Monday, July 02, 2007

So ... No jail for Scooter..

Everyone saw this one coming.

The sad part, is that it happened. Really goes to show us all who's running the show; and people are pretty Livid about it over at the message boards on Netscape.

Really goes to show, that when it comes to Justice it's always about who you know. Paris Hilton went to jail; but she's not on the staff of the President. She's just some rich girl benefiting off of daddy's money - and granddaddy's money - and great granddaddy's money.

Having money will get you some good treatment while in jail - such as having your Own cell, away from the other 'rift raft' - in a secluded section of the jail. It's still jail but... it's NOT "Jail".

Of course, this will all be forgotten within a few weeks, because people are so consumed with their daily lives - all the unimportant things that matter So much to people like television shows and new music which comes out on Tuesdays.

If there ever was a plan to stupify the American people - it has worked. There have been signs of this sort of thing ever since the first 4 years in office; what made Americans go out and re-elect the guy, is really not beyond me - Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for him; He gets to live his dream, and that's wonderful.

But ... it just so happens to be at our expense.

They have succeeded in making this 'war' all about who's with us and who's not. To say anything bad about the war, means you're agains the USA - what happened to the possibility of people just being against war ... death ... murder? Do we have to be against the USA if we don't like the idea of over 3,000 troops dying... under the guise of keeping us safe?

If anyone has ever watched the Loose Change Documentaries then you know what I'm getting at, when I say that none of us truly know what happened on 911 - I mean, c'mon people - we were Not there.

You and I were not in the airplanes that crashed into the towers - you and I have not seen any video footage of the terrorist boarding the planes - all we know is what was reported to us; If you've been reading thaShow for a while now, you know where I stand on Media Reports.

This is all not to say that there is NO possibility that the footage and audio recordings in the Loose Change docs are faked - this is the computer age, when cartoons of My childhood days are being brought to Life, left and right - from X-Men, to Spiderman, ... to Transformers!

I cannot Wait to see this film; I hear it's great - The trailers look great - everything I've seen looks great - I cannot wait - I hear the first one is so good that they're already working on Part 2 - and if they both do well, they plan on making a part 3,4, and 5!!! ....

Boy, I sure would love to have a country to watch those movies in... wouldn't you?

This country is not without a dramatically unethical past - so for a black man to view America's future as possibly a recycling of the old, is not too hard to imagine. I can only hope that people wake up - that people read all of the stuff I'm talking about in this blog, and Do something about the many issues we face - namely when it comes to matters like racism.

Racism, in my opinion keeps us divided to the point that we cannot come together long enough to do what is Right, Fair, and Good for All races in this country.

Like, Immigration - I get it latino and hispanic people everywhere - you have Family that have come here illegally, they're out there working hard, not making much, and you not only want to see them stay here, but you want to see them make more money too.

My only problem is, that is completely Racist!

You are disregarding the Other races in this country; you're Disregarding how they feel about it, and you're disregarding the effects of all this immigration on all these other races.

I get it - your people were here first - although I hardly ever hear you claim to be Native American... Indian ... etc. Last I checked, that's actually who was here first. But, nevermind the semantics, I know what you mean - you feel that this is still Your country, no matter what.

But, you have a country.

It's corrupt - so your relatives have come here, because it's easier to earn a buck here than it is there. Right?

If that's what it's about, then why make it about all these other issues? I know why... because you could care less about other races.

You could care less if the illegal immigration has over-crowded our cities, schools, neighborhoods, hospitals and so on. You could care less if the only people who Understand what they are saying, are those who speak Spanish - You could care less if other races cannot communicate with you because all that matters, is you can communicate with each other.

I'm not saying latino people are evil, terrible people - I'm just saying that those who support these types of ideas, are racist - and need to re-consider the effects of being that way in a country that is 'supposedly' trying to get away from racism.

Then again - I can't blame them, when the other two pre-dominant races that are here still can't get their act together in that regard.

So, it's all messed up - and while we fight over silly things like this - the politicians are cleaning up! They're lining their pockets from all the problems that we just refuse to solve.

The vast majority of people in this country do not vote - Especially minorities - So that means that, whites who still harbor racism continue putting politicians in office who do nothing about, racism - who do nothing to bring Americans closer together, and who do all they can to benefit, upper-class white people.

Good for them right?

Oh, why am I complaining - afterall, things are better now. I just need to go get a job... that's all. If I don't qualify, then I need to go back to school, so I can get a job. But who owns the schools? Who owns the jobs?

It all adds up to me putting Money in the pocket of someone who would call me a Nigger if I said or Did anything to displease them. As if that term even begins to accurately describe who I am...

Let's say I can't find a job - the reason would be because I'm not looking hard enough ... lazy nigger.

Let's say I can't afford school - the reason would be because I should go get a job, and stop being a lazy nigger...

You cannot sit there, read that, and tell me that you do not know white people who truly think that way in 2007. That's not to say that all white people think that way, afterall, life is so good for so many white people that they never even take the time to THINK about any of what I'm talking about.

Me mentioning it probably drove many whites to close the page!

Because everywhere they look, on tv and on radio stations, they're being told that these arguments I'm making have no merit - Repetition Is the mother of all learning; so if you hear something enough times, it's gonna be stuck in your mind.

We have officially been programmed, and brainwashed into being a complete Mess!

So, we do not have time to think about our safety - we do not have time to consider who is really a threat to us; the terrorists... or the government... we put trust in our gov't, as we should - in hopes that they will do the right thing for all of us; but we're so preoccupied with our lives that we do not have time to make sure that's what they're doing.

Here's to Hope!

Hope that we'll all awaken from our slumber to realize that ignorance... is NOT bliss. It's just ignorance.

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