Thursday, April 26, 2007

... is this Funny too?

is it just me, or is this guy wearing a Klan hat?

One dude can't do it all.

There is a lesson to be learned from the trials of my Lakers ... yes, My lakers.

I'm a true fan; a true fan who feels the lakers are doomed - My prediction? The suns SWEEP the lakers 4-0.

Before this playoff season began I was hoping my Lakers would lose! Why? Because I'm a true fan, and as a true fan I am not misled by hope. I am forever guided by reality. We've got the best player in all of basketball, and that's where it stops.

The lakers would have been much better off, missing the playoffs, getting a Good draft pick in the next seasons draft, and re-tooling the squad with a free-agent, maybe... K.G. - or someone else able to make an impact; someone to Help Kobe out.

The consensous is, if Kobe doesnt' score 50 ... or 60 .. the Lakers are doomed. So what happens when the Suns won't LET Kobe score 50 .. or 60? That's right - 4-0 Sweep. Bring out the brooms ladies and gents.

One man cannot do it all; maybe for a game or two, a stretch during the regular season; but in the playoffs? It's a whole new level ... teams are playin for a Championship; They can smell it - can almost touch it, and ONE man cannot stop a TEAM from getting closer to that goal.

So, with that being said, here's to hoping for a better year next year.

The sooner the Lakers get rid of Mitch Cupcheck, the better.

Check out TNT's coverage of the Lakers' loss the other night; along with other NBA coverage and insight from Charles, Kenny, and Ernie.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Want to have Good relationships with others?

1. Admit it when you are wrong.

Why? Because the other person already knows that you are wrong.

Disputes happen often in life; and one of the main causes that keep disputes going is because the wrong party won't admit to being wrong. Often, that is all they have to do, and the dispute will end. The two people can return to harmony - but they stay in chaos, all because one person is too full of pride, or perhaps ignorance, to realize it's time to bow out gracefully.

I was talking with a lady today - we got into a dispute over something I said over Yahoo messenger

Yahoo has a handy feature, that archives all messages between you and others; so i went to the conversation, showed her what I said, and she refused to acknowledge her fault.

So the dispute carried on.

Eventually she bowed out, disgracefully - saying she doesnt have time for this nonsense.

Now, this is a lady who recently seperated from her husband; would always complain about how her husband treated her; meanwhile look at how she treated me!?!?!

This wasn't the first time - No wonder her husband didn't treat her right.

One of the problems that lots of people like this have, is while they will not treat others right they EXPECT to be treated right.

Sorry, life just does not work that way - human beings are not programmed to react in that manner.

While some have mastered the art of turning the other cheek, the vast majority of us resort to our animal nature.

Mistreat me and I'll mistreat you back.

This really is a give & recieve universe that we're living in and so many relationships fail all because one of the parties dont understand that simple rule.

2. Be honest ...

Why? The other person KNOWS when that you're lying already.

Recently I tried getting this message across to my nephew. Only stupid people lie. Let me rephrase that. Only stupid people keep lying when they've been found out.

I've broken it all down - here is what makes them stupid.

They're lying, and they've been found out - but they actually believe that so long as they dont admit to it, the other person wont really know for sure.

Some liars go to the extent of trying to make the other person feel bad for thinking that they are lying, when in fact, they are lying.

Now, think about it - that's not a relationship that's going to last.

The liar really gains no advantage in the end, and not really in the meanwhile. What they gain is a partner, a friend, a family member who does not Trust them. What they've created is someone in their life who will not support them, will not believe them entirely, will eventually start looking for someone else to spend their time with, and their love or friendship on.

The liar, is too stupid to realize this is what's actually happening.

Often, the liar even lies to themselves in the end, when they are all alone, telling themselves it was everybody else's fault, not their own.

Stupid ...

But I'm sure it helps them sleep well at night.

If you want to have good relationships with other people, be honest and always admit it when you're wrong.

The other person already knows, and they will appreciate you for having the decency and respect to treat them with decency, and with respect.

Al King

New Planet found... and it's Like Earth.

Stuff like this fascinates me.

This is a Very Big Universe we live in ladies and gents... to imagine that we, only we are so lucky as to have this existence, is to be utterly selfish; kinda egotistical of us all to even attempt to pretend that we are the only living beings in this Vast, Vast universe.

