Saturday, May 31, 2008

white entitlement & supremecy

... a must listen to

Friday, May 30, 2008

All about Closing....

best sales game ever....

Coffee is for Closers Only...

speaking of which.. The Lakers are looking Mighty Impressive....

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers.... now... Bring on Boston...

If the Lakers can get One game in Boston.... Lakers in 5.

... ABC ... Always Be Closing

Thursday, May 22, 2008

McCain Dennounces Preachers... Finally

I'm beginning to wonder if ThaShow is impacting society... One day after reporting about McCain's preachers... This happens.

Good for McCain ... now let's see if the Media harps on McCain for a few debates after the fact, forcing him to talk about the issue again;

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

John Hagee Hates America - West. VA is Racist!

I've been doing this for years now... don't sleep.

Ok so... after watching that, you tell me, what is so Different about what Rev. Wright said??

No really, don't sleep - don't act like this is no big deal; Why is it ok for a White preacher to say these things? Why is there NO Media Slamming of Him?? You do know this preacher supports John McCain right?


SO how come He's not being dragged out on TV and asked to Disavow his relationship with this White Preacher?? Why is this White Preacher not being accused by Fox, and other Media Stations as a Hater of America??

It's the Same Exact Message - that America will pay a price for it's many, many wrongs, over the years, recently, .... I guess anything Black People say in this country is wrong..

My Dialogue continues with you, the True American People - @ - Stay Informed... INstead of passing around Bull Sh*t about who you love, who you dated last, who you kissed, or some other unimportant Garbage - Help END Racism through spreading the Awareness ... Oh, and that's not all...

Think Racism is Dead?

When's the last time you visited West Virginia??

If you've been Sleepin... WAKE UP - Do Something!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Struggle of Racism : Obama says "Lay off my Wife"

In the ongoing struggle to recover as a nation from Racism and all of it's misunderstandings, we are whitnessing ongoing evidence that White people do not understand Black People. Mike Malloy made this statement on air just the other day; a Rare moment in America, when a White male comments on the White race in a manner that is True - and Not Racist, or Hate filled; We saw this with the remarks of Rev. Wright, how so many whites reacted to his statements, calling them hate filled, and racist; All he was doing was sharing the black perspective; and the same goes for Michelle Obama - I'll let you read the story; Click the link there is a video of the interview available - watch it, and my comments are below.

Obama tells Tenn.'s GOP: 'Lay off my wife'

Mon May 19, 7:58 AM ET

Democrat Barack Obama has a message for Tennessee's Republican Party: "Lay off my wife."

Obama, his party's presidential front-runner, and his wife, Michelle, were asked in an interview aired Monday on ABC's "Good Morning America" about an online video last week by the state's GOP taking her to task for a comment some considered unpatriotic.

"The GOP, should I be the nominee, can say whatever they want to say about me, my track record," Obama said. "If they think that they're going to try to make Michelle an issue in this campaign, they should be careful because that I find unacceptable, the notion that you start attacking my wife or my family."

He called the strategy "low class."

The video, posted on YouTube, centered on remarks Michelle Obama made while campaigning in Wisconsin last February, when she said: "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country."

The four-minute video replayed the remark six times, interspersing it with commentary by Tennesseans on why they are proud of America. In a news release that included a link to the video, Tennessee's GOP said "the Tennessee Republican Party has always been proud of America." It urged radio stations to play "patriotic music" during Michelle Obama's visit to Nashville last Thursday.

Michelle Obama later clarified the remark, saying she meant she was proud of how Americans were engaging in the political process and that she had always been proud of her country.

"Whoever is in charge of the Tennessee GOP needs to think long and hard about the kind of campaign they want to run, and I think that's true for everybody, Democrat or Republican," Obama said in the ABC interview, adding: "These folks should lay off my wife."

Obama said his wife "loves this country. For them to try to distort or to play snippets of her remarks in ways that are unflattering to her is, I think, just low class. I think that most of the American people would think that as well."

