Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ok folks... Network @ ThaShow

Talk about a movie with some really "Great" clips!

You've seen a few here so far; oh how Relevant; and yet, for some odd reason I feel like we are in between people actually taking action; and people still laying back watching.

You're either In the game - or Watching it.

It's time to Get Mad people....

"There is no democracy"

The Howard Beale Show

Life is Bullshit

The Arabs are Buying us

the picture rolls in slow, but listen ... and watch.

The Assasination of Beal

They can't kill all of us ...

It has been said, that the Civil Rights movement died with MLK and Malcom. Read any book on Good Leadership, and you'll find that a Truly solid movement is diversified; One person cannot be the 'focus' - instead we All must be the focus.

if Everyone steps up to the plate, if Everyone is involved, Killing One, does not Kill the Movement.

For a movie made 30 years ago, the message is still so timely.

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