Technology these days is sending satellites to the moons of Saturn, to Pluto to orbit and take photographs. We've come a long way. We're even peering out into the universe to find planets, orbiting suns, that may be similar to earth... I used my web designer skills (I am Certified by the way, Cal State Dominguez Hills) to pull this great news story, into thaShow.

Munich, April 24: An international team of astronomers from Switzerland, France and Portugal have discovered the most Earth-like planet outside our Solar System to date.

The planet has a radius only 50 percent larger than Earth and is very likely to contain liquid water on its surface.

The research team used the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO’s) 3.6-m telescope to discover the super-Earth, which has a mass about five times that of the Earth and orbits a red dwarf already known to harbour a Neptune-mass planet.

Astronomers believe there is a strong possibility in the presence of a third planet with a mass about eight times that of the Earth in the system.

However, unlike our Earth, this planet takes only 13 days to complete one orbit round its star. It is also 14 times closer to its star than the Earth is from the Sun.

However, since its host star, the red dwarf Gliese 581, is smaller and colder than the Sun – and thus less luminous – the planet lies in the habitable zone, the region around a star where water could be liquid!

“We have estimated that the mean temperature of this super-Earth lies between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius, and water would thus be liquid,” said St├ęphane Udry from the Geneva Observatory, Switzerland and lead-author of the paper in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics.

“Moreover, its radius should be only 1.5 times the Earth’s radius, and models predict that the planet should be either rocky – like our Earth – or covered with oceans,” he said.

“Liquid water is critical to life as we know it and because of its temperature and relative proximity, this planet will most probably be a very important target of the future space missions dedicated to the search for extra-terrestrial life. On the treasure map of the Universe, one would be tempted to mark this planet with an X,” added Xavier Delfosse, a member of the team from Grenoble University, France.

According to the research team, the host star, Gliese 581, is among the 100 closest stars to us, located only 20.5 light-years away in the constellation Libra (“the Scales”).

The star has a mass only one third that of the Sun. Such red dwarfs are at least 50 times intrinsically fainter than the Sun and are the most common stars in our Galaxy. Among the 100 closest stars to the Sun, 80 belong to this class.

“Red dwarfs are ideal targets for the search for such planets because they emit less light, and the habitable zone is thus much closer to them than it is around the Sun. Any planets that lie in this zone are more easily detected with the radial-velocity method, the most successful in detecting exoplanets,” said Xavier Bonfils, a co-worker from Lisbon University.

Bureau Report

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Limited. All rights reserved

want more?

It's obvious to me that if a person does not know about something, that it's hard for them to believe. I wrote my thoughts out on this very topic a couple years ago, how Belief is a bi-product of Knowledge. Belief... not faith, belief.

See, I'm one of those people who's had time to do some research, and have had time to look into things; that's part of what I do here at thaShow, part of what I did at thaClub... inform people of things that just could benefit them in their journey through this thing called life.

That Video, is nothing really, barely scratches the surface - stay tuned to ThaShow for more indepth videos, concerning life ... out there.

Monday, April 23, 2007

ThaShow banner loads in FireFox!

I really love FireFox - so much so that I rarely ever think of opening up anything in I.E.

However for a while my Banner would not load; it's a really cool color changing banner, and I really wanted it to load up here, on FireFox - loads just fine on I.E.

Anyways, thanks to some quick research, It's now up and running.

Hope it adds to your experience while you're here.

Matt Bacak

I decided to throw up a link to this guy's blog. My Boy DREW actually told me about this guy first, and I log into his page from time to time to see what he's up to. In a nutshell, this guys game is Internet Marketing.

I have not taken lots of time to talk much about Making Money here at ThaShow - but let this be one of the most important links you ever visit. This is the Information Age and today one of the biggest parts of our every day lives is the Internet. Lots is being done on here, specifically in the area of Making Money.

I'm a businesman, and truthfully I'm still waiting for one of my ideas to blow up big. it will happen some day. They say that Success is "The journey" - not the destination. I first heard that from John C. Maxwell at a convention for ACN - a network marketing company that really gave me my business foundation education.

One of the things I learned about business in general is that the trappings of success, the proof that you went On the journey takes a while - success does not happen over night. And that is one of the first things I tell my clients, when I design a website for them, and send them on their way.

See, I'm a web designer, not a success coach. I may write a book or two about how it's done, just like this guy. Matt Bacak is making TONS of money these days, from telling people how he's made Tons of money.

