Monday, October 27, 2008

True Terrorist - Skinheads, KKK .... Al Queda? Really?

And we're back.

Some sad news to report first; My heart goes out to the family of Jennifer Hudson; So sorry to hear about the death of her Mother, Brother, and now... her 7 year old Nephew.

May God reach into your life, heal, and bless you.

And .. onto even more 'sad news' - and also, as you've come to expect from me, some Perspective. I just saw this report about a plan to assasinate Barrack Obama... a plot from the Skinheads, who's views mirror that of Nazi Germany's Hitler. ... a group that was spawned FROM the Klu Klux Klan.

When This war on Terrorism was first launched, you could hear Many black people in the community talking about how We have faced Terrorism in this country for Years. Al Queda is NOT and never has been a True Threat to our freedom - Racism has. Hatred from whites, who care nothing for black people, no matter how accomplished we become, is the true threat to freedom of blacks in America - and furthermore, is a true threat to Whites as well.

We're all in this boat together people - whether you like it or not - we MUST work together, as I have been saying for years now, to put a Stop to Racism! We MUST .... It is important that we take the threat posed by racism more seriously than we have, since the Signing of the Civil Rights Bill in the late 1960's.

Since that point, there has been a steady decline, among blacks and whites, in how Serious we take the threat of racism - Too many of us accept it as status quo, as something we can do nothing about; but the truth is, that's a flat out lie.

What if we took the same approach to rooting out Terrorism here in America, as we do in Iraq? How about we bomb all the neighborhoods that are Housing Terrorist Skinheads?

I think that would get people's attention, Fast!

I bet that would encourage more White people to not only stop being racist, but to stop allowing their Sons and Daughters to belong to racist groups, such as the Klan, and Skinheads.

White people, as the "majority" in this nation, hold the Majority of the responsibility to clean this country up. It's time for them to stop being so lazy about it, so irresponsible about it, so uncaring about it, so apathetic ... It's time for White people to do their part.

Before us, stands an opportunity to Truly turn this country around - what Bush has done with our Nation is taking us DOWN - Don't you folks see what's happening? This is not about party politics anymore - this is about the well being of our nation, our country, and all of us, black and white.

Barrack's message is Unity, Change, Coming together, and working to make the changes needed, to make this Country better, again, than any other nation.

You people must know, that when We were a nation of Hypocracy, talking down on Nazi Germany for it's racism, while openly segregating and oppressing blacks, America was not a great nation; We only became great, when we decided to live up to our creed, and provide Equality for All; We Were indeed great, for about 30 years... the last 8 have slowly begun reversing all that has happened -- slowly taking us back to where we came from.

Can't you all see it?

Our Military Resources have been stretched, fighting 2 wars that cannot be won, the way we're fighting them, against people who are NOT a threat to us; If you watched the Zeitgeist Addendum I Posted, 400,000 Americans die from Heart disease vs 70 who die from Terrorism; Heart Disease is a bigger threat to us, than Terrorism is...

True Terrorism, is the fear-mongering brought to us by the Bush Administration - it's not JUST Bush alone people; it's his entire Cabinet, his elected and appointed officials, selected to carry out a purpose - the Falling of the Empire.

And it will happen, if Americans continue to be Silent on issues that truly matter.

Below, read more about this plot broken up... but please keep Barrack in your prayers, and positive thoughts; keep our Country in your prayers and positive thoughts. Hate will NOT allow us to continue, living in the 'greatest country ever'.

ATF disrupts skinhead plot to assassinate Obama

By LARA JAKES JORDAN, Associated Press Writer Lara Jakes Jordan, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – Federal agents have broken up a plot to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and shoot or decapitate 102 black people in a Tennessee murder spree, the ATF said Monday.

In court records unsealed Monday, federal agents said they disrupted plans to rob a gun store and target a predominantly African-American high school by two neo-Nazi skinheads. Agents said the skinheads did not identify the school by name.

Jim Cavanaugh, special agent in charge of the Nashville field office for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said the two men planned to shoot 88 black people and decapitate another 14. The numbers 88 and 14 are symbolic in the white supremacist community.

The men also sought to go on a national killing spree, with Obama as its final target, Cavanaugh told The Associated Press.

"They said that would be their last, final act — that they would attempt to kill Sen. Obama," Cavanaugh said. "They didn't believe they would be able to do it, but that they would get killed trying."

An Obama spokeswoman traveling with the senator in Pennsylvania had no immediate comment.

The men, Daniel Cowart, 20, of Bells, Tenn., and Paul Schlesselman 18, of West Helena, Ark., are being held without bond. Agents seized a rifle, a sawed-off shotgun and three pistols from the men when they were arrested. Authorities alleged the two men were preparing to break into a gun shop to steal more.

Attorney Joe Byrd, who has been hired to represent Cowart, did not immediately return a call seeking comment Monday.

Cowart and Schlesselman are charged with possessing an unregistered firearm, conspiring to steal firearms from a federally licensed gun dealer, and threatening a candidate for president.

The investigation is continuing, and more charges are possible, Cavanaugh said.

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