Thursday, December 07, 2006

Life on Mars; Racism on Earth.

Wow - There's so much going on and So much to talk about. So I'm gonna start off by recommending that you all take a listen to this interesting commentary on race in America.

Blackface - Whiteface - Imitation & Reality

You're going to truly enjoy that podcast - I did.

It's an interesting commentary - which at times makes me question if he's endorsing racism based comedy as one way to deal with & think about the ugliness that is racism.

A movie I'd recommend which is mentioned in this podcast, and deals highly with this same subject is the movie, Bamboozled. One of Spike Lee's best and in my opinion, yet one of his most under appreciated, perhaps because of it's Strongly Controversial subject matter. Check it out - if you've seen the movie I'd love to hear your thoughts on the film.

"Assigned to write a hit TV show or lose his job, Dela plans to turn Dunwitty's idea into a lesson. Dela creates �Mantan � The New Millennium Minstrel Show,� a spoof riddled with grossly overstated stereotypes and derogatory dialogue. Sloan, sensing the danger in fighting the network, encourages Dela to quit. But pride and self�assurance lead Dela to believe that Dunwitty would never have the courage to broadcast the show. Sloan promises her unconditional support.

Meanwhile, Manray and Cheeba, long-time friends, find themselves in front of the CNS building. Despite being homeless, they survive the mean Brooklyn streets by performing. When Manray tap dances, people pay attention. Even Dela can�t help but notice him on his way to work.

Soon Manray and Cheeba are lured into Dela�s office with more money than they have ever seen. Dela convinces them that they are the future of CNS � and soon enough they start to believe it. Much to Dela�s surprise, Sloan and Manray begin to forge a friendship of their own. And Big Black, Sloan�s older brother, makes his disapproval for Dela�s show and Sloan�s budding relationship known.

It�s not long before Dela comes to see himself in the reflection of his father � a man broken of his strength, conviction, integrity and principles. He has lost control of his show, his career and his life. And unbeknownst to them all, Dela has unwittingly put Manray�s life in danger. All of Dela�s efforts have failed, and finally confronting the network, the authorities and his own conscience, it seems like it may be too late."

Water on Mars: Signal of Life?

When reviewing race relations in America - it's worth it to take a moment to consider if whether or not we should solve our problems here on Earth before taking them out into space.

It seems inevitable. Doesn't it?

One day Humans will explore space - I'm not star trek fan but space is the last frontier - and something in our exploratative curious nature suggests that it's only a matter of time before we figure out how - so that we can explore our universe.

We're doing it now, with all of our powerful telescopes, satellites, and robotic ships we've sent to mars, saturn & it's moon Cassini.

Just yesterday Nasa announced evidence of water, flowing on Mars. Over a period of 5 years an area of Mars was photographed. They've produced before & after photos; With after showing you a gully with what looks like a frozen stream of water - or ice while the before photos is showing a gully with no stream at all.

Water, is believed to be "the" ingrediate to determine Two things

  • Whether or not there is Life on Mars now.

  • Whether or not there it's possible to spawn and sustain Life on Mars now and into the future.

If Mars has water - from our earthly perspective - we can cultivate an atmosphere of oxygen - we can literally create a colony on Mars.

What are your thoughts on that? Think it'll happen during your lifetime? What do you think about the possibility that your future generational offspring will be living on Mars? ... Or the Moon for that matter.

Take a gander at these photos from Nasa - and make sure you read up on this new announcement aswell.

"Has liquid water flowed on Mars in this decade?

In June 2000, we reported the discovery, using the Mars Global Surveyor's Mars Orbiter Camera, of very youthful-looking gullies found on slopes at middle and high latitudes on Mars. Since that time, tens of thousands of gullies have been imaged by all of the Mars orbiting spacecraft: Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, Mars Express and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

During the years since the original June 2000 report, the Mars Global Surveyor's camera was used to test the hypothesis that the gullies may be so young that some of them could still be active today. The test was very simple: re-image gullies previously seen by the camera and see if anything has changed."

So many great reasons to improve our planet - our relations with each other - and our overall ability to understand and grasp ideas that will help us as we attempt to extend the reach of Humanity, to other planets & beyond.

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