Monday, July 13, 2009

Fantasy League Fall out - Race, Law, Politics

Ok, so here's a quick run down of the events.

Ran a fantasy league last year, for basketball, with 12 teams/GM's, for $20 per player - the winner took all; A total of $240.

After 22 weeks; there was a Playoff; The top 8 teams made the playoff, the bottom 4 went to the "losers bracket" - After the first week of the playoffs; 4 teams remained in the winners bracket; 4 more teams went to the losers bracket for a total of 8 teams in the losers bracket.

Now, in the losers bracket, you had The "winners" of the losers round 1 vs. the Losers of the winners round 1 - In other words; the teams from the winners bracket who Lost; Played the teams from the Losers bracket who won.

Mind you, all the games going on in this losers bracket were for No prize, no money, No anything... but for example purposes, there was a top 4, in the losers bracket and a bottom 4 in the losers bracket.

Meanwhile in the Winners bracket ... it was Thursday; Games were somewhat interesting; In My match up however I was Far behind and most likely was about to lose. In the other Match up it was somewhat close; So, I Released the players from the Bottom 4 teams in the Losers bracket, in order to make the Semi-Final weekend And Championship Round even, and fair... for the 4 Winner bracket teams that were still Playing for the $240 prize.

BUT - One of those loser GM's got upset with me; accused me of Cheating - and it's been all downhill from there.

The guys name, is Mandy - he's a Friend of Jennifer Loftin, who was matched up against a friend of mine; Her Other friend, Mike Yoss was playing against me. They had one more friend, Albert Landi, who was also in the losers bracket, and another guy who I've known since High School, who's got a reputation for being a shady character, We'll call him "Shady K" (who's black) - and all 5 of them are 'siding together' - refusing to pay their $20 - a total of $100

So - enter Race.

The 4 people mentioned above are white. Shady K ... a brotha, who often sides with 'white views' -- and that is where the biggest issue is; It's a shame, but a black man in America cannot take on 4 white people with phone calls, and conversations; because when the conversation gets 'heated' - white people start thinking about the Angry Black Man idealogy that was passed onto them; and they get scared, and take legal action; which often benefits them; and negatively impacts the black man.

I know there are white people reading this who feel, that I should not 'feel' this way; and my response to those white people is, You're not being realistic. These are one of the many after-effects of racism and segregation in America for over 400 years; the way of life is still with us; the lack of justice for blacks is real.

It began with text messages from the white girl, a blonde, blue eyed woman (America's favorite) - calling me a cheater. When I backed her into a corner, asking her to explain what prize Mandy was playing for... or whether or not I was the ONLY GM who could sign the newly released players; She had nothing for me; So, rather than admit that she was wrong, she called me "ignorant" and decided it was the end of the conversation.

Now, my problem with this is ... The word Nigger = Ignorant; and often when a white person calls a black person Ignorant; What they really mean is "Nigger".

There is a lack of respect amongst many white people, for intelligent blacks. If a black man makes a point that is better than theirs, they simply call that black person Ignorant. It's an insult to their intelligence... and that's how I took it, because that's what it was.

She wouldn't take my call, of course, so I left her a piece of my mind on her voicemail. Now, of course, in addition to calling me ignorant, she has convinced her white friends that I'm also Crazy too.

This is a side-effect of our Sex-laws in America which have gone wrong; Women feel everything they do is right; so when a man disagree's; if a man gets upset at how he's being treated and voices it; He's called 'crazy, psycho, insane' and so on.

In my opinion, all of this falls in the area of "Slander" - but again the problem is if I pursue it further; she can call the cops on me, and because I'm black and a man, I Go to jail without question.

I'm considering small claims court; to get my $100 back; and I'm also considering asking them to cover the costs of going to court; as well as see what kinds of damages I can add on for Slander;

Do you think I have a case?


Anonymous said...

What a joke, get a life, why would you post something of this nature. Someone sounds VERY bitter (bitter party of 1 please). Ignorance plays a HUGE role here in the authors words. Shady K ("who sides with white views", what consists of siding with white views??) Very rudementary comments are expected from children. What do they call you (think hard what people REALLY call you from your past televison history, either CNN or CNBC, hint, hint..., not a good look there). Get active on a career homie and stay off the blogs, no one is feeling you loco!

Anonymous said...

Small Claims court for $100, get a job!!! Saying ignorant to a black person does not qualify as calkling them a Nigger, stop living a small time lifestyle and understand that you as a black man I suggest need to worry about getting a job and not the fantasy league that you are still talking about, the regular season ended about 2 1/2 months ago, one word for you, CLASSIFIED's!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me that they may have a case against u for libel, which is the term for written defamation, which is what you are doing. You are tarnishing peoples names based on hearsay.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No you don't have a case you ignorant psycho! They can sue you for libel since your dumb ass published this.