I'm actually not sure which came first but I'm willing to believe that he made his money by mastering how to market to people over the internet, and the experience of doing that has made him 2-3 times more money than that.

Whatever the truth is, the reality of becomming a success online is, you WONT be, if no one has ever heard of you.

It takes lots of work, like anything does, but over time people WILL get to know who you are, and what your business does. If you can manage to get more than one person to do what you're doing, (spreading the word about your business) - you can grow faster.

There is a plethera of information on 'what to do' available on the internet; This guy is a good resource.

I'm not too bad myself (yes, tooting my own horn) - but as you can tell by reading this blog, I haven't really told you much.

Still waiting for my ventures to reach their potential, and when they do, I can tell you all about how I did it.

Real black leaders, get no press.

I was very disappointed to see that I could not find anything about the passing of Congresswoman Jaunita McDonald. All night yesterday I looked, and finally posted a message on Myspace - had to vent, had to share a thought of mine - That it's sad our media is So quick to prop up Jessie or Al everytime anything happens to/or within the black community; while real black leaders get no airplay.

Finally found something that at least mentions that she passed away, here on Wikipedia. Even they aren't saying much about just how she died.

I heard it was cancer... but with no 'news' reporting the facts, I dont know for sure.

She's visited my church a few times and told us about the things she was doing for people in 'the hood' - programs she worked to get instituted; she was a very positive force in our gov't - and who knows if that's got anything to do with why her death, was not covered.

A real shame if you ask me. A day later, nothing is on my Netscape HomePage - nothing is on MyYahoo's HomePage - and I dont know what homepage starts up whenever you open a web browser, but if you dont know to look her up, you would not even know about her passing.

She was a great woman, and will be missed.

R.I.P. Jaunita McDonald

Friday, April 20, 2007

Shootin At Baldwin...

I have to lead off with this scene from Glengary Glenross.

Alec Baldwin is in the news for his rant towards his daughter; Lots of different views coming out of that one. Such as people need to keep in mind that we dont have all of the facts. We dont know what drove him to that point, all we have is that point.

We do however have an idea of what drove the VT Shooter to his point.

Lots of views on that story aswell; such as the public backlash from the coverage. In the past the media has had the tendency to overkill stories. To spend entire days, even weeks on one story, covering it from every possible angle. They started to do that with this but realized the possible danger of broadcasting this guys message.

They dont want to influence other troubled kids to possibly make the decision to follow in this guys footsteps.

A logical argument - too bad they dont make that decision more often when it comes to reporting nothing but Negative News. Too bad hollywood doesn't make this decision when it comes to creating overly violent movies.

But movies didn't drive this guy to do what he did. According to Cho, he did it because he was sick and tired of being mistreated by 'rich kids' at his college. Perhaps that is a message that needs to be kept silent; the last thing we'd ever want to do is create a world where kids who feel mistreated by their peers lash out using violence.

But is there a lesson to be learned here? Are those the same reasons the columbine shooters went on their rampage? Sick of being made fun of constantly... mistreated constantly... Maybe those kids had to die to teach the rest of us a lesson in common decency - manners - basic human respect.

We truly have to spread the love.

My friends and I were talking, it sounds like the guy really needed to get laid more often. I mean, c'mon folks - would he really have done something like that if he was getting laid? From what I've read and heard most women were NOT interested, at all. Who knows why...

But see that's just it, Love has become "conditional" in our society and that's totally not what Love means. Love means Unconditional, but we've learned or been trained, brainwashed to with-hold our love; Our views on sex are destructive.

Sex, is at it's most basic level a form of love expression. Instead of expressing love, we have become a society of sado-massichist - we take pleasure, in pain.

Women get pleasure from turning guys down nowadays. The Femi-Nazi's have won! They've gotten their way and now, women would rather be with another woman, than with a man. Our gender-respect love-based relationship with each other has changed. No longer do we see each other as gods and goddesses, as important, as worthy of love - but we're afraid of each other, suspicious of each other, mistrusting - this is no way to live.

Some people just cannot take the pain, and for them - they don't mind ending it all in that fashion. While I'm NOT defending this guys actions, I do wonder if we have become a world of cruel individuals, or at least a country who looks the other way when it comes to matters of human decency towards one another.

America was rooted in the hatred of racism, of inequality & of privelledge - that ugliness has remained with us, and often flares up in our society; such as Imus, or Micheal Richards - it flares up in the high schools here in los angeles between blacks and latinos - and the same spirit of division is being found more in men and women, where each is always battling to prove who's better, rather than realizing we're both equal.

