Friday, December 29, 2006

The World always needs Heroe's

I just finished watching the entire season of Heroe's - the hit NBC show that I missed. See, I dont watch much television; outside of sports, and the sheild - and lately whatever's on the History Channel, National Geographic, Science or Discovery channels...

I would say a change happened in me when I was 20 years old; I suddenly started thinking differently from the people around me; I had lots of 'weird' things happen to me that seemed to be so odd that it couldn't be co-incidence.

The path that led me on, is possibly the best explanation for why I'm such a huge fan of The Matrix to this day; Because the time in my life when I watched that film for the very first time I could really relate to the main character in the film.

Have you ever felt special?

If not, you've stopped reading by now I'm sure - or perhaps curiosity has you hanging in there but for those of you who do know what I'm talking about, I think you're gonna love this series - Amazing what technology is up to nowadays. Just imagine - if you're like me and you NEVER sat down to watch one single episode of Heroes, now you can see the entire season.

I'll say this much; That show friggin rocked. That show, was off the Chain. What a fantastic story they put together, and yea... I'm hooked and can't wait for season 2 - then again perhaps I will, and I'll just watch it all online.


Some very interesting questions are raised in this film; Can we as human beings expect to evolve beyond our current state? In other words, will it be possible for man to some day do things such as fly, walk on water, heal the sick, teleport or read each others minds?

Those are the very questions this seires asks; and yes that's FAR OUT there .... So far out that the masses will never even consider those kinds of questions; perhaps those questions are simply time wasters and no one, not even men should be so concerned with them.

But I suppose that's why the idea interested me when I first heard about the show; and why I really enjoyed every episode that I watched. See, I became a deep thinker.

I was never popular... at least thats how I always felt. Funny thing about Myspace though is people start dropping you emails from high school who you never knew but they sure knew you.

I was never into being like everybody else in fact during my younger years I would often do things that were extremely unique; My individuality has alwyas been important to me. I suppose what i'm getting at is... in life, some of us reach the conclusion that this whole thing isn't just for the fuck of it.

There is some purpose, some reason for our lives, and for the things that take place in our lives. And seemingly that is mostly what the journey and the quest is all about. Discovering that purpose, that reason for living - and then manifesting that into your life.

So many things have been manifested in our modern day reality - and with all of the crazy things happening every day; all of the constant changes that are occuring - I find myself wondering, Are we meant for more?

What do you think.... ?

more thoughts from me on this topic, later - but for now, I reccommend going to nbc's site and checking out their hit show, Heroes. You just may enjoy it.

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