Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Possible

Master teacher Les Brown shares some words of advice.

Fast forward to around the 4 minute mark; sit back, and Enjoy.

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Great teachers can take us so far in life; I got something real great from this woman, Diane Hochman, as she spoke about how Success is Brainwashing. It really is.

I can relate to her story from my 4-5 year experience in Network Marketing.

I took my business seriously; I went to the meetings, every week, even though often it was the same person doing the same presentation, word for word - I had heard it so many times that I could DO the same presentation, word for word - the presentation that was selling the dream, selling the vision, getting people interested enough to sign up, to become a rep, to join the company - to join the journey to success.

Like all things in life we can do anything, learn anything, if only we try - if only we put the effort in, and do it enough times to become good at it.

Keep trying ladies and gents - never, no matter what, never give up!

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