Thursday, August 30, 2007

New posts, are coming..

I've got a follow up on the "women online" article that I'm gonna share soon; More commentary on things that matter coming soon...

... when I get busy, Blog Posts lull... I'm revving up talks to put together a collection of contributors to ensure that thaShow always has content for it's viewers. Till that happens, I do not expect thaShow to really fullfill it's purpose; but When that happens, it will happen.

I have always wanted to make the world better - my world better - your world better; I've always been an 'improvement' kinda guy... so I guess it's natural for me to feel that when I write things, I do so for the purpose of helping You - and often, helping me.

For so many people who blog ... blogging is almost like their release. But when blogging with a purpose, when writing for a higher goal than just to put your thoughts down on "digital" paper... Powerful things can, and often Do happen.

... More of what I'm talking about, to follow very soon.

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