None of us have to be nice and considerate towards others but ... should we be?

Has the battle between Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger reached the point to where the guy is losing it on voice mails to his 11 year old daughter? What happened in their relationship to drive him to that point? Here's a guy who seems to be doing all he can to fullfill is fatherly responsabilities and, his daughter seems to have been turned against him.

Kim Basinger released this story to the media, not to a judge, or the police - not in some private manner for the safety of her daughter, but for publicity - to win a battle in the war between her and her ex husband - to show the world that this grand and beloved actor is not so gentle and lovable afterall. He's a beast, and a monster, right?

Or is he just some guy who's reached his boiling point? ... some guy who's fed up with mistreatment.

It's long been a theory of mine that women have so much power, and dont even realize it. So often we blame men entirely for their roles in domestic disputes that get violent. There's a common feeling that in those situations, no excuse is a good reason for the man to act the way he does.

That's femi-nazi thinking right there. It's unrealistic, fantasy based.

Sorry but we're hard wired a certain way; Males react in different ways to different situations; but there is enough Evidence based on Common Decisions made by males, to where it almost looks instinctual. When men are put in certain situations, where they feel disrespected, mistreated, attacked - men either walk away, or attack/fight back.

Why roll the dice?

Why put a man in a situation to make that choice, to walk away, or put up a fight - just from listening to Alec's message, he sounds like he's been provoked - is his choice the right choice? a good choice? Perhaps not - but it's a common choice. It happens. Men have made that choice countless times, throughout the history of man.

So, knowing that, dont we as human beings have a responsability to hold all parties responsable here? Kim, the daughter, And Alec? They all played a role right? Sure he should not have yelled or said those things; but who knows what Kim has been doing to him prior to this call; Who knows what Kim has had the daughter doing prior to this call. Who knows for sure if he didn't just snap; enough is enough, I've had it up to hear and I'm not gonna take it any more...

Let us not forget that at our core, we human beings are just animals. We really are.

So let us be mindful of that... in our dealings with others; let us remember that actions spark reactions. Let's all seek to take more control over the world we're inhabiting together...

Friday, April 13, 2007

More on Imus...

There's lots to read & view - I'll post a few more videos and thoughts for you to think about, consider, and talk about with others. The Imus issue to me, raises an important thought.

Perhaps this is the real problem - perhaps the reality that so many Racist White people are in positions of power; Positions to influence the thinking of other people in this country with their racist views, Is indeed the problem.

Here's a guy sticking up for Imus, discussing his appearance on the Al Sharpton show.

This guy is racist, but doesn't realize it. He doesn't "hate" black people... but he doesn't understand what's happened to black people either. It's actually a good video to watch; He's not lying - but he's not informed about everything.

I dont recall Al Sharpton arguing for blacks to have the right to refer to each other as Niggas and Hoes.

Also I dont think either of us, himself or myself, knows just why Al Sharpton called those lawyers racist and rapists... If anyone does, please drop me a line (and perhaps you should consider dropping him one aswell.)

However, this video shows once again, another white person who feels that black people are solely responsable for what's happening in their Culture.

Culture as defined by wikipedia :

Culture (from the Latin cultura stemming from colere, meaning "to cultivate"[citation needed]),
generally refers to patterns of human activity and the symbolic structures that give such activity significance. Different definitions of "culture" reflect different theoretical bases for understanding, or criteria for evaluating, human activity. Most general, the term culture denotes whole product of an individual, group or society of intelligent beings. It includes technology, art, science, as well as moral systems and the characteristic behaviors and habits of the selected intelligent entities. In particular, it has specific more detailed meanings in different domains of human activities.

We may notice that different human societies have different cultures, and the personal culture of one individual can be different than another one.

... To Cultivate. Another place where you can find this word, and perhaps understand more about what the word actually means, is in the word Agriculture - two words... Agri-Culture.

Agriculture (a term which encompasses farming and ranching) is the process of producing food, feed, fiber, fuel and other goods by the systematic raising of plants and animals.

Agri is from Latin ager, meaning "a field", and culture is from Latin cultura, meaning "cultivation" in the strict sense of tillage of the soil. A literal reading of the English word yields: tillage of the soil of a field. In modern usage, the word agriculture covers all activities essential to food/feed/fiber production, including all techniques for raising and processing livestock. Agriculture is also short for the study of the practice of agriculture—more formally known as agricultural science.

