Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cracks me up

This photo ... is too funny

I remember when I first saw the trailer to this film, and I was immediately cracking up over the idea of Robert Downey Jr., playing a black guy.


Blackface anyone?

Another thought I had ... was how long before people get up in arms over what is, apparently 2008's version of blackface; It's comedy though, so let's all have a laugh right? Let's not be so uptight about this kinda thing... nevermind that white people have been making fun of blacks for centuries; You black people just need to get used to it, and get over it (my favorite over-used racist phrase ever.)

I mean, it seriously IS funny; I'm not even being sarcastic about that; I still have not seen the movie and probably will ... wait for the dvd ... er... for it to come on cable; Unless I happen to be around someone who's got the DVD... or who knows if I get bored enough to wanna go check out a movie :)

Because it probably is a very Funny Movie; and seriously, the whole idea tickles me... at the same time, I dont know if I want this to catch on; You know... since this movie has gotten good reviews, it means more is to come. (You heard it here first...) That's Hollywood; they're not about Inventing or even Re-Inventing the wheel; They find out what works, and they do it to death.... (Think, Comic Books to Movie, the most recent 'trend')

And really, here is my deal. If the white race, or hollywood, were doing more to improve the lives of Black people in America, doing more to reverse the effects left over from Slavery, and Legalized Oppression and segregation, tactics of abuse that left the Parents unable to properly raise their kids - which produced generations of adults, who had no idea how to parent - which has produced generational issues that are handed down like clothing from one Generation to the Next - to the present day where blacks find themselves still struggling in a country where 'other races' are excelling, and expanding.... Then I would have NO problem with White actors, doing comedy, in blackface - cracking jokes about black people. Hell, if they were Helping out... they would then "earn" the right to crack jokes.

Robert Downey Jr. Caught in a BlackFace Storm

Summary: (from a comment I made on YouTube, to a black man who does not find this offensive, and thinks people should ease up ... and again, I agree it's funny... but ....)

I think it's more so, the historical nature of black face; how it originated as a way of making FUN of black people; Then... eventually the white writers and directors found Black people, to make fun of Black people, and it's been a downhill spiral .... So if anything, while this may be funny, like many of the ManTan type roles played by Black actors today, which also are very funny ... The point is, it's all about "Making Fun of Black People." ... How long is that gonna be funny in America?