Friday, July 24, 2009

Fantasy Fall Out 2....

Just wanted to let you know that K paid up. So now, we're talking about $80 ...not $100

There have been some interesting revelations though. Things happening behind the scenes I was not aware of; Casting an interesting light on ... these people.

I won't name any names here... but apparently a dude we've all known, started seeing Jennifer Loftin, after one of my boys stopped seeing her.

That's Shady ...

What kind of 'friend' starts Dating a friends ex girl??

You can't find any other women in the world?? I understand that sometimes alcohol clouds judgement, and perhaps they hooked up on a drunken night; but to Keep doing it after that?? .... wtf?

Anyways, this new information cast light on the comments made on my original post. Clearly, I was way off in my guesses, and assumptions, of "who" was behind those comments. The NEW information sheds light on exactly who that is.

Dude has been this way all his life; a two faced, back stabbing, kiss ass. Frankly, I've never liked the guy.

He finds out who's in charge, and kisses their ass real good; Washes their balls ya know... makes them feel like King of the Hill; He would do this with our Basketball Coaches; Like a "teachers pet" ... then, he'd start shit with players on the team, and if any of those players lashed out at him, the Coach... who's balls have been washed thoroughly, would swoop in to save him; save the day... He'd do this with "star players" on the team as well; so that when disputes would arise, naturally, they would take his side; due to all the ass kissing and ball washing.

Dude has been this way his entire life; A Spoiled brat; with uncles playing professional sports, making millions of dollars; he'd get lots of nice things given to him, then would walk around like HE was responsible for it.... never did like the guy.

And due to how I am, a no-nonsense kind of person, very nice and respectful towards nice and respectful people ... but, rub me wrong and I'll be sure you never forget how wrong I'm gonna rub you... which of course is part of what you've seen here.

People who wrong others, don't like to be called out for it.

It's something I've noticed over the years.

In this situation, there are 4 people who owe me money, they are all wrong, and they're now upset, that I've called them out about it; So.. what's a guy to do to make things right?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fantasy League Fall out - Race, Law, Politics

Ok, so here's a quick run down of the events.

Ran a fantasy league last year, for basketball, with 12 teams/GM's, for $20 per player - the winner took all; A total of $240.

After 22 weeks; there was a Playoff; The top 8 teams made the playoff, the bottom 4 went to the "losers bracket" - After the first week of the playoffs; 4 teams remained in the winners bracket; 4 more teams went to the losers bracket for a total of 8 teams in the losers bracket.

Now, in the losers bracket, you had The "winners" of the losers round 1 vs. the Losers of the winners round 1 - In other words; the teams from the winners bracket who Lost; Played the teams from the Losers bracket who won.

Mind you, all the games going on in this losers bracket were for No prize, no money, No anything... but for example purposes, there was a top 4, in the losers bracket and a bottom 4 in the losers bracket.

Meanwhile in the Winners bracket ... it was Thursday; Games were somewhat interesting; In My match up however I was Far behind and most likely was about to lose. In the other Match up it was somewhat close; So, I Released the players from the Bottom 4 teams in the Losers bracket, in order to make the Semi-Final weekend And Championship Round even, and fair... for the 4 Winner bracket teams that were still Playing for the $240 prize.

BUT - One of those loser GM's got upset with me; accused me of Cheating - and it's been all downhill from there.

The guys name, is Mandy - he's a Friend of Jennifer Loftin, who was matched up against a friend of mine; Her Other friend, Mike Yoss was playing against me. They had one more friend, Albert Landi, who was also in the losers bracket, and another guy who I've known since High School, who's got a reputation for being a shady character, We'll call him "Shady K" (who's black) - and all 5 of them are 'siding together' - refusing to pay their $20 - a total of $100

So - enter Race.

The 4 people mentioned above are white. Shady K ... a brotha, who often sides with 'white views' -- and that is where the biggest issue is; It's a shame, but a black man in America cannot take on 4 white people with phone calls, and conversations; because when the conversation gets 'heated' - white people start thinking about the Angry Black Man idealogy that was passed onto them; and they get scared, and take legal action; which often benefits them; and negatively impacts the black man.