So you see, just like growing plants - people can be Cultivated - created, nurtured, groomed - people and plants really do have much in common; No wonder our symbiotic relationship works out so well. Them giving us oxygen as we give them carbon dioxide. They've also given us a lesson on plain site, if only we'll take the time to look.

When we use words like, Black Culture, Latin Culture, White Culture - what we are saying is that it was Cultivated. It was created; Seeds were planted... Water and Sunlight were poured onto it in the soil... and continued to be poured after the stalk sprouted up from the ground, grew leaves, and beared fruit. Each Culture tree has been groomed a certain way, to grow certain fruit.

There are all types of ways to mix-pollinate and some agriculturalist even inject steroids into their plants to grow stronger concentrated fruits (super oranges!) - just an example... Of course super oranges isn't an actual term, just a simple term because I want simple people to really get this one.

There is no such thing as "being black" - being black is an idea that was created to be destructive to anyone who tries to "be black."

Notice I said simple people. Not simple black people, simple white people - i want people to get what I'm saying here. So many wars, and battles, and fights are fought over Race...

Over Culture...

"My culture is better than your culture..." ...

Our cultures... are perhaps the problem.

We need a "new" culture.

Jackie Mason, blogging about his thoughts on Imus apologizing to Al Sharpton

I happend to run into this on YouTube, after seeing him discuss many of these same thoughts on the Rogan and Simers Show in the morning ... before signing out.. I want to say that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do not speak for all black people; Like anyone I come across in life, I agree with some of their views, and disagree with others.

These guys just get 'rewarded' the spotlight, by white Media...

Meaning, the white people who make decisions on what's going to air, and what's not going to air, on the most widely watched television shows and channels in the country, who all happen to be white.

Their views, are again, pushed onto the general public - influencing their own views without them ever really realizing it.

... like how black kids call each other nigga because the rappers on Tv are doing it. ... like how white people call blacks disrespectful terms, because they hear white people on tv doing it.

... like anything - live and learn people. Live... and learn.

What Makes Imus Racist...

Allow me for a moment to explain just what makes Imus' comments about the Rutgers Women's Basketball team, racist.

I was driving to 'work' this morning and overheard Jackie Mason, a well respected comedian on the Rogan & Simers show discussing this issue; There were some very sad points of view being shared, but I think lots of white people and (non-black) people share these views.

As usual, white people in the public eye are coming to the defense of a Racist Man - with the same arguments that, "black people call each other that, so why can't we?"

It's so riddiculous to live in a society where white people don't see why that's so wrong; So, I'm going to attempt to explain it.

Black people call each other all sorts of things that black people should not call each other. But Why do they do it?

White people started them down that path.

When I say white people that does not mean every single white person who's ever lived; That does not mean white people who are living today - it means that there were Actual People responsable for Starting the whole "Diss Black People Movement" - and those people happen to be White.

It wasn't just a few white people, so we cannot blame this on any One particular white person; We cannot blame this on a few, specific white people - because when this all began there were Hundreds, and Thousands of White people calling blacks Niggers, Calling Blacks Nappy Heads, and a host of other derrogatory names.

So, White people are responsable for blacks calling each other Nigger, Calling each other Nappy Head, Calling each other derrogatory Names.

I hope the average white person understands what that means now. There is no One or Two, or three Specific White people to blame this on; because more than one, two or three white people took part in Creating a Culture that recognizes themselves as these terms.

So this is a Problem.

The last thing black people need in 2007, is for White people to call us Niggas, Niggers, or Nappy Heads.

It's not okay for white people to do it in 2007, because it was NEVER ok for white people to do it. It's not really ok for blacks to do it, but When blacks do it - it's because of a long history of doing it, that was initiated by the white race.

... By LOTS and LOTS of people in the white race...

So many, that it's easier to sum it up in one term 'white people' - White people are the reason that white people cannot say those sorts of things; And white people Should know better by now.

Telling blacks to lighten up just doesn't fly. Telling blacks to look the other way while white people "continue" to call us niggers and nappy headed hoes, is simply Unacceptable. It does not matter that black people do it - the fact that black people do it, is a sign that the problems started by white people in the founding of this country have NOT been resolved.

Not by a long shot.

