Monday, January 08, 2007

The Flowing of Information

It's so important that we keep the "flow" of information Free. That is what the internet has been all about; that's what has made the internet what it is. From it's inception anyone who wanted to get on here and type something, Could.

If you've been using the internet for as long as I have you know all about the internet - the world wide web - you've seen the chain letters the mis information; anyone who wants to pass around rumors about Microsoft giving away Millions, can. Whether it's true or untrue.

Anyone who wants to post photos of Janet Jackson showing her boob at the superbowl, can. Whether you like it or not.

Anyone who wants to learn about something online, can - because so much has been posted in this Infinite Sphere of Information - and as you've read recently there are plans in place to take that privelledge away. That's just how the 'ruling party' works.

You see, the flow of information is, and always has been everything. People in the know, control the rest of us who dont know.

That is why it's vital to make learning a lifelong institution; No, education is not something that only takes place within the walls of your school - it's not about a degree - education is about what you have Learned - it does not matter where you learn it, what matters is That you learn it.

I was really turned onto the power of the internet back as a Senior in High School. My social studies teacher was talking about how incredible it was; how a person here in California could log on and talk to someone in asia - Free.

I can remember when making a phone call to the 714 area was a Long distance call - it was expensive as hell to meet someone who didn't live in your part of town. The internet changed all of that. Now, I could meet someone in the 714 area, without leaving my house; I could get to know them better without spending a dime. I'll start doing some blogs soon on The Chat world which I am VERY familiar with.

For now I want to focus on the flow of information, in all of it's form - as always, my goal is simply to spread more awareness of what's really happening today.

Fear based society

Who do you get your Information from? Micheal Moore did a great job of exposing how America has used fear as a motivational tool to get the Majority of it's people to do things that just do not make sense in the movie, Bowling for Columbine.

Just recently the 'fear' of not being strong enough to stand up to the terrorist, was used to re-elect Bush. Most people who voted for him in spite of his lies about Iraq having W.O.M.D's did so because they didn't want to change leaders, during a war.

People were afraid, that a change in leadership would show weakness to the terrorist, and they would strike again. There were even quotes from officials in the Bush camp who basically said those very things; Today, we call this "talking points" - nothing more than modern day Propaganda.

Groups get together in think tanks, which is just a meeting of the minds, and discussions are made on what to say. Talking points are handed out, and later in the day those people go on the "talk circuit" - they hit all the nationally televised news shows that cover politics and basically say the same thing.

If the talking point for the day is "electing a new President is a bad idea" - all of them will get on the TV and say, "electing a new President is a bad idea" - of course, this is just one example of many talking points, most of which use fear as a tool to either keep things the way they are, or promote change.

The democrats used fear to win the house. "See how bad of a job these republicans are doing? These are the most immoral moral people in the country." - Whoever has the stronger talking points wins. Why? Because most people are unaware that they're being toyed with.

The news is one of the worst things we could ever watch. The news is 28 minutes of Fear, and 2 minutes of light hearted irrelevancy. Kinda like in the movie Anchorman - a comedy; anyone remember the story about the Squirrel on the water skii's? Next time you watch the news, look for that at the end of the show - the light hearted, irrelevant news story of the day, that allows them to end on a good note.

Of course what happens is, that story was so irrelevant that you only remember the preceeding 28 minutes of "Today this person was shot and killed, this person was robbed today, These stores are going out of business, bird flu is coming to a town near you, blacks and browns are fighting in schools again."

What this does, is give people a sense of powerless-ness; a feeling that the world is getting worse by the day, that there is no hope for the future. So, people don't try to change anything - people just accept the way things are.

It's genious really... absolute genious.

In my 'salesman' days we used the fear of loss tactic to get people to buy whatever we were selling. Why? Most people are more motivated by what they have to lose, over what they have to gain. Telling people about all the money they can make by joining a business isn't always motivating - Telling people about how they will regret not joining a business in 10 years, when their kids grow up and the cost of living is too high for them to meet - is.

Sometimes it's true; Bad decisions in our past can lead to a horrible future. So it is important to make smart decisions, especially when it comes to our finances. Fear can be used for good, and like anything it can also be used for bad. So it's up to the individual, always up to the individual to know what's happening - to think about what's being told to them, to question and be inquisitive. We must search for Truth.

That is frankly what the Free Flowing of Information allows us to do. IF we're not taking advantage of it now, we're making a big mistake. Why? .... (fear of loss moment) - They want to take it away from us.

We wont have the opportunity to find out the truth - in the manner that we can Now. We won't have the ability to research and study the ideas and beliefs that we hold so dear to us; I learned how to build websites, almost entirely from using search engines on the net to find out HOW to build websites.

I've researched subject matter such as racism - how it all began, how it all started, and what effect it really has on our society. I've been able to share these ideas with others who wanted it. ThaShow is an example of this ongoing effort to make people more aware of the society they are living in, and all of this can be gone tomorrow if we let it.

I think that's the one thing we forget about. No one makes us watch the news - we tune in on our own. We can tune out if we so choose to do so. But for people to tune Out, they need to first be made aware of why they need to tune out. Without that information, there's no reason to stop watching information that paralyzes them.

This, like so many topics I cover here at ThaShow is an ongoing subject... it's something that does need to be discussed, in more than one blog entry. It's something that needs to be discussed on more than one website. How the flow of information impacts our lives; how having information can empower us, and how not having information weakens us.

Information is everything - it always has been. The way organizations use information, and even withold information to control us, is only possible if we do not seek out the information for ourselves. The internet allows us to do just that.

Do not let anyone take that away.

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