Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines

I'm a web designer and often people come to me who have no idea how much a website costs. Often, when I tell them my prices I am met with gasps... and sounds of disappointment; It would seem that most people expect to get a website for Less than $500 - not that it's their fault - sometimes even us Web Designers don't know what we 'should' charge for the work that we do.

Enter in, The Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines, published by the Graphic Arts Guild; Pick up a copy of it here - if you're a business owner who wants their own website, pick it up and find out just how much your idea 'should' cost you - and this will equip you with the Right information to ensure you don't get screwed.

If you're a web designer or graphic artist; you too can arm yourself with information to ensure your Customers don't try to screw you - and also, to make sure you're not Screwing your customers!

The key, to making sure that you dont get a fast one pulled on you, in anything, is education; make sure you always arm your self with what you need to know, before you make decisions about things you plan to do - and it'll benefit you in so many ways throughout your life.

Pick up the book right here in our Amazon Store - thanks for your attention on this topic;

Monday, July 21, 2008

White people ought to be Shamed...

So, before I get into my commentary on this... I want you to read the thoughts of Danny J. Bakewell, Jr.... the President & Executive Editor for the Los Angeles Sentinel;

Offensive, Disgusting, Cruel, and Absolutely UN-American!
Written by Danny Bakewell Jr., (President & Executive Editor), on 07-17-2008 00:00
Favoured 4

From the moment Barack Obama became the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, I have been saying that this election is going to be a true test of America’s progressiveness. Well, my friends the test has truly begun.

Over the past few weeks we have seen new lows in American Politics. We have seen our own friends and family thinking they were off the mic (At Fox News of all places, you should definitely know they mean none of us any good) and make truly offensive statements that outraged us all, and caused a son to have to denounce his own father’s comments.

But now this New Yorker thing has set the world on fire. I understand and can appreciate good satire as well as anyone, but folks this was not satire this was RACISM. Not direct racism, not overt racism, but the kind of racism that plays on every unsettling fear White Americans have lodged somewhere in the back of their brains. Post 9/11, when was the last time you have seen anyone, let alone a sitting US Senator depicted as a terrorist with a picture of Osama Bin Laden hanging over the fire place. I understand portraying George Bush as an idiot (some might agree), and I have seen Bill Clinton portrayed as a womanizer/pimp but this is so far beyond satire. This is just offensive, disgusting and cruel and absolutely UN-American. On top of the ridiculous way they portrayed Senator Obama, the New Yorker has the audacity to portray a beautiful and intelligent woman like Michelle Obama (a lawyer, a loving wife and mother) as a gun toting momma, adding insult to injury.

Well friends, I hate to think it, but I have a feeling we have only just begun to see how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.

I think we are going to have to work harder, work smarter and brace ourselves for an onslaught of attacks on Senator Obama like we have never seen before and certainly like no other sitting senator, and presidential nominee has ever experienced. But, that is just US, we have always had to run faster, jump higher, be smarter and work harder. But, lets not let Senator Obama go it alone. We must run this race with him, we must work and work for a president like we have never worked before.

Also, it is our job to stand up and defend the senator and his family from these vicious attacks that do nothing but work to weaken the political strength and power of (hopefully) our next president.

By the way, I just returned from the NAACP National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio this morning. It was absolutely fabulous! Senator Obama’s speech was incredible and it was wonderful to just be around all of these positive Black people standing up, being counted and ready to work. Also, NAACP President Elect Ben T. Jealous was excellent. Get ready. I am confident, Ben is about to take the NAACP to new heights bridging the gap of old school organizing with some new school ideas and flavor. So, as Ben said in his speech lets all get “fired up and wret to go”.

So, whether you agree or disagree, now more than ever I really need your input. I need to hear from you. I need to know what is going on in our community. I also need to know what other stories we need to tell, and what is on your mind. I really do want to hear from you, I want you to “Talk to Danny.”

Danny J. Bakewell, Jr.
President & Executive Editor

I left a comment ... it may or may not get removed; So I want to make sure it gets read, at least by you all here:

Posted by Al, on 07-21-2008 11:17,
Well said; I'm going to quote this editorial in my blog, thashowonline.com - and spread this message; I was outraged myself and in many of my phone conversations with friends, I let them know basically the same things you're saying; This cover was blatant Racism; That is NOT sarcasm, or satire; There is nothing funny about depicting Barrack as a Muslim, and trying to spin it as, "this cover represents how absurd people's thoughts about barrack are" - It does ... indeed - it shows just how Absurd "white people" are in their thoughts about Barrack; What this cover does NOT DO, is point out that it's ABSURD!!!! (not sure if that makes sense but hope it does)

