Thursday, June 21, 2007

ThaShow updates...

Hey everybody, thank you for clicking onto Thashow to check out our blog. I haven't posted in a while - I gave you all Sooo much last time that I wanted to give you a chance to let it all sink in.


I've got lots of topics coming to thaShow - stuff that you're going to need even MORE time to digest. I suggest you subscribing to us via iTunes - simply type our web address into iTunes OR subscribe to us via our Feed Burner link - Get informed about everything here at thaShow!

I think it's important to raise awareness - when people are aware they are no longer subject to become victim to the many traps that are out there - set up by people eager to decieve the uninformed, often for their own monetary gain.

We must be careful of these snakes... but if we are unaware of what the snakes look like, we will not know what to do when we are in the presence of one.

Lately I've been informing you about the snakes in the Media - just a reminder to you, that all mediums of delivering information are media; usually the more widely circulated a medium is, (ie: a magazine, a television or radio show) the more politicized it tends to become.

The snakes move in, waving candy at babies... luring them into their pocket books, and then taking control over the information they deliver.

When people are aware, they cannot be decieved - they can continue to enjoy their radio or television shows - their favorite magazines, without being tainted or controlled by the information contained in them.

Here at thaShow we've got lots of videos for you to enjoy - most linked from YouTube - and forthcoming are videos from Me and Friends sitting down to discuss the topics of the day.

Take some time now to browse through our blog, read what you have not had the chance to read, and watch what you have not had the chance to watch.

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