I know there are white people reading this who feel, that I should not 'feel' this way; and my response to those white people is, You're not being realistic. These are one of the many after-effects of racism and segregation in America for over 400 years; the way of life is still with us; the lack of justice for blacks is real.

It began with text messages from the white girl, a blonde, blue eyed woman (America's favorite) - calling me a cheater. When I backed her into a corner, asking her to explain what prize Mandy was playing for... or whether or not I was the ONLY GM who could sign the newly released players; She had nothing for me; So, rather than admit that she was wrong, she called me "ignorant" and decided it was the end of the conversation.

Now, my problem with this is ... The word Nigger = Ignorant; and often when a white person calls a black person Ignorant; What they really mean is "Nigger".

There is a lack of respect amongst many white people, for intelligent blacks. If a black man makes a point that is better than theirs, they simply call that black person Ignorant. It's an insult to their intelligence... and that's how I took it, because that's what it was.

She wouldn't take my call, of course, so I left her a piece of my mind on her voicemail. Now, of course, in addition to calling me ignorant, she has convinced her white friends that I'm also Crazy too.

This is a side-effect of our Sex-laws in America which have gone wrong; Women feel everything they do is right; so when a man disagree's; if a man gets upset at how he's being treated and voices it; He's called 'crazy, psycho, insane' and so on.

In my opinion, all of this falls in the area of "Slander" - but again the problem is if I pursue it further; she can call the cops on me, and because I'm black and a man, I Go to jail without question.

I'm considering small claims court; to get my $100 back; and I'm also considering asking them to cover the costs of going to court; as well as see what kinds of damages I can add on for Slander;

Do you think I have a case?

America Needs to Grow up about Sex pt. 2

More "sex" news came out last week; on a sad note, to coincide with the passing, due to murder, of Steve "Air" McNair.

What seems to have been happening is, Steve was cheating on his wife. Oh no! Another Pro Athlete cheating?? As I said last time folks, Expect it to happen. Because these men are in a 'different position' in society.

More Opportunity for a guy, means more likely he's going to waiver; Because all men realize that if they weren't rich, if they weren't famous, if they weren't who they were, she wouldn't be offering him any "loving" ...

That's how it works in our society and it's time we Grow up and get real about sex in our society; It's always in the woman's ballcourt. It's easier for women to get laid, than it is for men to get laid. So, the likelyhood of a rich, famous man cheating is very high.

So long as sex works this way... these kinds of stories will be common place; and no one should be surprised.

Sucks that it came out this way though ... that isn't the best way for your wife to find out that you were cheating on her; And apparently, he was also cheating on the crazy girlfriend - which, reports say, is part of the reason for her meltdown, and horrible decision to end Steve's life, and then her own. ... as far as we know.

Which brings me back to this 20 year old woman, and my point about women especially, needing to grow up about Sex. She was surprised that He had a girl on the side?? ... Wasn't SHE the girl on the side? If a guy or girl has a guy or girl on the side, chances are, you, they, are not the Only one, on the side.

I learned a long time ago; that if a woman will cheat on her man to be with me, she'll cheat on me too. Same goes for a man, that will cheat on his woman, to be with another woman; He's not gonna be faithful to her either... And that's just how it goes.

So the idea that this woman was 'shocked' that Steve had another woman on the side, bothers me to no end; It's more evidence that our women have been lied to, mislead, and are walking around our planet with a false view of reality, when it comes to sex.

The So Called, Double Standard of Sex is a myth; Men and Women are not 'equal' when it comes to 'sex opportunities' - therefore the Standard by which we are judged is also, not going to be equal either.

As a society, we either need to change our Views of sex; or explain to women in better detail why the current 'standard' or age-old stanard exists. We either need to educate women better, about how much easier it is for them to get sex vs. men ... so they can understand the Difference; OR we need to stop calling women sluts for having lots of sex with men; while redefining marriage, relationships, and our overall view of sex alltogether.

Something needs to change - namely Us.