Friday, September 25, 2009

Updates :: hello world! - whats up with all the Ignorance?

Hey folks,

Been on a bit of a break while still working towards helping to make people more aware of what's happening around them, on all levels of society.

The 'fantasy fall out' really turned into a 'fall out' :: but the spirit was all about getting the Truth out so that people can know both sides. Like so many things in our world, people too often get THEIR Side out first, and make the OTHER side look bad; I just wanted to beat them to the punch.

This is so typical though :: Just last week I ended up in verbal fights with people close to me; Now they were wrong; but what tends to happen with people is, they get upset that I cussed them out; They never look at why I had to cuss them out; They over look how wrong they talked to me, how disrespectful they treated me, and so it's starting to become Pretty annoying.

I'd like to address this to everyone in the world.

If you wrong someone, They have a Right to cuss you out for it;

If they chose not to, that is their choice; but if they chose TO do it, it's not because they are a bad person; no... YOU are a bad person for mistreating them, and expecting to be Respected in return.

What annoys me is, I've developed a reputation, that has been miscommunicated and misconstrued by "Victim Mentality" people :: people who like to portray themselves as innocent, when they are far from it.

I say all of this because it's Very similar to what happened with the 'fantasy fall out' - the people named in those blog posts, got upset with me. Nevermind that they wronged me, talked bad about me amongst each other and anyone who would listen ... nevermind that they owed (and many still owe) me money :: They act like I'm supposed to just be Okay with it all; and not say, or do anything back.

I'm finding that there are Far too many people in our World like this :: What the hell is happening?

What has made so many people think they can say, and do anything, and NOT face repercussions?

How have so many people gotten such Crazy thoughts in their heads?

Maybe it's because I grew up playing sports, and I recognize that we all make mistakes; but when we Make them, it only benefits us to acknowledge the mistake, so we can Learn from it --- and NOT Make the SAME Mistakes over and over again.

While I work on not cussing people out who wrong me; there doesn't seem to be any other peaceful alternatives; So while I look and pray for one, please pray for me :) Pray for our world... and for the hope that Common sense, will one day soon, become "common"