Friday, February 13, 2009

Kobe Bryant MVP 2009 - Making the case

This year, there has been a lot of talk of awarding Lebron James with the MVP For this season. It's way too early for this kind of talk but, if people are going to do it, then please consider this.

In two match ups between Kobe and Lebron this year, Kobe's team won, Lebron didn't play well largely due to Defense played by Kobe Bryant, and Kobe's team has a higher winning percentage this year.

If the Lakers finish in 1st place in the west, and Lebron's Cavs are 2nd to Boston; How can you justify awarding Lebron James with the MVP? If the Lakers finish the season with the best record in the NBA, and the Cavs are 1st in the East but 2nd record-wise; How can you justify awarding Lebron James with the MVP?

You want to try the, "Lebron's team isn't as good as Kobe's, so they got as far as they did because of Lebron" argument?

Well, that didn't work for Kobe.

All those years Steve Nash robbed Kobe of his MVP when he had players like Kwame Brown and Brian Cook to pass the ball too - even though most of the time they fumbled it out of bounds, traveled, or turned it over in some way ... Kobe was able to guide a Very Less talented team into the playoffs, and they "almost" beat Nash's more experienced and more talented team.

If that argument didn't work for Kobe; How can you justify it for Lebron James?

Lately, the MVP has gone to the best player, on the best team - Last year, Kobe got it because the Lakers were in 1st place - AND - he had another phenominal year. He's having another one of those hall of fame seasons; His team is near the top.... Time to start the Kobe back-to-back MVP Talks for th 2008-2009 season, NOW!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Poor Jessica Simpson, Meltdown reported...

Yep... another case of the media driving people crazy. Jessica Simpson had a meltdown at a concert ... I am guessing all the media hype about her being Fat got to her; Those pictures were blasted everywhere ... you saw them. Seemingly every television station, every show of every hour, every magazine or newspaper had something about it; Poor girl ...

They do this all the time though; some blame the paparazzi for Princess Diana's demise. Look at what they made Kanye do ... the guy lost his mom give him some space, and just this week, Miley Cyrus says the media is coming after her... Stating that, they did it to Britney, (and she did go crazy) but now that she's back on top, they're coming after her.

And while She is breaking the law... we wouldn't know about it if the media wasn't telling us. They're kind of intrusive... and yet, I am sure they like it that way.

Let's face it ... Drama Sells...

People, Eat it up.

So, Until People start desiring to eat something else ....

I guess what I'm trying to say here is, in my opinion only of course, that our media will do what we tell it to do; It will tell us what we really want to know; and if that's what we ask for, then that's what they'll give us; ... Eventually, We need to stop giving a shit about stuff like this so that our media can stop giving a shit too. Let's steer our attention and to do that, I mean let's steer our Interests towards creating that better society; the more loving, more equal, more Happy society ... Here's to you America!

Here's to our future!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Christian Bale's Tirade on Set: My take - He was right.

You know, we currently live in a society here in America, that is full of Irresponsible people. We do ... don't get mad. Because it's true.

Today, I saw a story about a Tirade by Christian Bale on the set of Terminator 4; Turns out some guy, a DP on the set, kept messing up his scene - from the comments made by many people on TMZ's site, He needs to be shamed for yelling at a guy ... but I disagree.

Listen to the Cuss out here: It's great... it really is.

I'm one of those people who feels that sometimes, people NEED to be cussed out. Unfortunately it doesn't always work; the desired effect is not often reached; usually what happens is, the person who gets cussed out becomes defensive, and denies any wrong-doing; They refuse to take responsibility; and in doing so, Miss the lesson that could have benefited their life.

But here's the flip side - Talking Calmly to these people ... that doesn't work either. I've tried both; The problem resides In that person; NO matter what you say, or how you say it, if they are not the kind of person who's willing to confess fault, they're not gonna listen, they're not gonna learn, and they will do the same mistake over, and over, and over again.

But, read the comments - it's amazing just how many people in our society think it's ok for Non-Professional People to ignore the Rules around Professional People.

I get it - MOST people in America are NOT Professionals. I totally understand. So this is already a conversation about two types of people at odds - the Non-Pro's often Mock the Pro's - because the Non-Pro's are unwilling to do what it takes to BE a Pro.

That's what it comes down to really - and it's starting to effect all aspects of American Society; Our Economic Troubles have as much to do with how Non-Professional Americans are, as with anything the "gov't" can be blamed for doing ... or not doing.

Ultimately the problem is US!

Seriously, we have too many people who don't know WHEN To be serious; My thinking is because they were Too serious as kids; and now that they're adults, they don't wanna be serious anymore.

I say that, from my Own Experience ... from knowing many people that I went to High School with, who were 'mature' when I was just enjoying being a kid; Now... It's the reverse; I'm the mature one, who still can have a good time, relax, laugh, and enjoy myself - but I can be serious when the time is right; I can be in professional mode when I need to be; And they ... cannot.

I tried to do business with many of my friends; They failed - the businesses failed too, because my Friends failed to be serious; They made excuses for why they didn't do what they were supposed to do; They blamed others, they blamed circumstances; They pointed fingers; and left me out to dry most of the time; I had to transition into another type of business because ... Like Bale found out, it's frustrating trying to accomplish something BIG with people who think Small....

So, I don't blame him for Cussing this DP out. I understand - and frankly it's sad that Other people in our society don't get it.... Hopefully someone somewhere can wake people up - and send them a box of "Grow the Fuck up" ... before it's too late for us to recover from what this Current Generation of Lesser Mentally Developed people are doing.