Sunday, December 24, 2006

Thoughts on: And Speaking of Leadership ...

A few weeks ago I posted a video about the "FBI's War on Black America" - It was a pretty long video but as I mentioned it's well worth watching. It goes into great detail about our governments role in Dismantling black power movements; and movements for equality here in America.

One of the overall themes I'd like to present here at thaShow is the theme of leadership. I want to be sure that I dont spend all of my time focused on the positive aspects of leadership; I want to ensure that I point out the reality that the rules of leadership do not care about what direction you seek to lead people in.

Why do I want to do that?

Simply to raise the awareness of you, the reader to the reality that YOU could be following someone who's leading you in the wrong direction. I would like to inspire you to examine your leaders, and make sure you are following someone who's goal is to make you a better person and truly give to you or lead you to a better life.

I've layed my idea for the solution of racism out on the table in the past; I believe that the white race must take a leadership role in extinguishing the fire created by their ancestors, who in many cases can be tracked back to as recent as 1970. Many are still leading, living & influencing their following family members; Poisoning them with ideas of seperation, of inequality, and of Superiority over other races.

I feel that a person needs to understand the process - What was done to black people in america was a process that occurred over a long period of time. The video mentions an operation called, "Cointelpro" - and this operation ran for almost 20 years.

1 in 4 of all KKK members during that time were FBI agents.

That would mean the goal - to destroy black people in america - was a government led operation; and that the KKK is nothing more than their arm created to carry out the hate filled agendas of their Leaders.

It's sad, but people followed - people carried out these insane ideas - they assasinated strong and intelligent black men and women in order to strike Fear into the black community.

Today, the so-called leaders of the black community are for the most part called Leaders of the black community, by white media outlets - while most black people do not consider those to be their leaders at all.

The problem with this here is that the general white population will listen to the white media before they'll take the word of a black person to be valid and legit. So when Jesse Jackson gets up and pardon's Micheal Richards - black people are supposed to also pardon the guy ... as if black people are interested in "following" Jesse Jackosn.

So - the only solution to this - is to notify the general white population of the problem; It's my feeling that if the average white person comes to realize that it's media is Lying to them - they will stop listening. With the advent of the internet information is readily available at the click of a mouse.

Information on just how white people have been turned Against black people over a period of time - is everywhere.

I'll go so far as to say that today, the average white person who dislikes black people, doesn't believe that racism is still a problem today, and who feels that black people need to get over slavery - do not realize that those "ideas" have been placed into their heads, preached to them by their family members, for so long that it's now Unconsciously part of their psyche ...

Just like it doens't take long to think of Words to say or type in English - a language they've been speaking ever since birth. When we were young it was all drilled into us, our ABC's and 123's. It was preached to us for so long that now, it all comes natural.

That, is the process.

See, repitition is the mother of all learning; So a leader is always a teacher, and a teacher must go over lessons over and over - until the student starts to get or understand the material being given to him or her. Once they reach that understanding, the better they understand, the better able those students will be at teaching others, what they were taught.

Often I see that aswell - classmates of mine who were seen as Prize Students, the ones the teachers always liked because they Got the lessons, they turne din their home work on time, they participated in class, they "helped" lead the other students in the right direction; Often I see them go on to become teachers themselves.

That's because all Leaders are first Followers. Meanwhile, not all followers become Leaders. But the more followers a leader has, the more leaders naturally spring up to help keep those followers, following.

So, again there is a process that's in place.

If we are going to Lead this nation into a better America - we're gonna have to understand this simple idea; and realize that it's time to start a new process. We must seek to lead others in the right direction, and away from age old ideas that only cause hatred and seperation.

Meanwhile, I dont think there is anything black people can do, to aid white people in this process - i believe it has to be a white driven movement to do what's Right by humanity. Just like we see white people do when it comes to saving trees and animals. It's time to save Humanity!!!

I was watching a panel of experts on CSpan the other day - I'm upset with myself for not writing this guys name down but, He also mentioned that he'd like to see more white people address the issues of racism, poverty and inequality - It was a mostly african-american panel of writers, jouranlist, and bloggers - people In the media, addressing the failure of the media to cover Those 3 topcs - Racism, Poverty & Inequality in 2006 - topics that are often marginalized or pushed to the back of the paper in favor of stories about how Bradjalina went to Brazil today, or Britney showing off her pussy in public again.

Just a modern day example of how the powers that be, lead people away from information that can better their lives - and leave us in a constant state of "our race vs. yours" - even though most of the time it's Unconscious - it's not at the front of our minds, but is at the back - it's lingering and waiting for an issue to arise.

So long as there is no issue, it doesn't come up.

But soon as an argument or disagreement breaks out between two people, one white and the other black; it's not long before that white person's unconscious view of black people rises to the surface.

Next thing you know, while there are literally Thousands of insults that white person could use to offend the black person; Nigger is first to mind. When it's hurled all of the work that we 'claim' has been done; that we've been 'told' has been done, goes right out the window.

It's such a complicated issue that even I am ok with accepting that it must be a process. So with that being said, let us get that process under way.

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