Friday, December 29, 2006

The World always needs Heroe's

I just finished watching the entire season of Heroe's - the hit NBC show that I missed. See, I dont watch much television; outside of sports, and the sheild - and lately whatever's on the History Channel, National Geographic, Science or Discovery channels...

I would say a change happened in me when I was 20 years old; I suddenly started thinking differently from the people around me; I had lots of 'weird' things happen to me that seemed to be so odd that it couldn't be co-incidence.

The path that led me on, is possibly the best explanation for why I'm such a huge fan of The Matrix to this day; Because the time in my life when I watched that film for the very first time I could really relate to the main character in the film.

Have you ever felt special?

If not, you've stopped reading by now I'm sure - or perhaps curiosity has you hanging in there but for those of you who do know what I'm talking about, I think you're gonna love this series - Amazing what technology is up to nowadays. Just imagine - if you're like me and you NEVER sat down to watch one single episode of Heroes, now you can see the entire season.

I'll say this much; That show friggin rocked. That show, was off the Chain. What a fantastic story they put together, and yea... I'm hooked and can't wait for season 2 - then again perhaps I will, and I'll just watch it all online.


Some very interesting questions are raised in this film; Can we as human beings expect to evolve beyond our current state? In other words, will it be possible for man to some day do things such as fly, walk on water, heal the sick, teleport or read each others minds?

Those are the very questions this seires asks; and yes that's FAR OUT there .... So far out that the masses will never even consider those kinds of questions; perhaps those questions are simply time wasters and no one, not even men should be so concerned with them.

But I suppose that's why the idea interested me when I first heard about the show; and why I really enjoyed every episode that I watched. See, I became a deep thinker.

I was never popular... at least thats how I always felt. Funny thing about Myspace though is people start dropping you emails from high school who you never knew but they sure knew you.

I was never into being like everybody else in fact during my younger years I would often do things that were extremely unique; My individuality has alwyas been important to me. I suppose what i'm getting at is... in life, some of us reach the conclusion that this whole thing isn't just for the fuck of it.

There is some purpose, some reason for our lives, and for the things that take place in our lives. And seemingly that is mostly what the journey and the quest is all about. Discovering that purpose, that reason for living - and then manifesting that into your life.

So many things have been manifested in our modern day reality - and with all of the crazy things happening every day; all of the constant changes that are occuring - I find myself wondering, Are we meant for more?

What do you think.... ?

more thoughts from me on this topic, later - but for now, I reccommend going to nbc's site and checking out their hit show, Heroes. You just may enjoy it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

White and Black Christmas

An interesting "but brief" conversation popped up at my Christmas celebration. Concerning the new movie, Black Christmas.

Yet another in a long, long line of terms which designate the color black, to mean bad.

Talk about stigma...

Oddly enough, later that night after I returned home from a quick night out with the fellas, a special countdown of all the great things we love about Christmas was on. In the list, which included great classics like "The Grinch", "Rudolf's tv special" .. yes, the claymation one - and others, there was the song by Bing Crosby, White Christmas.

When I was a little boy this song always made me wonder just what a White Christmas really was; Of course, like everyone I've been told that it refers to Snow. But now that I am a man, I do have a hard time thinking this song wasn't written to re-inforce the plans of fully injecting racism into the English Language, and the American Tradition.

Who knows really... perhap's it's nothing really.

There was Black Monday, and Black Tuesday - There's Blacking Out, being Black balled, and of course, the villian is always in black.

Meanwhile the hero is in white. Our president is in the White House; Useful information can be found in the White Pages. The White Wizard, (from lord of the rings) - White out (for correcting mistakes) - a Pure heart is said to be Pure White.

Of course for those who are really interested in this topic it is well documented and can easily be researched on the internet; I hope that's one of the things you do while on here; It's great really for anything you're interested in knowing...

Im sure there's even a paper or two written on how simple phrases like these can psychologically re-inforce an idea into the minds of unsuspecting people.

