianous than before.

Overall the robots need more screen time - the humans... less. Not that I minded so much for this first film; afterall it's a setup movie - right? It's just introducing us to what we are about to see... we hope.

Because there is So much material, I'd like to see them think BIG with this one - I'm talking not only 3 sequels.. but give us 5-6 of them ... if they do it Right, they can stretch this out to a 9 or even a 10 part movie.

Before you roll your eyes at that thought; Jason and Halloween Movies ran that long... we'll do it for a good horror 'franchise' - not a good action one? I haven't seen Spiderman 3 but the reviews weren't so good - they tried to fit too much into one film they say - know what that usually means? It means the actors are acting like divas and are making too much fuss about coming back for more sequels without getting More Buck - and often More Screen Time.

Seems like what happened with X-men 3 - Killing off Professor Xavier?? Wtf??

But - this is the main difference with CGI characters; they're not actors who are going to cause a Big fuss over their paycheck - Voice Actors can only complain so much; I mean how many people would love to do some Voices in upcoming transformer movies???

Human actors are sometimes irreplacable; Different actors deliver different performances. But a CGI actor, drawn by the same artists, will pretty much deliver the same, and often Better as time goes on. So a LONG series is very possible - but only if they do it Right; which means taking their time with each movie - developing the Robots - and building the story much, much more around the War between the Decepticons and the Autobots.

We don't need lots of Humans in this story for us to relate; Ok the boy and his girlfriend, maybe his mom and dad - since afterall the Boy and his Dad were in the original series (in much different roles) - but we dont need screen time for the secretary of defense; the hackers; the friend of the hackers; the sector 7 agents, And the soldiers.... Unless those scenes are going to involve body count.

Tyrese and Duhamel - Big Stars - kill the other dudes off. That would've made the decepticons more fearsome - the Two star soldiers barely escape, if not for the help from the Army sending in those bomers from a nearby base... Now, when you bring those two guys home they are more equipped to help fight in the city - which was a great scene by the way.

Except, they should've destroyed even more buildings - good idea for part 2 - we don't really care if they destroy stuff; Damage an entire city for all we care; We just want to see these robots going at it. Like, I'm not glad they killed off Jazz like that; He was a rider; We needed to see him fight more - at least; I mean if they're gonna kill the guy off, after he is the first one to take on Devistator (the Tank) and is the first one to stand up to Megatron (who also needed way more screen time...)

Bring in Soundwave - And his tapes - Ravage (the savage robot dog), Laserbeak (the bird) and Rumble (a lil dude who creates earthquakes) - and Soundwave MUST have that dope voice he had in the cartoon or it just won't be the same.

So those are just a few of my suggestions; again if done right this can be a very good, and very long movie series that many will enjoy for years to come. There is a lot of story to tell, front story as well as back story, and it all can be told in an interesting and entertaining way. Maybe a movie or 2 end up revolving around 3-4 robots and some sort of mission they need to complete - the obstacles they have to face; including fighting and defeating decepticons ...

... i sound like a kid.

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