Friday, June 27, 2008

Web Design Blues.... Pricing, Costs, Quality...

Read a Real good article on Web Design costs today... and I could totally relate to what they guy had to say;

Everybody wants a killer design, especially after seeing one that they lust over. Problem is, nobody wants to pay for it.

Here is my comment on his article...

I totally agree with everything you said.

Recently I was contacted by a lady, representing 3 of her sisters, and they want (wanted) a Really Nice site that allows them to sell items; Not only that, they want the process completely automated, which means finding a Drop-Ship Company to do two things: 1. When an order is placed on the site, it notifies the Company and then 2. The company sends out the order to the customer.

Now, my Base price for a design is around $1,000 - that's extremely simple, but nice, professional, and effective; for a CMS (depending on how complex) we're talking $250 - $500 ... For R&D ... when customers want something like automated, intergrated, Drop-Shipping ... tack on another $500.

Then you include Flash, for Logos, Banners, adding animation and sound to the site (something else they requested) - and my numbers were up at around $2500 total; I told them I'd do it all for $2,000

Know what they told me?

Way Too high.

lol... So yea... People do want killer sites; they just dont want to pay for a killer site.

that has been the Only stumbling block in this profession; finding people who Understand that if they want to build a brand online, a business online, they have to Commit to it - it can't be something you stick your Toe in the water on,... U gotta Jump In.

Not only that... You've got to be willing to Invest in Quality, to get Quality in Return. People aren't gonna buy stuff from a site that looks like it cost $10 to build.

People are simple - they'll see a crappy site and think "crappy products" - even if the products are good; So Good Products need Good representation; it's just too bad Most people who start up a business don't seem to grasp this idea. Enjoyed reading this article, many props your direction, and good vibes; good luck with everything.

Who knows, I thought someone out there may enjoy reading that. Who knows, the ladies may come to their senses and realize that a Real business takes Real Money to invest; but that what I'm asking isn't really all that much.

This does tend to be a common problem with people - When I was in Network Marketing, I was showing people a business that, if taken seriously, and with a lil luck, Could help them earn $5K - $10K per month - for an investment of $500.

Tons of people said, "that's way too much money"

People want to make money - but people don't want to earn it - and people certainly don't want to invest any money to make money; The real truth is, Most people just want to Clock in and get Paid to Show up.

It's a common theme in the workplace; People who hardly work, rather than work hard. People who blog at work, chat at work, myspace at work, talk on the phone at work, and you know, do just about anything while at work other than WORK!

Fat, Lazy Americans... :)

Life must be pretty good out here... pretty good indeed.

In the Business and Professional world, we call this the "Employee Mindset" - Nothing is really wrong with this type of thinking, unless you're the boss - and you're paying people to do, nothing ...

This only becomes a problem for People who want to start a business - but have no training on what it takes to be a business owner; specifically, How to THINK like a business owner. "Business Owner Mindset" ... is the total opposite of "Employee Mindset".

Employee Mindset feels things are Owed to him or her - simply because they're an Employee - meanwhile, they feel no responsibility for the success (or failure) of the place that employs them.

Business Owner Mindset feels that they Only deserve what they've earned, and worked hard for; You would think all people would understand that, whether they've owned a business before or not; the truth would Surprise you however.

While in Network Marketing, often I would find that people who DID invest $500, felt that because they put money in, money should come back; This isn't the Stock Market... and even there you have to put your money in the right place (stocks that are going UP in value, not going down) - Even there you have to monitor the market, and move your money around; You can't just let it Sit .... unless you're a Long Term investor, which of course is a completely different ball game, where most do NOT expect to make money right away.

If one did, simply put, they are a fool - or at least, they're not educated in Making Money in the stock market; Same applies to employees that want to run a business; They have the 'desire' to be independent but unfortunately do not have the Knowledge to make that a reality.

When the ladies informed me that my price was too high, I wanted to tell them that it's clear they have not been investigating this or researching web design fee's. I'm honestly not even sure they Should start a business because it doesn't sound like they have it all together; from a Mindset standpoint.

I'm even contemplating doing that more often when people come to me wanting a website for their business; only problem is not all people handle the truth very well; Recently I was setting up a site for some people, who's business plan was ... well, Crappy.

They wanted a Social networking site, but wanted to charge for it; much like e-harmony; the problem is, sites like those cost LOTS of money to develop; Meanwhile, they were spending money on things they did not need - not taking my advice when given; and they ended up going bankrupt, and losing the site entirely - in fact they bought a pre-built social networking site from some other company, which charged them an arm and a leg for a site that looks like TONS of other people's sites...

Classic case of uninformed people, making uninformed decisions.

Business Owners, take the TIME to find out what they need, and don't need; they dont make rash decisions; and they certainly don't do something "because of cost" - They don't ignore cost either; It's not smart to spend LOTS of money on something, Just because it cost a lot of money; Price doesn't 'always' mean Good investment....

But... that's life - and hopefully people reading this, who want to own a business, or who want to own a website can learn something from what I'm sharing here ... that if you want to get into this game, you must Get all the way in; Take it seriously, and take the TIME to know what you are doing. To avoid making costly mistakes that will land you where you don't want to be.

Congratulations Celtics....

It's only right...

I said Lakers in 5, and boy was I wrong; Lakers did a good job this year, and they have nothing to be sad over; Except for how Soft they played in the Finals; Hopefully they learn from that moving foward.

Congrats Celtics, only right that I take a moment to say that .. and now, we return to our regularly scheduled blogging.. :)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bring it On Celts.... Bring it on

We wanted this... they kicked our ass Twice during the Regular season; Both games were bad timing; The day after Thanksgiving ... according to coach Phil Jackson the Lakers were ... "Full of Turkey". Early in the season, teams are not playing their best; Then came the short-shorts - a good idea but, They should've warned the crowd; Find any footage from that event and you'll see, People Laughing; Not giggling, but Laughing Out Loud, ... really loud.

It was hard for them to concentrate on playing basketball; Hate to make excuses but, it was; By the time half time came, they were getting their asses kicked, and didn't have enough time to get back into the game; So... We wanted these mother $%$!^

Bring it On Celts!

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Tonight ... it begins

Lakers Vs. Celtics ... Game 1

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A Historical Moment?

Barrack wins the Nomination, to lead the Democratic Party, in it's bid for the Presidency of the United States ....

A Historical Moment? could be ... we have much work to do, Together.