Hope you all have a happy, thoughtful, holiday season.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas ... from space

Just wanted to share some photos which I think are fascinating; that we have people smart enough to build space craft capable of flying all the way out to distant planets, to orbit those planets and even fire off other spacecraft to photograph the Moons of those planets...

seen here, Titan - one of Saturns moons.

Technology gave us the best views of Mars.

Discovery just came back from space... they took some pics of our Space Station.

... it's worth looking at. Right?

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Thoughts on: And Speaking of Leadership ...

A few weeks ago I posted a video about the "FBI's War on Black America" - It was a pretty long video but as I mentioned it's well worth watching. It goes into great detail about our governments role in Dismantling black power movements; and movements for equality here in America.

One of the overall themes I'd like to present here at thaShow is the theme of leadership. I want to be sure that I dont spend all of my time focused on the positive aspects of leadership; I want to ensure that I point out the reality that the rules of leadership do not care about what direction you seek to lead people in.

Why do I want to do that?

Simply to raise the awareness of you, the reader to the reality that YOU could be following someone who's leading you in the wrong direction. I would like to inspire you to examine your leaders, and make sure you are following someone who's goal is to make you a better person and truly give to you or lead you to a better life.

I've layed my idea for the solution of racism out on the table in the past; I believe that the white race must take a leadership role in extinguishing the fire created by their ancestors, who in many cases can be tracked back to as recent as 1970. Many are still leading, living & influencing their following family members; Poisoning them with ideas of seperation, of inequality, and of Superiority over other races.

I feel that a person needs to understand the process - What was done to black people in america was a process that occurred over a long period of time. The video mentions an operation called, "Cointelpro" - and this operation ran for almost 20 years.

1 in 4 of all KKK members during that time were FBI agents.

That would mean the goal - to destroy black people in america - was a government led operation; and that the KKK is nothing more than their arm created to carry out the hate filled agendas of their Leaders.

It's sad, but people followed - people carried out these insane ideas - they assasinated strong and intelligent black men and women in order to strike Fear into the black community.

Today, the so-called leaders of the black community are for the most part called Leaders of the black community, by white media outlets - while most black people do not consider those to be their leaders at all.

The problem with this here is that the general white population will listen to the white media before they'll take the word of a black person to be valid and legit. So when Jesse Jackson gets up and pardon's Micheal Richards - black people are supposed to also pardon the guy ... as if black people are interested in "following" Jesse Jackosn.

So - the only solution to this - is to notify the general white population of the problem; It's my feeling that if the average white person comes to realize that it's media is Lying to them - they will stop listening. With the advent of the internet information is readily available at the click of a mouse.

Information on just how white people have been turned Against black people over a period of time - is everywhere.

I'll go so far as to say that today, the average white person who dislikes black people, doesn't believe that racism is still a problem today, and who feels that black people need to get over slavery - do not realize that those "ideas" have been placed into their heads, preached to them by their family members, for so long that it's now Unconsciously part of their psyche ...

Just like it doens't take long to think of Words to say or type in English - a language they've been speaking ever since birth. When we were young it was all drilled into us, our ABC's and 123's. It was preached to us for so long that now, it all comes natural.

That, is the process.

See, repitition is the mother of all learning; So a leader is always a teacher, and a teacher must go over lessons over and over - until the student starts to get or understand the material being given to him or her. Once they reach that understanding, the better they understand, the better able those students will be at teaching others, what they were taught.

Often I see that aswell - classmates of mine who were seen as Prize Students, the ones the teachers always liked because they Got the lessons, they turne din their home work on time, they participated in class, they "helped" lead the other students in the right direction; Often I see them go on to become teachers themselves.

That's because all Leaders are first Followers. Meanwhile, not all followers become Leaders. But the more followers a leader has, the more leaders naturally spring up to help keep those followers, following.

So, again there is a process that's in place.

If we are going to Lead this nation into a better America - we're gonna have to understand this simple idea; and realize that it's time to start a new process. We must seek to lead others in the right direction, and away from age old ideas that only cause hatred and seperation.

