Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines

I'm a web designer and often people come to me who have no idea how much a website costs. Often, when I tell them my prices I am met with gasps... and sounds of disappointment; It would seem that most people expect to get a website for Less than $500 - not that it's their fault - sometimes even us Web Designers don't know what we 'should' charge for the work that we do.

Enter in, The Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines, published by the Graphic Arts Guild; Pick up a copy of it here - if you're a business owner who wants their own website, pick it up and find out just how much your idea 'should' cost you - and this will equip you with the Right information to ensure you don't get screwed.

If you're a web designer or graphic artist; you too can arm yourself with information to ensure your Customers don't try to screw you - and also, to make sure you're not Screwing your customers!

The key, to making sure that you dont get a fast one pulled on you, in anything, is education; make sure you always arm your self with what you need to know, before you make decisions about things you plan to do - and it'll benefit you in so many ways throughout your life.

Pick up the book right here in our Amazon Store - thanks for your attention on this topic;

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