Wednesday, June 24, 2009

America Needs to Grow up about Sex pt. 1

Ok so, I log into my yahoo today; front page story, is about yet another Politician who cheated on his wife. Big Effing deal in my book.

That's right ... I said it ... Big Effing Deal.

Ladies, don't get mad at me; Get mad at our American Society and our uptightness about sex. That's where so many of our problems are right now; never mind medical/health concerns, economic crisis - we're in a LOVE crisis!

You see folks, there is an old adage, that came along with our American, Puritanical Society - that says, "a man is as faithful as his options" ...

When Kobe got in trouble years ago, I predicted at ThaClub that nothing would happen; That he did not rape the girl; that it was a silly, absurd accusation. No man in Kobe's position would ever have to rape anyone.

Yet, there were ladies who just wanted to argue with me, who would say silly things like 'u never know' - and I'm sorry if you're one of those ladies; or one of those guys who enjoys to sympathize with the ladies; but both of you are just plain wrong; In this case, you DO Know. No NBA player has to rape any woman... ever ... ever ... ever.

Because those are men, who have Options and lots of them. If a girl says no, they have 10 other girls in the lobby waiting and hoping he'll come back downstairs so they can get one more chance to get up to his room.

And this is true for All men of stature in American Society. This is NOT true for the rest of us... and ladies, seemingly have No understanding whatsoever, of what it's like to be a Man, when it comes to sex.

Which is why I'm saying today, America needs to Grow up already; Of course the Gov. cheated on his wife; Most Gov's do - that's right, I said it.

Oh the story hasn't come out; They haven't called a news conference to confess it; but, it's happened - I bet you ... This won't be the last politician to come out and confess to an affair; You know it won't ... because these men, have More Opportunities, than the rest of us.

If you're a guy with No Money .. and the Ladies always give me a hard time with this one ... but I don't care because this is just the plain truth -- women Throw it at you. For most of us ... we don't get it thrown at us; when we do, we jump at the opportunity because we don't know when it'll come again.

So, guys in their position, turn down a LOT of chances to cheat; They just get so many thrown at them that, from time to time ... they indulge.

Sex is NOT the same for Men and Women; there IS a double standard, and it's for that reason. The rules are not the same; If you're a man, you have to ask for sex - you have to do things for sex - you have to become someone for sex - there is a lot involved. For women ... all you have to do is walk outside. Some guy will come up to you and ask you for sex (in one way or another) - Some take a more prolonged approach, dinner, movies, ... hopefully some sex later. Other guys get right to the point. But essentially, that's what's happening ladies ... He doesn't really like your dress; it's cool; But, it would look better on his floor.

That's right ... I said that too.

This ladies and gents, is where the double standard comes from.

I have noticed recently, that this idea I have been floating around for some time now, at least 3 to 5 years, is starting to take hold; there is hope for the future indeed. Once we as Americans Understand WHY the "double standard" is in place, then perhaps we can move to a more, mature, adult area in our lives, and as a society.

It's Easier for Women to get laid, than it is for Men to get laid.

Therefore, if a woman is sleeping around, she's a slut. If a guy is sleeping around, he's a player.

Listen ladies... I know most of you hate this double standard - but it exist because YOU Run society.

It is YOU who has determined that man, should commit to only one woman, for life. It's an unrealistic dream - that often does not work out; though sometimes it does; and that's great - but You are going against nature.

Nature always wins. This is where we need to Grow up. This is a fact we need to accept. Men and Women are wired differently - we need to Grow up, and Accept this.

A man takes what he can get; Hate to put it that way ... but it's true. Let's say a man is able to get a woman; He's grateful, glad he's got one -- but as time goes on, he moves up in stature, and suddently, he's able to get more women; More women are interested, more women are offering him a night of pleasure; and now that he can... he'll look into it.

That's how we are wired ...

Ladies, you already have options - you do - you have lots of men interested in you, at nearly all points of your lives; Even when you're taken; So... when You pick a man, he's the man You want. You don't want anyone else;

That's how you are wired ladies;

You're different ... We're different

There is only one remedy - we have to change how 'men's options' currently are. Until it's as easy for men to get laid, as it is for women to get laid, men will continue to cheat on their wives; They'll continue to pick a woman based on, 'who wants me' - rather than 'that's who I want'

Who wants me works in the short term ... until someone else wants me.

But Al, you are contradicting yourself ... didn't you say that guys "of stature" Have options, and basically get to pick 'who they want' ...? ... some of you may be saying...

What I forgot to explain is this; Sure those guys have options "now" - but before they became men of stature, they were just like the rest of us guys who had none. They remember when they couldn't get it so easily. They love their wives, often they don't cheat because of something they dislike about their wife; It has more to do with taking advantage of an opportunity to be with a woman, they otherwise, would not get a chance to be with.

You see, women are Beautiful to us... we love how you look; We do.

Not all of you are shaped the exact same; and yet we love every distinction. You drive us guys wild ... you make us desire you, with the things you wear ... and sometimes don't wear. Lots of men, desire Lots of different women .. and yet, Most of us can only get one who desires us.

So when a guy is in a position, where lots of women, who he desires, also has desire for him ... he realizes immediately that he's in a position other men are Not in; and he can either enjoy the moment; or pass on it.

Other men would not pass it up. And often, the 'other man' mentality takes over. The, ... Hey, If I wasn't who I am, she would not be here right now. So I'm gonna take these down, for all my dudes in the world, who wish they could.

... the Gov was out in Argentina - you know she was a bad motha .... (shut yo mouth) ... what? I'm just talkin about sex ...

We need to grow up folks - perhaps when it's as easy for men, as it is for women, Then our 'double standard' goes by the wayside. Perhaps then we stop calling women sluts if they enjoy spreading pleasure, love, and joy - perhaps we see more loving relationships between men and women; Perhaps our family lives change - perhaps violence goes down in our society; fewer domestic cases; fewer rape cases; People living longer - more happier, productive lives ...

Perhaps, as silly as it may sound, More sex Truly is THE Solution ...

ThaShow Returns :)

Hey folks,

I took some 'blogging time' off - although if any of you know me personally you know I've had no vacations; I need one; I'll take one soon.

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Kobe was robbed again - 3rd time - he should have 4 MVP's to go with his 4 Championship Rings; Congratulations Kobe, Lakers, Phil, Los Angeles, Let's do it again next year.

First up... My comments on "America Needs to Grow up about Sex"

Got lots, and Lots to say about this issue; might be a 4 part blog entry; we'll see how things progress.

Money Makers? Where art thou?

Part of my hiatus has been due to me getting involved in a New Business Venture that I'm very excited about. So I'll be talking about that in detail here; and giving you all some information on that; as well as another business that's good in the short term for those of you already in business; especially those of you looking to earn True Passive Residual Income.

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