Meanwhile, I dont think there is anything black people can do, to aid white people in this process - i believe it has to be a white driven movement to do what's Right by humanity. Just like we see white people do when it comes to saving trees and animals. It's time to save Humanity!!!

I was watching a panel of experts on CSpan the other day - I'm upset with myself for not writing this guys name down but, He also mentioned that he'd like to see more white people address the issues of racism, poverty and inequality - It was a mostly african-american panel of writers, jouranlist, and bloggers - people In the media, addressing the failure of the media to cover Those 3 topcs - Racism, Poverty & Inequality in 2006 - topics that are often marginalized or pushed to the back of the paper in favor of stories about how Bradjalina went to Brazil today, or Britney showing off her pussy in public again.

Just a modern day example of how the powers that be, lead people away from information that can better their lives - and leave us in a constant state of "our race vs. yours" - even though most of the time it's Unconscious - it's not at the front of our minds, but is at the back - it's lingering and waiting for an issue to arise.

So long as there is no issue, it doesn't come up.

But soon as an argument or disagreement breaks out between two people, one white and the other black; it's not long before that white person's unconscious view of black people rises to the surface.

Next thing you know, while there are literally Thousands of insults that white person could use to offend the black person; Nigger is first to mind. When it's hurled all of the work that we 'claim' has been done; that we've been 'told' has been done, goes right out the window.

It's such a complicated issue that even I am ok with accepting that it must be a process. So with that being said, let us get that process under way.

Friday, December 22, 2006

D*ck in a Box...

Yea.. that's what I said.

A good friend of mine gave me the link to this video on YouTube - Hilarious stuff...

I guess NBC's Saturday Night Live is trying to take advantage of the Medium that is the Internet - a great place for user generated and submitted content. Found another video that's similar - not as funny but still kinda sorta is.

O.G. Queen Amadaila

All leaders are Followers - pt. 1

Every leader in the history of leaders, has been a follower of someone else. If you are interested in becomming a good leader - see yourself as a good leader now - or just wondered what it took to Be a leader; You must understand that All Leaders are Follwers.

There's nothing new under the sun - everything and everyone tries to be an individual and we are, however at the same time we individuals are just like other individuals who came before us. I'm not talking identically - but overall, enough to say that Kobe is just like Micheal Jordan ... who some say was just like Elgin Baylor - while others say was more like Doctor J.

Leaders of communities that "follow Jesus" - are, Following Jesus. That's what it means to be Like Jesus. And Jesus was a leader, saying come this way - follow me. Jesus stated that He was from The Father - indicating that even Jesus was following a Leader.

Hitler led people to do things that are pretty unimaginable. But he was only able to do it because of all the leaders that he had. Others following hitlers lead, doing what He was doing, and believing what he was preaching; taking his ideas as their own. They carried out a mission by following - a whole lot of following. While many of them had leadership titles like General and Leutinant. That's precisely what they were.

Whether you're aspiring to lead others in the right direction - or the wrong one - a direction to help others or to harm others - the essential aspect of leadership is the same.

Who are you following? ....

Who are you leading?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Me and My Views.

I never wanted thaShow to be about my life - or about me. However inevitably my views are constantly being expressed here. Whether it's through my desire to raise the question of if Kobe is better than Micheal (ok, that's not too important in the world scope) - or my views on racism in America, and how it effects us as a society in 2006 (depending on who you are this may not be important either) going into 2007.

As I sit here contemplating my life, I do find myself with questions. Am I reaching the right audience? Is anyone reading thaShow - do people care about the topics I'm raising?

More importantly have my ideas - for solutions to common problems - helped anyone out there?

Helping others really drives me. There's something about it that makes me feel good. In a way it's selfish, my willingness to help others often translates to an opportunity to help myself.

For many, many years now I have helped my church in giving out toys and food to families in the Nickerson Gardens Projects - today I missed out for the first time in a very long time. I wont get into why - because that's not very important. Instead I'd rather talk about whether or not "giving" to the needy helps them or not.