If white people (of today) want to make a better name for themselves, they need to reach an understanding of this reality; they need to contribute to the cause of bettering african americans - That is something that's never happened.

There have been a handful of whites who've joined that cause, So few that We actually could name them if we, you, or I was willing to do the research. I might find 100 white people who've worked to reverse the wrongs of their ancestors towards the black race.

Maybe at most, 2,000 - but that doesn't compare to the MILLIONS of white people who have endorsed these negative views of black people over the last 400 years.

After 400 years of being called Nigger, and Nappy Head, and (insert your negative insult about blacks here) - black people began to see themselves as those same terms. Black people have tried to put positive spins on bad habbits passed onto them by their parents, grand parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and other random black people - who all descended from the Same Line of Black People who were put through these horrific experiences & experiments.

The signs are everywhere, that most whites do not care about black people.

So often I hear white people say that slavery needs to be forgotten; but will we ever forget the Holocaust? Jews often say, "never forget!" - and that's acceptable. But if blacks dare suggest thta we "never forget!" - that's totally unacceptable and "When are blacks gonna just move on!"

The hypocracy is riddiculous.

Imus deserved to be FIRED - that racist son of a ... well you know where I'm going with that. These women were not Nappy Headed Hoes. These were College Educated Women playing Organized Basketball to the highest degree possible on their level.

For a White man to refer to them as Nappy Headed Ho's is indeed OVER The line! It's indeed Racist! Because what this white man is doing today, is no different from what white people have been doing in this country for Years.

NO matter how successful a black person is - to white folks, They're just niggers, and nappy headed ho's.

That's disrespectful.

However is it disrespectful when blacks do it? Sure it is. And that's a seperate but related problem that needs to be addressed properly by white people!

And I dont feel most of them get that.

They want to play the, 'well if we can't say it, then you are wrong too when you say it' game; which simply avoids addressing and/or solving the problem - Many of us already know it's wrong. But it's ingrained in our culture!

Help us get it out!

Dont' sit there and condemn us when we're just picking up traditions that YOUR ancestors gave us! HELP OUT! ... Have some understanding for crying out loud; some compassion;

Are white people really just blue-eyed Devils? Immoral beasts who don't care about mankind? That's a view many blacks have come to hold towards white people due to Hundreds and Hundreds of years of mistreatment and disrespect on the part of whites in this country.

IF you're white; your life is your opportunity to PROVE who you are... and to improve your Race. Actions always speak louder than words... but when your words are hate-filled and uncompassionate...

Can you really blame black people for that view?

When Micheal Richards goes on a racist tirade - and white people come to his defense in the media sayin, "Oh, he's not racist... he just had a meltdown" ... When Don Imus (who's made plenty of racist remarks over the years - this is just the ONE that nailed him) calls Educated Black Women, Nappy Headed Hoe's - and white people come to his defense sayin, "Oh, come'on people lighten up!" ... it does not improve the view of white people, in the eyes of blacks.

This is a very serious issue.

And because we (white and black) have not dealt with the issue properly, we're now facing the consequences.

If we don't deal with this issue soon - there will only be More consequences down the road; and who knows in what direction those consequences will take Our Country.

Not racist? The Jiggaboo's vs. the Wannabe's? These racist white people dont even KNOW Spike Lee's movies well enough to know that came from School Daze, NOT Do the Right thing. They don't spend that much time on black people to know that sort of thing. Then again, it's not like Black Movies are playing on every tv station day and night...(remember, blacks only have ONE Tv station... While the white race is featured on Hundreds of Tv Stations...) so if a white person isn't making a concerted effort, they're not going to know the difference really.

Raptors? Grizzlies? - I guess Tennesse girls look cute because they've got a few white players on the team. Oh, and the coach is White. ... but he wasn't racist.

Some random guy... Should having the right to say whatever we Want to say, make it Right to say things that offend others? Hell, I Got in trouble for Saying what I wanted to say. White people (like this one) are so hypocritical when it comes to race & racism. - Not trying to insult anyone? Not trying to hurt anyone? lol.

See, another white person saying the Same Thing.

Yea... blame the black race - for what the white race started. Who Gave the 3-6 Mafia the award? White people awarded them for dissing their own race. But we've lost track of where the problem started - so white people don't feel "they" are responsable for anything that's going on in the black race.

This is sad.

Need I show more evidence?

see... Most white people take the same stance; "it's stupid.. but it's not racist!"