Al King said...

well hello "Anonymous" commenters. Not a big mystery who you folks are... and more than likely it's all the same person.

But, that is the kind of people that I'm dealing with here. People who do others wrong, then get upset when they are called out about it.

This is not defamation, or hearsay. All of this is Documented; it's still on the boards in our Fantasy League ran by ESPN which archives Everything.

You'll see Polls where people Voted to pay $20 instead of $10 - and you'll see the Flying Insults and false accusations made by this party of immoral people when I cleaned out the BOTTOM 4 teams; who were in the Consolation's, Consolation round....

But, because of how these people are, they will not own up to what they did. Someone posted a link about my Character; Yea... I owned up to it too.

I don't see you folks owning up to your $20 that you owe ...

Truth is, it's not even about the money. It's the principle of respect that has been violated here on so many levels.

Because I cannot call and talk with these people like Adults, a blog post was written so the world would know the truth of what happened.

One of them paid me AFTER I posted this. It's a shame that is what it Took. And yet, I am not sure if he gets it yet; I'm positive the rest of them don't.

And so... these "anonymous" comments carry no Merrit; These are clearly FROM the people named in the blog entry... people who were put on Blast for NOT doing the right thing - people who apparently have a Habbit of Not doing the Right thing - which is what you see them doing here, now.

Hiding their name; Making comments that Actually ARE defamatory ... so, we'll see how this all turns out.

Hopefully, Justice will prevail, so that people LIKE this, do not harm others in our society; with wrongdoing, disrespect, Undue name calling & insults...

Hopefully the 'right' thing will be done.

Al King said...

It has not taken me very long to figure out who is behind the "anonymous" remarks. So we'll keep that to ourselves for now.

Wanted to deal with the claim made, that I can be sued for Libel.

Here is the Definition of that word...

2 entries found.

1. 1libel (noun)
2. 2libel (verb)

Main Entry:
1li·bel Listen to the pronunciation of 1libel
Middle English, written declaration, from Anglo-French, from Latin libellus, diminutive of liber book
14th century

1 a: a written statement in which a plaintiff in certain courts sets forth the cause of action or the relief sought barchaic : a handbill especially attacking or defaming someone2 a: a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression b (1): a statement or representation published without just cause and tending to expose another to public contempt
(2): defamation of a person by written or representational means (3): the publication of blasphemous, treasonable, seditious, or obscene writings or pictures (4): the act, tort, or crime of publishing such a libel


So, my first question is, huh?

I didn't have Just Cause to post this? You guys owe me $80 (now that one of you has paid up...)

You're refusing to pay it. You're refusing based on insufficient reasons; that have nothing to do with whether or not you got your $20 worth ... and you're being (have been) Very disrespectful about it all.

I think, that's Just cause, to tell the world what's happened to me; afterall I am the true victim here - This is my Blog... or Web Log ... which is like an Online Journal; These are my thoughts, Im allowed to share them here...

And since none of what I'm sharing is Untrue, how does this person talk him/herself into believing that I'm actually in the wrong, for sharing the violation of respect that Happened To me....

And, as you can see from reading the comments; Some of which had to be removed, but were Saved for later; these people are Continuing to attack, and disrespect me.

So you mean to tell me, that I cannot bring up What happened to me, without these people trying to Bring up a Case that is not Relevant to Whether or not They gave me my $20 - is that like blackmail?

Some form of Extortion?

Trying to get me not to tell the world about you; and you'll cut me a deal and not say anything about me ... ;)

As if what you have to say about me is True or Relevant or Real ... when it's not.

Your opinion, anonymous person, tho we both know who you are :) - is hearsay; You don't know me; But you took the word of the Un-named black person who Gave you His opinion of me; Right?

Nevermind that he's got grudges that go back to high school, or bias reasons to tell you things about me that may not be true as an effort to make himself look better in your eyes.

And... you ate it up. Especially when your players were taken off of your team. That really gave you a reason to go off the deep end. Now you could justify disliking me; afterall, look at my past. Right?

Because you know me so well. Because you know what really happened ... because our media would never lie to us, about anything... not ufo's, 9/11 conspiracies, or jfk; They would never "spin" stories to get advertising dollars; whatever they report is the unbias truth; Right?

All I ask is, if you're gonna come to my blog, and talk this way about me, at least have the courage to share your real name.

You know, be a Man about it.