Saturday, September 08, 2007

Simple Free way to make Money

Already I've earned 31.9 shares in the company; and I'm really only a few months in. Can't wait to see what happens when things take off and I've built a huge network; Can't wait for those of you who are already In my network to experience the same feeling.

This is really a Simple FREE way to make money; Build it now and the money Will come - If you dont know, just sign up for agloco by clicking here (using my link)

I'll post some updates later today so you can see where I stand; Currently ranked in the Top 7.44% in the company; with almost 32 hours accumulated so far; I'll have 100 shares in no time; How many shares will You have??

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Anonymous said...

just how much money have you approx made so far? Maybe this figure will make me consider joining.

Al King said...

This is always the Wrong reason to get involved with a business opportunity; based on the amount of money someone Else has made.

Some people understand and accept this answer; others do not - Hopefully you'll understand why; if not, hopefully others passing by reading your question, and it's response, will gain some important information to help them avoid making this mistake as well.

A business opportunity is not a job; At a job if Dave is making $14/hour, so will you.

A business opportunity however, is not a Garauntee; It's an Opportunity. That means, there is a chance, a possibility; See, the gold rush was an opportunity; Sure more people came West when they heard about the money others made, but by the time they got there, most of the fortune had been made.

The real winners, were the people who went west, when they Heard there was a Possibility to make money.

If you've been reading our blog here, you know by now that Agloco all but officially called it quits; This was partially due to a poor business plan, which did not take into account how fickle the general public is; This prevalent mindset hat "I'll do it if you're making money at it" means... people are waiting to sign up.

They had a plan for quick money, instead of Slow Money.

Quick Money plans always fail, unless that plan includes working 15 hour shifts for 5 days a week; You can make tons of money that way... but at what cost?

Join my newsletter as I'll dive deeper into these sorts of subjects, to help people like you understand what it means to have vision, to educate yourself about an opportunity, to find out how much money is being made, or can be made, so that you can decide whether to get involved, based on the Possibility of making money, rather than the Garauntee of it.