Monday, April 23, 2007

Real black leaders, get no press.

I was very disappointed to see that I could not find anything about the passing of Congresswoman Jaunita McDonald. All night yesterday I looked, and finally posted a message on Myspace - had to vent, had to share a thought of mine - That it's sad our media is So quick to prop up Jessie or Al everytime anything happens to/or within the black community; while real black leaders get no airplay.

Finally found something that at least mentions that she passed away, here on Wikipedia. Even they aren't saying much about just how she died.

I heard it was cancer... but with no 'news' reporting the facts, I dont know for sure.

She's visited my church a few times and told us about the things she was doing for people in 'the hood' - programs she worked to get instituted; she was a very positive force in our gov't - and who knows if that's got anything to do with why her death, was not covered.

A real shame if you ask me. A day later, nothing is on my Netscape HomePage - nothing is on MyYahoo's HomePage - and I dont know what homepage starts up whenever you open a web browser, but if you dont know to look her up, you would not even know about her passing.

She was a great woman, and will be missed.

R.I.P. Jaunita McDonald

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