Thursday, January 04, 2007

Moving On - to keep the internet FREE!

Yes... as always I am daring to go there.

I went to today due to an interesting link, about keeping the internet Free.

I really hope you folks take a few moments to fill out that form, and send in your VOTE to keep the internet Free. The internet has truly changed so much in our lives today, and that's mostly because it's Free.

Imagine youTube or Myspace if you had to Pay for it - yea, exactly - It wouldn't be Myspace or youTube. It'd be another site that no one wants to spend their money on to be a part of. Like aol, the masses would all gravitate to ONE site, and give them their money in hopes that they will provide them with all of the Free stuff you get by being on Myspace, and youTube.

I can see them doing it too... especially if we allow it to happen.

That's the case with so many things - we just dont challenge ignorance nearly enough in our society. A friend of mine sent me a link to a guy spouting Major Ignorance, which I'll share with you all soon.

Anyways, while i do have more to say - i'll leave u with a funny video about Mel Gibson's arrest last year;

funny video... and of course I have comments to make about this next time.

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