Monday, July 14, 2008

If Women ran the World? ... what do ya mean If?

Saw a 'joke' this morning while clearing out an email address, about "If Women ran the World"... and you know what? That IS pretty funny.

Im really not sure where women got the idea from, that they Don't already run the world; Right as I wonder that it dawns on me, that we were Told this from the time we were young; We were shown that women did not have the right to vote, and used to work at home, and all of that was Linked to the belief that women don't run the world.

Lost in all of this was the "other side of the coin" - The Other view; not that women were Not allowed to vote; but that women had no Interest in Voting, Politics, and so on. Not that women were Not allowed to work; but that women at one time, preferred to be at home with the kids, providing a stabilizing cornerstone for the Family.

Now, in 2008, Women have 'rights' ... Women are 'free' ... They can do whatever they want! ... Simultaneously, The Family has fallen apart. At least that's what I'm told. Divorce rates are higher than ever, more and more kids are growing up in broken homes, with either one parent, or two parents that hate each other... can we blame this shift, on the 'freedom' and 'liberation' of women?

Ok I can't hide how I feel - This whole thing is a Farce.

Women always have, always will, and especially right now, RUN the world.

Women say jump; and its us men who say How High. If we don't, we don't get the woman; Comedian Dave Chappelle points it out best in his HBO Standup, when he talks of all the things men do, ... For women. From buying houses, to cars, it's not for us - it's to impress the women; "If men could @%$& a woman in a cardboard box... he wouldn't buy a house."

And yet, in spite of all the evidence, and all of the facts, which support this theory, that Everything men do, men do For women ... Women tend to believe they are powerless victims of controlling men; who will not allow them to Run the world.

It's amazing that this 'game' was so well thought out, that it's been able to fool so many people, on so many topic & aspects of society.

I was watching The Matrix Reloaded the other night, and that brilliant line from Neo sticks out at me - when confronted with the truth by The Architect (Colonel Sanders) - that the Whole "the one prophecy" thing, where The one comes along and ends the War with the Machines, was all just another system of Control - keeping things how they were - He learned the truth is, The machines Destroy Zion all the time, and He helps Reload the Matrix, by Free'ing 23 people to help re-build, and re-populate Zion.. and in another 100 years or so, they do it all again.

Well, Neo, in shock from hearing all of this - says ... "There are only two possibilities, either no one told me or no one knows."

All of us, only know what others have told us. Really, none of us knows anything that wasn't told To us by Someone else; A teacher, a parent, a pastor, a doctor, the news people, an Author of a book, a coach, ect... Not one of us knows anything, unless someone ELSE told it to us.

We can now look at our beliefs, our ideas, and come to an understanding, that we got them all, every last one of them, from Someone, or Something; Perhaps we experienced for our selves, that something we believed in, just was not true - Like, Santa Clause, or the Tooth Fairy - sure we were once told they were real, but as we lived we came to discover that they were NOT real at all.

Why? Because someone told us... eventually - that both the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause, were our ... Mom and Dad.

Some of our ideas and beliefs, are never confronted as we live - Many of the ideas and beliefs we are given as kids are re-inforced as we grow older - such as this idea, that Men run the world.

Says who?

What is that based on? Is it Positions of Leadership?? ... if so, can't that all be explained? Im sure it's not the same for Every Leader but ... here in America, the People decide who leads them; So, if The People are voting for a man, over a woman, that isn't the man's fault - There are more women in America than there are men - So, apparently, Women "want" a man in charge.

That doesn't sit well with Feminist, Lesbians, and Man Haters, but .. it's the truth, I promise you. Fortune Magazine did a great article on Women in Leadership positions, covering all of the Top names at the time - and what they found was a bit surprising for some to read - That Most women do NOT want to be the CEO; Most women would much rather spend more time with their kids, and grand kids, than spend all of their time Running a company.

Leadership, is not about the Position.

According to John C. Maxwell, Leadership is Influence - Nothing more, nothing less.

The person with the ability to Influence others, IS the leader. A person who can Influence Many, will Lead many. Think about this now: In a relationship between men and women, who's got the most influence? Who's got the most ability to persaude the other, to do something that They want done? .. The man? ... or The woman?

If women ran the world... WOW ... how funny is that when you really think about it?

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