Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sex Offender Laws Unjust? - Miley Cyrus & Justin

Happy New Year!!

Been on vacation from blogging, but I'm back ... with a story that I saw when it first came out, I wanted to write about it, but chose to wait to see what happens.

Miley Cyrus, the 16 year old daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus ... has been dating a 20 year old Underwear Model for a few months now. That's a 4 year difference that basically means, what's going on here is Illegal. Read it here...

But why are there literally no stories online about this? You'll find it in the comment section of stories like this one, but not from the Writers of these stories. It seems to me that we have some Serious Issues with our Sex Offender laws.

Had this been a normal girl, dating a 20 year old, With parental consent, it is Still against the law. The DA can prosecute regardless of what the parents think. And usually, that's what the DA would do. Meaning a normal guy who's dating a girl who's not yet 18, Can be forced to register as a sex offender, for life.

Yet, in this special situation, the daughter of a wealthy celebrity who happens to be a wealthy celebrity as well, is allowed to get away with breaking the law. Specifically, her 20 year old, nobody boyfriend is allowed to break the law. No one wants to bag and tag him, apparently. No DA wants to put him in jail, and force him to register for life as a Sex Offender; Perhaps doing so would draw too much attention to just how Unlawful our Sex Offender laws truly are.

If you have enough money, or in this case, happen to be dating someone with enough money, the sex offender laws don't apply to you. Otherwise, you're lumped in with Rapist, Child molesters and abusers, and awful, dangerous people.

Look at Dateline and it's highly controversial show, To Catch a Predator. Adults posing as 13-14 year old decoys Invite men over to their place after entycing them into steamy, often x-rated conversations - all of it, apparently seemingly consensual- just like Miley consents to date Justin - the Older man, and the Younger 'decoy' agree to do something; And many people in our society call these men, sickos, perverts, many are forced to register as sex offenders - but why is no one calling Justin a sick perv?

Are we that in love with our celebrities that we Turn a blind eye when they do what the rest of us cannot do? Elvis? Jerry Lee Lewis? I would include R. Kelly, but he's black, and is often called a sick perv ... I guess we'll make exceptions for race :)

Which makes me wonder how well received a story like this would be if the Young Wealthy Celebrity were a black girl, dating an Older man.

Of course, the Official Statement is that these two are not dating; that they are 'just friends' - Of course - like she's gonna go on record saying 'yes we're dating, we hook up, have sex, and do everything normal girl FRIENDS and boy FRIENDS do.'

Too bad we don't have a website to post their text messages and emails back and forth to one another. I'm willing to wager money there is all kinds of evidence that more than "just friends" is going on - besides, How often do you hear that with famous people that don't want the media all in their business... ?

I recently saw a Video on .. where Brandy was coming out of the mall with Tyrese Gibson and both of them seemingly tried to play it off for the cameras, that they were not together. Later in that video, after being followed around and harrassed, Tyrese comes over and asks them to stop filming, to leave him alone, mentions he and Brandy are 'just friends', and that he's a private person - basically sounds like he's saying, yes we're dating or having sex, but it's none of your business - and I don't want the world to know.

The point I'm getting at is, we either need to re-evaluate our sex offender laws - or call for the prosecution of Justin, the underwear model for breaking the law. Read More...

We need to be consistent; otherwise if we're gonna make Exceptions, then let's examine the list to see who else is eligible for the same kind of treatment.

That's justice... vs. Just US (which normally only applies to the rich.)