Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama on 60 Minutes

Obama on 60 minutes part 1

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Obama on 60 minutes part 2

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Obama on 60 minutes part 3

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How can people listen to him, and not want to put this man in Office? Thankfully, so far, the polls show that MOST of us do.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Racism Explored at thaShow 1

An extroidinairy documentary on Racism, erasing the idea that the Indians had it just as bad as blacks, and look at how well they are doing, the truth about our historical struggle with race, enjoy this program and see it again here.

Let us make the efforts to erradicate this disease - to actually put the work in, to realize that Something DID happen and we have not yet fixed it; important! This Can Be Fixed!!

:) ... Good luck to us all.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fear Grips the White Community (Racism)

I was speaking with a white lady yesterday and she said a few things that made me look at this racism issue a slight bit differently. It came to me, that White people are Afraid to challenge the racists in their community.

Kind of like how Black people are Afraid to challenge Gangsters to live better lives, to stop selling drugs, to stop killing one another and endangering others in their communities, White people are also, the victims of Terrorist within. They're known as Skinheads, and the KKK.

New, Nazi's ... right here in America.

Not only do these people despise anyone who's not white, they hate any white person who's not full of hate for non whites, like they are.

Not only that, they harm, injure, and hurt other white people who do not conform to these racist views. So while in my opinion the Biggest Cog that needs to be fixed in the racial problem, is to get white people to stop hating and disliking, disrespecting blacks; White people, (who aren't racist) are quite possibly Too Afraid to do it!

It was a timely conversation, after having listened to David Ike speak on how we have given away our freedom, how we have given away our rights, how we have conformed and allowed Others in our community to Police our behavior, our ideas, and our actions - and I thought, This is It!

This is a great example of exactly what's going on - Racism is silly, stupid, primitive, but ... we have Too many people enforcing it - and THEY Need to be stopped!

... for the sake of us all.

Who's going to have the courage to fight the fights that need to be fought?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

David Ike - 1996 - Turning the Tide

2 hours of pure Knowledge - from David Ike, talking with a group of people 12 years ago; I love how simple this guy makes very Complex issues; and I share this as a thinking device to Understand much of what I speak on here at ThaShow - there is far too much brainwashing, too many conditioned people, who are totally Conformed to what 'society' says they should be.

From racism, to finances, legal issues, our views on these subjects, need to be Changed - before it's too late!

Spread the word - and check this video out again @ this link here.

It's long, so keep track of where you are in case you cant sit through all 2 hours; Just make sure you, eventually, no matter how long it takes you, watch ALL of this video! You will thank me later!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Re-thinking Black

It's time to re-think what it means to be black.

For All Americans, especially Black Americans, and even more especially, White, Latin & Asian Americans. It's time we really re-examine our Ideas about race, and our entire approach to these subjects.


Because we're not truly getting anywhere.

I talk about this often, but racism is rampant on the internet; It's everywhere - all but confirming the theory that racism has simply gone 'underground' - as David Ike puts it, Racism has gone from being Overt, to being Covert - and over the years many black people have expressed their feeling that racism is still around, it's just more 'in the closet' - blacks are not being called Nigger to their face anymore - but still get treated as if that's what they are.

I've posted videos from Elaine Brown, who really did a fantastic job in talking about how things were, then compared them to how things are, to show that not much has changed at all.

Over at ThaClub, I used to say often that racism is still with us today; The only thing that changed were the laws; the ideas were never changed or challenged.

And so, this brings us to today - where 'being black' is often expressed as the Opposite of being white; HBO has a great series on, "The Black List: Volume One" ... looking forward to the other volumes, but in part one a great case is made for the true Diversity of Black People.

It's time for black people to realize, that no matter what you do, you're still black. Even if you listen to rock music, surf, rock climb, go camping every other week, wear sandals, or any of the things that would typically be considered 'white' ... like speaking proper English ... you're still black.

And it's time for Whites to realize, that support of any type of Medium that promotes Only Negative aspects of black 'culture' - that promotes the Lazy, Ignorant, Nigger themes that were created long ago by white people, is a Bad Thing.

The view cannot be, "that's too uptight" - No... truth is, "That's too insensitive" - Black people deserve to be shown the same respect as the Jews. Media often jokes about the Jews having lots of money, running the world, and so on - and often You'll hear people come out saying, "That's racist, anti-semetic ... and so on."

I WISH the media was making those kinds of jokes about black people.

If you're a white person, is it really so hard to understand, that black people do not all belong to gangs, that not all of us speak like we've never read a book, that not all of us have 'bling' in our mouth, that the constant barrage of stereotypes in movies, music, and the media, are in no way uplifting the black community - and might, just might be a reason for the ongoing problems in the black community? That when young kids live in areas where the schools are poor, underfunded, the facilities are old, the teachers are unqualified, that when they look for success it's not in their homes, and instead they see it on TV, as a rapper who talks of glory, from drug sales - that they may be easily influenced by that type of message?

Is it really so hard to understand?

Division, and Separation is not the answer. We need to come together; but in order to do that, we must understand one another.

and now... a lil entertainment :)