Perhaps questions like those are too deep - too complex to have a simple yes or no response, without debate and conversation that can lead to finding the answer, or will simply leave a gash so wide that there is seemingly no possible way to figure out what the answer is.

Human nature arises.

This natural struggle of our existence - Light vs. Dark - Black vs. White - The desire to help others vs. The desire to help ourselves.

There is so much constant Dichotomy in the works of our lives that often even I forget about the importance of balancing these two energies. A good book that I read some time ago has been helping me through this period in my life - a book by Deepak Chopra called "The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success."

A few great thoughts from the book are:

  1. The Universe is always in a state of Perfection

  2. Everything is always happening as it should.

  3. Do not struggle against the Universe.

I was watching something very interesting on History International - about sex and the bible - dealing with how Hebrews viewed sex, and sexuality, during the writing of the bible. Very interesting stuff really - in case you've never read it, the Bible is FULL of sex and sexuality. Being that much of the Old Testament is metaphoric in nature, even the story of Eve's Temptation can be interpreted in a way that's not so Literal.

Eve being created from Adam's rib - and the Snake - are both phalic symbols. Which puts a unique spin on the idea of Eve being tempted by "the devil."

It also clearly points out just how much "interpretation" has become our Religion - and I wonder just how much religion has to do with the problems of our world today. Notice I said religion - not spirituality.

I've got a DVD by a guy named Ashra Kwesi, which is his presentation documenting a very strong possibility that the stories of the Bible, originated on the walls of the Egyptian Pyramids - the show on History International mentions this aswell.

There's even a scene in "The DaVinci Code" where Tom Hanks playing the lead role stands up and shows us a statue of Isis and her son Horus - in a pose that 'remarkably' resembles the Madonna and Child photos that float around often during this time of year.

Where am I going with all of this?

Your life is yours to live as you see fit - be it for selfish reasons or be it for selfless ones. And you are welcomed to take my advice or not - My views are often controversial because they are not politically correct. Often my friends do not see eye to eye with me; and yet I often feel as if their views are not new, fresh, or inventive enough to truly Help the world we live in become better.

All in all, that's my goal in life. To be of service ...

It would be great to recieve a lavish lifestyle in return for helping others live a more fullfilled lifestyle; and yet I often find myself wondering how fullfilling my life is - and if I need to work more on ME - in order to truly help others the way I'd like to.

So while those questions remain in the air I will not struggle against the universe. Instead I will simply await for the answers to become more clear. All the while seeking to help others find clarity with questions they may have.

ThaShow is not for the slow of brain.

I remember how I first got into blogging via yahoo clubs - now called yahoo groups. A friend of mine at the time, a girl who I chatted with quite regularly, decided that we should start up a place for Intelligent Conversation. ThaClub was born.

To this day, chat rooms are not exactly a place to find people willing to challenge themselves, or their beliefs. It's not exactly a place for reflective people to hold meaningful discussions about life - and what THEY can do with theirs to leave here in peace.

And so with that goal in mind, thaClub grew - and flourished for quite some time. Conversations were deep, and were great to read. Quite a few people emailed me letting me know how much thaClub was helping them; how much they enjoyed the conversations - how refreshing the group was.

Then the internet blossomed even more - spawning more and more places for intelligent people to go and talk with each other - Today, blogging is where it's at and there are So many blogs out there that I wonder just how will I possibly reach people with mine - such an attention defecit society, with So many choices - it's a wonder we all haven't popped from sensory-choice overload.

Perhaps that's why chat rooms are full of so many dumb people - there's so much to know that often people simply Unplug because they dont want to deal with it all. Hell, I've done it aswell. I can truly say that It's a better feeling when I'm plugged in.

Things just seem to make more sense.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

What if it were real?

What if Chat rooms were real...

An excellent short film - and an hilarious look at the world that is, online chatting.

SO really... who's better?

Kobe has some of the best highlights I've ever seen, and this video really shows that off. But finally I have found comparison footage...

and a more entertaining comparison... you make up your mind.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Life on Mars; Racism on Earth.

Wow - There's so much going on and So much to talk about. So I'm gonna start off by recommending that you all take a listen to this interesting commentary on race in America.

