Thursday, September 18, 2008

David Ike - 1996 - Turning the Tide

2 hours of pure Knowledge - from David Ike, talking with a group of people 12 years ago; I love how simple this guy makes very Complex issues; and I share this as a thinking device to Understand much of what I speak on here at ThaShow - there is far too much brainwashing, too many conditioned people, who are totally Conformed to what 'society' says they should be.

From racism, to finances, legal issues, our views on these subjects, need to be Changed - before it's too late!

Spread the word - and check this video out again @ this link here.

It's long, so keep track of where you are in case you cant sit through all 2 hours; Just make sure you, eventually, no matter how long it takes you, watch ALL of this video! You will thank me later!

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