Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bring it On Celts.... Bring it on

We wanted this... they kicked our ass Twice during the Regular season; Both games were bad timing; The day after Thanksgiving ... according to coach Phil Jackson the Lakers were ... "Full of Turkey". Early in the season, teams are not playing their best; Then came the short-shorts - a good idea but, They should've warned the crowd; Find any footage from that event and you'll see, People Laughing; Not giggling, but Laughing Out Loud, ... really loud.

It was hard for them to concentrate on playing basketball; Hate to make excuses but, it was; By the time half time came, they were getting their asses kicked, and didn't have enough time to get back into the game; So... We wanted these mother $%$!^

Bring it On Celts!

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