Thursday, October 25, 2007

More important than my fears...

I'm really posting this for Me - but you are welcome to listen, and learn from this message from Les Brown.

This great teacher continues, sharing life lessons...

... a mentor of mine, James Dentley, a master teacher who I learned tons from in a former network marketing company, and apparently here is where he got it...

Sending you out right...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Possible

Master teacher Les Brown shares some words of advice.

Fast forward to around the 4 minute mark; sit back, and Enjoy.

More from Les Brown ...

Great teachers can take us so far in life; I got something real great from this woman, Diane Hochman, as she spoke about how Success is Brainwashing. It really is.

I can relate to her story from my 4-5 year experience in Network Marketing.

I took my business seriously; I went to the meetings, every week, even though often it was the same person doing the same presentation, word for word - I had heard it so many times that I could DO the same presentation, word for word - the presentation that was selling the dream, selling the vision, getting people interested enough to sign up, to become a rep, to join the company - to join the journey to success.

Like all things in life we can do anything, learn anything, if only we try - if only we put the effort in, and do it enough times to become good at it.

Keep trying ladies and gents - never, no matter what, never give up!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Everyone Won't make Money with Agloco... here is why.

Is there money to be made through the Agloco Opportunity? YES there is... but the truth is, Not everyone will make Big money - most people will not make much at all.

Why? The reality is, most people just do not have what it takes.

What does it take to make money in Agloco? A Large sphere of influence.

If you are a business owner, and especially if you conduct business online, not only should you be Signed up through Agloco, and using their bar - but you Should have banners and links in multiple locations on your website, encouraging your customers and random site visitors to sign up for Agloco - Owning a business (especially if you are operating it correctly) means that you are constantly marketing to people, new and old - you are constantly sharing your services with them; asking them to refer others - your Sphere of influence is much larger than the person who gets online just to waste time watching videos on YouTube...

And that's most people - Sure, many will sign up and make some money, a lil money - but most will NOT tell other people about it; They're not business people; The idea of trying to 'sell others' on something that will make them money is an uneasy concept.

They'll tell people about movies - good books, or good places to eat - because there is no reward in that - other than that "good feeling" of being the person who made a referral to a good product, service, or place of business.

Too bad we can't pay our bills with our good feelings...

Even though people go through the same actions as 'selling' - most people are more comfortable with Giving things away for free, things which they do not benefit from "financially" - and that fatal flaw will keep them from looking at Agloco with seriousness, it will stop them from using it, signing up, and/or referring other people - Unless the Masses are doing it - Unless they see some celebrities - ... but


A Celebrity has a Sphere of Influence - they are not the average joe. They can get people to do what They are doing, just because they are doing it. This is why a company will Pay a celebrity Big Bucks to endorse their product; They already understand the effect it will have on their bottom line; This is also why companies Pull endorsement deals from celebrities who get into trouble - much for the same reason.

So, will you make money in Agloco?

If you're an average joe, it does not mean you have NO shot whatsoever; Like I stated at the opening the opportunity is there - it really is. If you think about it, this is a FREE opportunity - anyone can join; anyone can make money - it's really that simple. But how much money one makes depends largely on how large their network of referrals is, specifically on how many HOURS they spend using the bar, while online.

More accurately - it depends on how much time They spend online, while the viewbar is Open; Because no one has to USE anything - unless they want to use the search bar for their online searches, which increases Agloco's income - and by default increases what they pay you and me...

... just for having the bar open while we're on the net.

The average joe will quit - So if You are an average joe, you will only make money if you are willing to become More than average; If you're smart enough to treat this like a real, major opportunity - if you go after some people with Large Sphere's of Influence and capitalize on their ability to get folks to follow - to do something just because they are doing it.

You might even want to consider becomming a business person; or becomming someone who Has that large sphere of influence - which can take many years of working hard to build relationships, and a customer base that trusts what you are all about.

Nothing average there ... The Average person won't make Big money in Agloco - because the Average person won't make "big money" in anything. The rules of success, the laws that govern our very existence are constant; They retain their truth - absolutely - across all aspects of life, and vocation.

May this information guide you to your goals - all the way to the top!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

So... what is sales?

Real quick I'll give you my thought on this.

Sales = telling people the facts, and letting them decide to buy, or not.

That's sales....

Stay tuned for the video of my thoughts on this topic.... :) coming soon!


Wondering why my Agloco seemed to stagnate? I'd love to tell you...

The Short story is that for weeks now I've been referring people ... using the WRONG referral ID - can you believe it? I actually was giving them an ID that does not even exist; So I can only hope people did not sign up - Truth is, I know people have - probably lots.

The glitch was up for weeks; Easily 30-50 people could be Direct to Agloco at this point.

I have a new graph to share - it will also be up soon - Since I made the correction a total of 4 people joined my network.... but I need a way to communicate with them. That's one flaw in the Agloco system; they do not allow for someone to contact people in their "downline" ... which would be great; I'd love to duplicate myself through them, sharing what I've done to be in the Top 6.22% with this company.

In fact, if you sign up for my Money Making Newsletter (on the right side of this blog) you can begin recieving tips to follow in my foot steps; Not only through agloco, but through the limitless opportunities that are all around us, every single day.


Brilliant Thoughts

What did I do today? ...

Today I taped the first of many video spots for Agloco - which I will have up on the internet very soon; Then I had some great... brilliant thoughts about sales - what Sales actually is VS. what it's Not - and I cannot wait to share them with you ...

As usual, I am busy again - no time to write... building websites; Thoughts however come and go; nonstop, constantly - and I learned long ago about the importance of writing them down when they come; It's good to have a notepad, a pen and paper handy at all times (a skill I utilized when I was a rapper, back in my high school and early college days) - and a skill that was re-inforced during my time in ACN - Thank God for ACN - I learned so much in that company, and I cannot wait to share these insights with the world...

Look for a new agloco video soon - my thoughts on Why you should join; till then, Sign up - Use the Bar - and Most Importantly, Invite your friends :0

Talk to you soon!