In other words; it's not truly making FUN of those who feel that barrack is a muslim terrorist. It ONLY makes fun of Barrack and Michelle Obama; True satire, would be to depict White people with "dunce" caps on, and perhaps a "Thought Cloud" with Barrack and Michelle depicted this way; THEN, I'd take it as Sarcasm, and Satire - THEN I'd see it as an artist, making Fun of white people and others who have Absurd Thoughts; however, that isn't what This artist Drew; and it's sad that it seems they're gonna get away with it.

and now... for my Commentary;

Yet again, racism rears it's Ugly disgusting head; and once again, it's aimed at black people; I get SO Tired of white people who believe in "reverse racism" - Newsflash; Until RACISM goes away, do not expect black people to openly embrace you - get real about it please; Until white people (in mass) get as upset, or more upset about racism From White people... this country will NEVER HEAL!

I've said it, have been saying it, and will continue saying, that Racism can only be cleaned up, by White People.

I admire all of the black people in the news, Bill Cosby, even Barrack Obama, and many others, who put the responsibility on black people to improve their lives; I agree - and you know what else? That is a SEPERATE ISSUE.

Racism, is racism; Improving your life in a country where the majority is against you; overcoming the obstacles Of racism; is a SEPERATE ISSUE.

Let me explain.

America has always been racist; and yet, black people have found ways to Thrive; Most struggle... but some make it out; However, regardless of how poor, or how successful a black man or woman is in the U.S.A. ... racist white people still call them, Niggers.

And that's where the problem is;

The fact that it doesn't matter how much accomplishing black people do; it doesn't Change how White people view blacks; In other words ... Black People can NOT end Racism.

If every black person turned their lives around and found a way, somehow, to become rich and well educated; White people would still call black people Niggers; They would find a way to take all the credit; They would say, "they only did it b/c of affirmative action and keeping me from getting a job ... reverse racism"

So, black people are powerless to STOP Racism.

Afterall, black people are some of the most open minded, and open armed people in this nation; You'll always find a black person in an 'all white, all latin, or all asian' club; And black people are the Minority;

Some would argue it's because black people hate being black and envy other races - I disagree; I think that in spite of all the hate thrown our way, black people can still appreciate the beauty in other races; Appearance wise at least.

I've spoken in great detail about racism Online...

YouTube is FULL of racist comments on videos that deal with race; They do not respect the perspective of any black person, unless that perspective includes, hatred for black people; So how can a black person ever talk to a racist white person about their racism?? The mere idea is foolishness.

White people must take up the mantle; and fight "the good fight".

Far too many whites feel that "it's not worth it, it won't do any good" ... but you know what I think? I don't think they even Care!

Too many white people have benefited from racism to put an end to it now; Too many white people have jobs they don't deserve, or got promoted over a more qualified black person; but they're not about to admit that; they'll lie to anyone even themselves to hold onto that bigger paycheck;

What... You forgot about Mike Brown and Katrina? Here's a guy who got a BIG time job, JUST because he's good friends with The Pres... IF that ain't racism, I don't know what is. If that's not benefiting from being white; I don't know what is. Then of course comes the "what about Condolezza, and Colin Powell?"

What about them?

Are they using their positions to fight for an end to racism? Are they challenging their white counterparts to put an end to these racist ideas, policies, and practices? Or, are they more like the "good house negroes" doing the massa's bidding, happy to be in the house, instead of out on the field?

I guess white people don't know what a "token negro" is.

Since, they always point to these token negro's as evidence that they're Not racist; Knowing damn well if those Negro's were speaking out and speaking up about racism in America, they would no longer have their jobs.

Giving a black person a job, but restricting them from speaking the truth - is the same as giving a job to a white person; Neither will challenge the system; Neither will ask white people to be better; to change their ideas and views of blacks - neither will challenge the system to put REAL Help into the communities, better schools, better teachers, better facilities ... Neither will challenge the system to provide more jobs, and training for jobs in the hood - both will remain Silent on issues that matter...

... Like how healthy it is, to depict the Next President and the First Lady, as a Terrorist and a Black Panther; So I guess, slowly, White people are gearing up to turn the hate from Arab muslims... to black people - slowly the propaganda machine is going to attempt to get White people to Overtly Hate blacks again, to come out of the closet again, with their "No Niggers here" signs, and their "keep America White" signs... If you ask me, that's what this Cover says to me.

What's next? A depiction of a Lazy Negro ... Barrack laying under a Tree with a freshly finished off Watermelon and a bucket of KFC next to his Wife; both lazily laying around without a care in the world... with I don't know... the worlds problems in the background - War, rising Prices, lack of jobs... U know, ... The spin will be, 'it's so absurd how white people view blacks...'