Tennessee's Republican Party was roundly criticized in March, including by likely presidential nominee John McCain, for a news release that used Barack Obama's middle name — Hussein — and showed a photo of him wearing what it said was "Muslim attire."

The release ultimately was removed from the party's Web site at the urging of the state's two Republican senators and Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan, who said he "rejects these kinds of campaign tactics."

When Michelle states that she was finally proud of her country, and the GOP makes a video responding with 'i've always been proud' - they are not taking into account the black experience.

It baffles me, the sheer numbers of whites, who fully expect black people to absolutely LOVE everything about America; who are shocked if a black person has any complaints whatsoever about this country.

What planet do these people live on? Have they forgotten what this country has done to black people for 400 years?? I know they want black people to forget; They want black people to pretend that racism is no longer with us - even though plenty of black people still experience racism on a daily basis; what is wrong with these people that they fail to see the need for us to work together to make this country something that All Americans Can truly be proud of? Do they not get that in order to get there, this racism thing MUST END.

White people MUST make the effort to change their culture; and specifically how their culture views black people - treats black people - and (how they view/treat) issues that effect black people.

I know this is a shock to many whites; but black people do not trust them; Not enough has been done to Show black people that the white race has changed; So, when Michelle Obama made that remark, rather than take offense to it - how about recognize the comment for what it was - the opportunity to find out just what could make Other black people, Proud of this country.

What can be done?

What Needs to be done?

These are the types of questions that beg to be asked; If we don't ask the right questions we will never get the right answers.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

What a Night!! Kobe Bryant puts on MVP Performance

It was a great night in San Pedro, California, where I settled in with friends and fellow laker fans to watch David Stern give the MVP Trophy to the Best Player in the game; ... there was talk of past MVP award winners and how their teams, often caught up in the jubilation of the moment would be so excited that they would end up having a bad game; Often MVP's lose the same night they get the trophy; Same thing happens on Opening Night when the Champions get their Rings from the previous season; But Not Kobe Bryant.

It's a great day after too - The newspapers' sports sections are jumping with Stories about the Lakers, about Kobe - the hope is in the air, and everyone can feel it; Is this team good enough to win ... This year??

If Kobe keeps playing like he's been playing, and most importantly if his team mates keep playing like They've been playing, I dont see a team who can stop the Lakers from bringing home what is rightfully theirs; The Larry O'Brien Trophy.

This is a good start though; Kobe really put on a show last night; He made about 5 incredible shots; I used to really love watching Jordan play... but it seems like Kobe's in-the-game highlight reel is often Unreal.

There is something in Sports called "addition by subtraction" - Kobe has always been a great player; but his Team was not always great. This year two Great Subtractions took place for the Lakers. They Dropped Smush Parker, an obvious cancer to the team, with a piss poor attitude about everything - if he was having a bad game, his sour faces and play would infect others on the team; I think he pissed Kobe off tremendously;

Then you have the ill-fated career of Kwame Brown - what a sad story this is gonna be; You all know he's done playing right? After this year, no team is going to sign him; I at least hope no GM out there is foolish enough to do that; If so, give me his job please. Now ... Kwame Brown's leaving was just as good as Pau Gasol's arriving. Even when Kwame was injured the Lakers were immediately a better team; The guy was just sad, and like with Smush, his terrible play would often cause others on the team to play bad also.

It's infectious, this game of basketball; When it's going good for a player, the crowd feels it, they yell, they scream, and the other players on the team can feel it, it motivates them, focuses them, and next thing you know they're making shots and making plays, and as Stu Lance always says, it's a game of Emotion, a Game of Runs, and a Game of MOmentum.

So in that light, you can understand why having a BAD player on your team, can really effect your team - A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Replacing those weak links with Pau Gasol, and Derrick Fisher doesn't hurt either; D. Fish Is the Lakers; He won 3 Championships here; He knows what Phil wants out there on the court from his Point Gaurd, and he's transferred that knowledge to Sasha and Jordan Farmar.