Blackface - Whiteface - Imitation & Reality

You're going to truly enjoy that podcast - I did.

It's an interesting commentary - which at times makes me question if he's endorsing racism based comedy as one way to deal with & think about the ugliness that is racism.

A movie I'd recommend which is mentioned in this podcast, and deals highly with this same subject is the movie, Bamboozled. One of Spike Lee's best and in my opinion, yet one of his most under appreciated, perhaps because of it's Strongly Controversial subject matter. Check it out - if you've seen the movie I'd love to hear your thoughts on the film.

"Assigned to write a hit TV show or lose his job, Dela plans to turn Dunwitty's idea into a lesson. Dela creates �Mantan � The New Millennium Minstrel Show,� a spoof riddled with grossly overstated stereotypes and derogatory dialogue. Sloan, sensing the danger in fighting the network, encourages Dela to quit. But pride and self�assurance lead Dela to believe that Dunwitty would never have the courage to broadcast the show. Sloan promises her unconditional support.

Meanwhile, Manray and Cheeba, long-time friends, find themselves in front of the CNS building. Despite being homeless, they survive the mean Brooklyn streets by performing. When Manray tap dances, people pay attention. Even Dela can�t help but notice him on his way to work.

Soon Manray and Cheeba are lured into Dela�s office with more money than they have ever seen. Dela convinces them that they are the future of CNS � and soon enough they start to believe it. Much to Dela�s surprise, Sloan and Manray begin to forge a friendship of their own. And Big Black, Sloan�s older brother, makes his disapproval for Dela�s show and Sloan�s budding relationship known.

It�s not long before Dela comes to see himself in the reflection of his father � a man broken of his strength, conviction, integrity and principles. He has lost control of his show, his career and his life. And unbeknownst to them all, Dela has unwittingly put Manray�s life in danger. All of Dela�s efforts have failed, and finally confronting the network, the authorities and his own conscience, it seems like it may be too late."

Water on Mars: Signal of Life?

When reviewing race relations in America - it's worth it to take a moment to consider if whether or not we should solve our problems here on Earth before taking them out into space.

It seems inevitable. Doesn't it?

One day Humans will explore space - I'm not star trek fan but space is the last frontier - and something in our exploratative curious nature suggests that it's only a matter of time before we figure out how - so that we can explore our universe.

We're doing it now, with all of our powerful telescopes, satellites, and robotic ships we've sent to mars, saturn & it's moon Cassini.

Just yesterday Nasa announced evidence of water, flowing on Mars. Over a period of 5 years an area of Mars was photographed. They've produced before & after photos; With after showing you a gully with what looks like a frozen stream of water - or ice while the before photos is showing a gully with no stream at all.

Water, is believed to be "the" ingrediate to determine Two things

  • Whether or not there is Life on Mars now.

  • Whether or not there it's possible to spawn and sustain Life on Mars now and into the future.

If Mars has water - from our earthly perspective - we can cultivate an atmosphere of oxygen - we can literally create a colony on Mars.

What are your thoughts on that? Think it'll happen during your lifetime? What do you think about the possibility that your future generational offspring will be living on Mars? ... Or the Moon for that matter.

Take a gander at these photos from Nasa - and make sure you read up on this new announcement aswell.

"Has liquid water flowed on Mars in this decade?

In June 2000, we reported the discovery, using the Mars Global Surveyor's Mars Orbiter Camera, of very youthful-looking gullies found on slopes at middle and high latitudes on Mars. Since that time, tens of thousands of gullies have been imaged by all of the Mars orbiting spacecraft: Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, Mars Express and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

During the years since the original June 2000 report, the Mars Global Surveyor's camera was used to test the hypothesis that the gullies may be so young that some of them could still be active today. The test was very simple: re-image gullies previously seen by the camera and see if anything has changed."

So many great reasons to improve our planet - our relations with each other - and our overall ability to understand and grasp ideas that will help us as we attempt to extend the reach of Humanity, to other planets & beyond.