Tuesday, December 26, 2006

White and Black Christmas

An interesting "but brief" conversation popped up at my Christmas celebration. Concerning the new movie, Black Christmas.

Yet another in a long, long line of terms which designate the color black, to mean bad.

Talk about stigma...

Oddly enough, later that night after I returned home from a quick night out with the fellas, a special countdown of all the great things we love about Christmas was on. In the list, which included great classics like "The Grinch", "Rudolf's tv special" .. yes, the claymation one - and others, there was the song by Bing Crosby, White Christmas.

When I was a little boy this song always made me wonder just what a White Christmas really was; Of course, like everyone I've been told that it refers to Snow. But now that I am a man, I do have a hard time thinking this song wasn't written to re-inforce the plans of fully injecting racism into the English Language, and the American Tradition.

Who knows really... perhap's it's nothing really.

There was Black Monday, and Black Tuesday - There's Blacking Out, being Black balled, and of course, the villian is always in black.

Meanwhile the hero is in white. Our president is in the White House; Useful information can be found in the White Pages. The White Wizard, (from lord of the rings) - White out (for correcting mistakes) - a Pure heart is said to be Pure White.

Of course for those who are really interested in this topic it is well documented and can easily be researched on the internet; I hope that's one of the things you do while on here; It's great really for anything you're interested in knowing...

Im sure there's even a paper or two written on how simple phrases like these can psychologically re-inforce an idea into the minds of unsuspecting people.

Hope you all have a happy, thoughtful, holiday season.

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