Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ThaShow Returns :)

Hey folks,

I took some 'blogging time' off - although if any of you know me personally you know I've had no vacations; I need one; I'll take one soon.

Glad to be back, got LOTS on my mind, and you know i'll be sharing it.

Kobe was robbed again - 3rd time - he should have 4 MVP's to go with his 4 Championship Rings; Congratulations Kobe, Lakers, Phil, Los Angeles, Let's do it again next year.

First up... My comments on "America Needs to Grow up about Sex"

Got lots, and Lots to say about this issue; might be a 4 part blog entry; we'll see how things progress.

Money Makers? Where art thou?

Part of my hiatus has been due to me getting involved in a New Business Venture that I'm very excited about. So I'll be talking about that in detail here; and giving you all some information on that; as well as another business that's good in the short term for those of you already in business; especially those of you looking to earn True Passive Residual Income.

Ohhhhh get ready - cuz here I come.

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