Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Starting off the new year right!

Whenever I turn on the internet, netscape is my home page - why? who knows, habbit I suppose; They do have some pretty interesting Home Page stories though.

I really got OUT of the habbit of reading/watching the news some time ago; What we put IN to our minds comes OUT in our lives. That was my main reason for avoiding it; Too much garbage and negative news that couldn't really benefit me in any way; Then after a while I slipped up and got back into putting negatives back IN - and yes... negative results came OUT.

It's a good thing though; The bad experiences help focus me on what Not to do - and also on what To do, in order to live the kind of lifestyle that I truly want to live. So, back to using news to inspire and educate others on what's really going on in our world. Starting with a topic that's been near and dear to me since I had to leave college.

And that's "Is School really worth it?"

Check out the Top 10 reasons to Drop OUT of college << real entertaining.

Of course, that's one of the top stories on the netscape home page - The one that really caught my intrest was the caption on a story about whether or not College Professors are out of touch with reality.

The first paragraph reads : "It’s official: you spend tens of thousands of dollars to send your kids to college. In return, the colleges turn out graduates who are more ignorant than when they enrolled."

This article, which you really should read, goes on to discuss how teachers seem to be leaning against praising western culture; and are instead teaching students to dislike everything about it. It's not really encouraging people to discover their own ideas; but to embrace Their ideas.

For me, the realization that school isn't what it "should be" - came after I was home from school. I never really took going to class and studying as seriously as I should have... I partied alot, was late to many classes, slept through more than my fair share of classes, and when I got home was more concerned with getting girls over to my dorm room than cracking a book open to read the study lesson.

It wasn't because I was dumb or unable to Do the work - I just was not intersted. In fact I constantly found myself being forced to take classes that I was not interested in. The classes I was interested in I kept being told I could not take, until I took the other ones. So, naturally I gravitated to the things that I was interested in that had no roadblocks; The things I wanted to do, and could do - those things just so happened to be extra-curricular activities.

Then after getting a job, and experiencing some of the hardships of life - I decided I wanted to embark on the journey to wealth and riches; I decided to start a business. A decision which caused me to start using the internet differently; I began using the internet to 'learn' - what a novel idea.

I can honestly say that in 1 year, I learned more online than I did in 3 1/2 years at a state university. Many of my friends who I kept in touch with were starting to graduate, and when I'd ask them what they planned on doing, many would say, "I dont know" - Some had a job lined up for them, and were excited to make $60,000 per year - but by that time I had already met people who made $60,000 per month; I was ruined.

I learned too much - I learned that there is a whole Other world, within our world - a world where people make goo-gobs of money; while the majority never learns how to make more than Just enough money. Just enough to keep themselves from living on the streets. Just enough to make it to the next month, and the next paycheck.

The first link I gave you is pretty dead on - learning online can be better than learning in a classroom; The second article is pretty on the money aswell - the longer you're in school, the more likely you will be closed off from the reality of the world you live in - and you won't even realize it.

Unless of course you're like me, and you're able to maintain a healthy sarcasm at your own college professors, and the butt kissing students who aim to impress them.

Learning isn't about what we learn in school - It's simply about what we learn. Doesn't matter where we learn it; all that matters is that we learn.


evan said...

please remove my video from your website. i am not a racist and i do not want to be portrayed as one like on your site.

its the Re: Don Imus Nappy Headed Hoes video.

thank you.

Al King said...

evan, I used quite a few videos. I'm not sure which one is you, however the guys that I used, are indeed racist.

If you do not feel that you are racist, I can understand that. Charles Manson does not 'feel' that he's a bad person either.

If you'd like to learn about what makes you racist, Please read my comments about you - and learn ... really, Learn.

Also, if you want, post your responses on the blog With your video. Thanks.