... disappointing.

His intent was to Degrade Black Women ... especially black women who dont look like White women. Why aren't white people more 'versed' in the black culture? What's stopping them from Getting more versed? Do white people even know what Culture means? I may have explained in another blog; if so, check back later and I'll Link it up.

Now, Here's a white guy.. who "gets it!" ...

The shame is.. guys like this are in the Minority. So I'll do my part to ensure that This white guy gets His message out, here on ThaShow.

Colored Fella? .... This guy is re-inforcing the negative views that white people have held towards blacks for years. How do white people fix themselves to defend that sort of behavior?

... why dont MORE white people see this story, the way This guy does?

Serena and Vanessa Williams - animals? ...

Sadly, this isn't about right wing vs left wing - this is about Racism; This is about what's Right, versus what's Wrong. And let's face it people, the right wingers happen to be made up of a majority of white people with "old-school" aka conservative views. The few blacks who are right wingers, tend to agree with those conservative views that white people hold - that it's all 100% the fault of black people that blacks talk about each other in the manner that they do.

I think Imus did the right thing after the fact; sorta - he made a mistake, which we all make - and he apologized for it; sorta; He is indeed racist, and needs to work on changing his view of black people.

I'm glad Al Sharpton tried to educate him about the movie...

A great movie which exposus the very problem that I've been writing about... a problem that was created by white people, FOR blacks; and black people are left to deal with the aftermath of that decision.

School Daze is perhaps one of Spike Lee's most underrated films. Particularly because he addresses the very serious issue of in-fighting in the black race. Views that were given to blacks, views that blacks need HELP in letting go of; Views that apparently, white people need HELP in letting go of also.

The videos from YouTube were chosen at random, and were what showed up when searching for Imus. I could find more videos, with more people saying the same sorts of things; but who's got time for that right? ... I suggest you visit YouTube and take notice of the sheer number of videos from white people defending these racist actions.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

ThaShow is Back!!

Once again folks I have returned to the world of Blogging... I've been away.

Long story short I got hung up in some mess; My official stance on that for now is, If you don't know, I'm not gonna tell you. =)

But if you do know, I want you to know that everything sounds alot worse than it really is. An explanation is forthcoming, so is a book; When the time is right of course. But since that is so irrelevant to the purpose of thaShow, and since I've been cleared to return to posting, I must say, I've got TONS on my mind.

Black people are Skatin!

I hope the trend continues, and I hope it goes in a positive direction. I dont think it's reported enough but, black people are Moving towards a brigher future; It's taking a while but ya know what... All things do.

Nothing really ever happens overnight. All things are a process of build up - and release; Build up... and release. Seemingly when things happen in a constant flow it's due to the build up that came before; perhaps the bulid up took 1 week, 1 hour - 1 month, 1 year, or many years.

But I must say that I am noticing the skateboard influence in the youth around the city I live in; The style of dress has been flared up a bit, lots of bright colors included; Anything to move black kids away from Thuggin and Gang Bangin is a plus in my book.

Much more to say on that soon.

Why Chat Rooms suck...

I've promised to break chat rooms down soon; But I want to throw a thought your way. For anyone who's ever been a Chatter and you've noticed the decline in chatroom participation by actual human beings... The reason is because people have moved to Discussion Boards.

Chatrooms are Low on "actual topics" and high on "seuxually related" conversation. Discussion boards are very appealing to the woman who doesn't want to be hit on, or the guy who doesn't wanna hit on a man posing as a woman; or be hit on by an adult posting as a child; or hit on a woman who claims to look like J-Lo, but really looks more like J-No.

As I may have mentioned, I have close to 13 years of Chat Experience. I helped create the chat room craze, watched it's popularity rise - and I've also whitnessed it's decline. I thought about writing a book on chat rooms once....

Speaking of books...

The book about my recent ordeal will make book #4 that you all can look forward to. Hahaha... I wonder sometimes when I'm gonna have Time to actually finish all these books floating around in my head. Then the answer comes to me, that Time is always on time.

Every day of my life has been a day that teaches me something new about myself and my purpose for being here with all of you in this Human Experience. It's giving me more and more material to write - to hopefully help others along the way.

I've got a book on Internet Marketing, one on The Matrix Trilogy, and another un-named book that will be based on my adventures with cal-trans... Long story short I'm glad you're still here - and I hope you're ready for thaShow's return.