Isn't it though?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Women and Men ... and ... Sex. (feauturing the Young Turks)

I ran into a 'random' video about The break up of Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman ( i didn't even know they were dating ...) - and the conversation is just so in tune with the kinds of things I always say... listen to it, it's worth it.


just in case the video ever shuts down ... click here

Monday, July 14, 2008

If Women ran the World? ... what do ya mean If?

Saw a 'joke' this morning while clearing out an email address, about "If Women ran the World"... and you know what? That IS pretty funny.

Im really not sure where women got the idea from, that they Don't already run the world; Right as I wonder that it dawns on me, that we were Told this from the time we were young; We were shown that women did not have the right to vote, and used to work at home, and all of that was Linked to the belief that women don't run the world.

Lost in all of this was the "other side of the coin" - The Other view; not that women were Not allowed to vote; but that women had no Interest in Voting, Politics, and so on. Not that women were Not allowed to work; but that women at one time, preferred to be at home with the kids, providing a stabilizing cornerstone for the Family.

Now, in 2008, Women have 'rights' ... Women are 'free' ... They can do whatever they want! ... Simultaneously, The Family has fallen apart. At least that's what I'm told. Divorce rates are higher than ever, more and more kids are growing up in broken homes, with either one parent, or two parents that hate each other... can we blame this shift, on the 'freedom' and 'liberation' of women?

Ok I can't hide how I feel - This whole thing is a Farce.

Women always have, always will, and especially right now, RUN the world.

Women say jump; and its us men who say How High. If we don't, we don't get the woman; Comedian Dave Chappelle points it out best in his HBO Standup, when he talks of all the things men do, ... For women. From buying houses, to cars, it's not for us - it's to impress the women; "If men could @%$& a woman in a cardboard box... he wouldn't buy a house."

And yet, in spite of all the evidence, and all of the facts, which support this theory, that Everything men do, men do For women ... Women tend to believe they are powerless victims of controlling men; who will not allow them to Run the world.

It's amazing that this 'game' was so well thought out, that it's been able to fool so many people, on so many topic & aspects of society.

I was watching The Matrix Reloaded the other night, and that brilliant line from Neo sticks out at me - when confronted with the truth by The Architect (Colonel Sanders) - that the Whole "the one prophecy" thing, where The one comes along and ends the War with the Machines, was all just another system of Control - keeping things how they were - He learned the truth is, The machines Destroy Zion all the time, and He helps Reload the Matrix, by Free'ing 23 people to help re-build, and re-populate Zion.. and in another 100 years or so, they do it all again.

Well, Neo, in shock from hearing all of this - says ... "There are only two possibilities, either no one told me or no one knows."

All of us, only know what others have told us. Really, none of us knows anything that wasn't told To us by Someone else; A teacher, a parent, a pastor, a doctor, the news people, an Author of a book, a coach, ect... Not one of us knows anything, unless someone ELSE told it to us.

We can now look at our beliefs, our ideas, and come to an understanding, that we got them all, every last one of them, from Someone, or Something; Perhaps we experienced for our selves, that something we believed in, just was not true - Like, Santa Clause, or the Tooth Fairy - sure we were once told they were real, but as we lived we came to discover that they were NOT real at all.

Why? Because someone told us... eventually - that both the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause, were our ... Mom and Dad.

Some of our ideas and beliefs, are never confronted as we live - Many of the ideas and beliefs we are given as kids are re-inforced as we grow older - such as this idea, that Men run the world.

Says who?

What is that based on? Is it Positions of Leadership?? ... if so, can't that all be explained? Im sure it's not the same for Every Leader but ... here in America, the People decide who leads them; So, if The People are voting for a man, over a woman, that isn't the man's fault - There are more women in America than there are men - So, apparently, Women "want" a man in charge.

That doesn't sit well with Feminist, Lesbians, and Man Haters, but .. it's the truth, I promise you. Fortune Magazine did a great article on Women in Leadership positions, covering all of the Top names at the time - and what they found was a bit surprising for some to read - That Most women do NOT want to be the CEO; Most women would much rather spend more time with their kids, and grand kids, than spend all of their time Running a company.

Leadership, is not about the Position.

According to John C. Maxwell, Leadership is Influence - Nothing more, nothing less.

The person with the ability to Influence others, IS the leader. A person who can Influence Many, will Lead many. Think about this now: In a relationship between men and women, who's got the most influence? Who's got the most ability to persaude the other, to do something that They want done? .. The man? ... or The woman?

If women ran the world... WOW ... how funny is that when you really think about it?