For the Lakers this year, it's been both Addition by Addition, as well as Addition by Subtraction. Let's see how they do in Utah... usually in the playoffs home court Does play a role in how the game goes; the crowd really gets the home team going; but something tells me the MVP will not be worried about that; To quote Kobe from his post game press conference last night ... "It's just noise."

Photos Courtesy of & The Daily Breeze Newspaper Sports Section

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Congratulations Kobe - the 2007-2008 MVP

You Knew I was gonna do it right??

Finally, the greatest basketball player in the NBA got his due.

photo courtesy of - AP Photo/Ric Francis

Click on that photo to read an article by one of my Favorite journalists, J.A. Adande; though I do disagree with some of his stuff, he usually gets it right; and to quote Jim Rome from his show this morning, The NBA got it right too.

Chris Paul had an amazing season and he's clearly going to be a force in this league for some time to come; and as I've been saying to friends, and anyone who'll listen, the NBA is full of talented players.

Lebron James, Dwayne Wade (when he comes back from injury), Chris Paul, Deron Williams, K.G., the list goes on and on; and when it comes to the younger players the best is yet to come; We haven't even seen Greg Oden yet... or a Full Season of the steadily improving Andrew Bynum; The future of the NBA looks great - but where as Kobe is Concerned, he's been robbed of at least 2 MVP's - and it's obviously due to his troubles in Colorado.

I'd even argue the 3rd Finals they were in, against the Nets, Kobe should have gotten the Finals MVP for that because he was just riddiculous during the playoffs, and those finals.

The Year Kobe rattled off a string of 40 point games, or the year he rattled off a string of 50 point games ... and 81 points in One game, you could've easily given him MVP for that. But I guess they couldn't deny him this year. In the past the argument was, "well those other guys helped their team win First Place."

If that was the criteria, then naturally, this was his year.

Congrats again to Kobe Bryant, MVP of the league... Simply the best, of the best.

Friday, May 02, 2008

The race gets Tighter... and so did the Noose.

I heard this morning that the gap is now closed, and Hillary has pulled even.

Congrats Hillary! You just may win the Democratic Nod ... but at what cost?

Should Superdelegates End the race?

It's really too late; Hilary has put pride over what's best for the country. But, the New Age Woman always does this. She is about self... and everyone else later. The Old Fashioned woman would never do this; She would recognize her role as the Mother, the Nurturer, she would realize how important she is, just because she is a woman. She would not feel the need to compete with a man, she recognizes and even appreciates the difference between man, and woman.

In other news... The D.C. Madam Offs herself??

Some skepticism seems to be surrounding the suicide of he D.C. Madam, who talked tough and made threats to name the names of her powerful, gov't clients. Read the message board for this one... lots of people seem to believe someone "made this look like suicide" to protect the names of the men who were using her service.

Fox News talking about it too?

File this one away Under "Conspiracy Theories" ... :)

and now, for my thoughts...

We are on the wrong track in this nation, which was started by Puritans - religious nuts who took a stance on sex that has negatively impacted America; Once again, here we go, punishing people for sex - Consensual Sex - We're not talking about rape, or molestation - we're talking about people who have a desire they want to fulfill, agreeing to get it on.

But it's against the law!

Some laws are neither just, or right.

We need laws against Police Brutality, abusing their power, we need laws that protect citizens from it's gov't - and we need people willing to enforce those laws; We need laws that tell us where murderer's live, rather than just where sex offenders live; Often people committed of sex crimes are not bad people, and didn't do bad things; again we're Not talking about the Rapists, and the Molestors and Abusers; but the guys who found themselves soliciting sex on a street corner; or who met a girl at a club/bar but didn't check her ID - We have a vendetta against people who enjoy sex - and it is completely mindless.

This case was ridiculous - it was so obvious why she was taken to trial; Her clients were too important; No way where they gonna just let her practice her business with so much at stake - and seemingly, there may have been reason for someone to silence her; We'll never really know - at least not anytime soon. The truth however does have a way of rising to the light ... always.