Thursday, August 30, 2007

New posts, are coming..

I've got a follow up on the "women online" article that I'm gonna share soon; More commentary on things that matter coming soon...

... when I get busy, Blog Posts lull... I'm revving up talks to put together a collection of contributors to ensure that thaShow always has content for it's viewers. Till that happens, I do not expect thaShow to really fullfill it's purpose; but When that happens, it will happen.

I have always wanted to make the world better - my world better - your world better; I've always been an 'improvement' kinda guy... so I guess it's natural for me to feel that when I write things, I do so for the purpose of helping You - and often, helping me.

For so many people who blog ... blogging is almost like their release. But when blogging with a purpose, when writing for a higher goal than just to put your thoughts down on "digital" paper... Powerful things can, and often Do happen.

... More of what I'm talking about, to follow very soon.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Fall.... X-Games 13 - Jack Brown goes Down

I saw this happen live - Crazy shit right here.

There are quite a few vids of this so, let's cover it from as many angles as possible. Enjoy the vids - this is some Crazy Shit!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The ugly Truth about women online ...

I have been slacking in my "Chat room" category; but trust me I really do have tons to say on this topic.

I've been chatting for close to 12 years. It's something that started off as a pretty fun idea; but has turned into complete crap. I hate to say it but mostly at fault are the women who use chat rooms.

There are a few ugly, but sad realities about the women who use chat rooms - I'll get on the men in just a second; But when you look at what men do online, vs. what women do online, it's no comparison. Women are worse.

1. Women LIE! - Ok men lie too but, the things men lie about are not even as bad as what women lie about. Women, lie about LOOKS - more often than men, women will use a picture of a girl that is NOT even Them. Often the person in the picture looks NOTHING like them! Now while there may be a few men out there who lie about themselves, what they're packing, what kind of car they drive or even how much money they make, most of the guys you see online are Themselves.

2. Women LIE! - I'm not done - not only do women lie about What they look like, they completely lie about who they are. Often when you meet a girl with a screen name, the more positively it describes her the less likely it is to be true. This is a tragedy!

Girls named sweet, are not - Girls named 'nice' - are not - Girls named 'smart' - are not - Pretty much any adjective you can think of, is almost NEVER true about the woman using the screen name.... and I'll say it again, that is a Tragedy!

3. Women Don't Talk - this is also true for most women online; they have nothing to say. Part of the problem is that guys, being so aggressive as we are, are usually all sending private messages to the ladies in the room. One lady may have 5-7 guys talking to them at once; This is not to mention the 5 guys from their buddy list who are also trying to talk to them - which leads up to problem #4

4. Women are not Intelligent in how they use Chat rooms and buddy Lists. If you don't want to talk to guys, Don't ADD Them - it's that simple really. Most women add guys to their lists, guys they met in chat rooms, and had a good conversation with - Then from that point on they NEVER talk to the guy again. They don't say hello to the guy when he's online - They don't respond to the guy when he says hello - many even Complain about guys who say hello them all the time, who they of course, Never respond to.

It's riddiculous - and it's NOT intelligent.

Then these same women will return to a chat room, meet more guys, add them, and ignore them - what is the point of that? Someone else out there who's more intelligent than I am needs to help me figure that one out.

It makes no sense - and it's just another reason why women have ruined chat rooms.

There used to be a time when rooms were pretty popular. Now they are mostly overun with Bots - Spam Programs created to post links to adult sites, or adult related sites, who randomly spam everyone in the rooms.

There is a myth that people left because of these bots - but the truth is the bots are there because there are no People to fill those spots.

Say a chat room can hold 40-50 people - If a Real person is holding that spot, a Bot cannot get in. It's simple. But since there are no People, there are plenty of open spots for Bots to get into rooms and spam the room and the people in it.

So, why did people leave?

Many got tired of the fights - there were Many (and still are some) fights in the rooms. People fight about everything; Tons of racism, that's the most common fight; You would see tons of white people making every riddiculous racial slur in the book about every race; but getting upset with anyone who said anything true about their race. Those racial fights were always nasty - Next there are the fights over the women - women clowning guys for trying to hook up; claiming guys are mad about things because something is wrong with them...

... all while denying the fact that them lying (false pics, false everything) and/or being a terrible person (doesn't respnd, pay attention, or anything) - has anything to do with it.

It's sad - real sad.

In a way, Chatrooms, much like Jerry Springer, expose just how UGLY America is. Don't get me wrong; for all the rights we have... for all the opportunity that exists, it's better than many places on earth; But truthfully, this land and it's people could be So Much Better - We could be better to each other, and to our Neighbors, and also to the world we all inhabit.

We could be Leaders, taking the world and all of it's people into the stars, into the right direction, into peace and all that jazz...

But instead, we are not.

We are often contributing to the problems of the world; which brings me full circle, to discuss how women have contributed heavily to the problems of Chat Rooms.

What do men do in chat rooms? Look for sex; Ask women if they wanna meet up, to have sex; Some may use different words. Some work faster than others - some get to the point faster than others, others prefer to take their time. Some guys go further, using webcams to expose themselves - Some women like it - most claim they do not.

These same women claim to not like guys trying to meet them either; and often these same women are the FAT liars who treat people like crap ... so it's not like anyone actually wanted to meet them anyways (which might be the source of their dislike...)

Meanwhile the truth of the matter is, guys do that Everywhere they go. Guys look for women to hang out with, and hopefully have sex with at bars, clubs, stores, malls, sporting events, the beach, almost anywhere men go, men search for a woman to be in their lives...

What's really so wrong with that?

When did women become so opposed to showing varying forms of love to others - when did they become opposed to men showing Them love? Sex isn't love? That argument has always baffled me.

Truth is, most people dont even know what love is. Love is supposed to be Unconditional; which means No conditions. Most of us do not Love that way; we do not view love that way, we do not treat love that way. No, most of us put conditions on love.

We say "if you love me then ..."

When real love would say, "do what you want, I still love you... no matter what."

Somehow we've gotten confused; our Ideas are all off in this country today - our views, our perspectives are not lining up with Philosophies of Peace and Love. And at some point I believe we're going to need to examine that, and figure out who Started all of this so that we can know What teachings to end, immediately!

... more to say on this; feel free to leave your thoughts.