Friday, February 13, 2009

Kobe Bryant MVP 2009 - Making the case

This year, there has been a lot of talk of awarding Lebron James with the MVP For this season. It's way too early for this kind of talk but, if people are going to do it, then please consider this.

In two match ups between Kobe and Lebron this year, Kobe's team won, Lebron didn't play well largely due to Defense played by Kobe Bryant, and Kobe's team has a higher winning percentage this year.

If the Lakers finish in 1st place in the west, and Lebron's Cavs are 2nd to Boston; How can you justify awarding Lebron James with the MVP? If the Lakers finish the season with the best record in the NBA, and the Cavs are 1st in the East but 2nd record-wise; How can you justify awarding Lebron James with the MVP?

You want to try the, "Lebron's team isn't as good as Kobe's, so they got as far as they did because of Lebron" argument?

Well, that didn't work for Kobe.

All those years Steve Nash robbed Kobe of his MVP when he had players like Kwame Brown and Brian Cook to pass the ball too - even though most of the time they fumbled it out of bounds, traveled, or turned it over in some way ... Kobe was able to guide a Very Less talented team into the playoffs, and they "almost" beat Nash's more experienced and more talented team.

If that argument didn't work for Kobe; How can you justify it for Lebron James?

Lately, the MVP has gone to the best player, on the best team - Last year, Kobe got it because the Lakers were in 1st place - AND - he had another phenominal year. He's having another one of those hall of fame seasons; His team is near the top.... Time to start the Kobe back-to-back MVP Talks for th 2008-2009 season, NOW!

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Anonymous said...

you were right about kobe.. he's pretty phenomenal. :)