Friday, December 22, 2006

All leaders are Followers - pt. 1

Every leader in the history of leaders, has been a follower of someone else. If you are interested in becomming a good leader - see yourself as a good leader now - or just wondered what it took to Be a leader; You must understand that All Leaders are Follwers.

There's nothing new under the sun - everything and everyone tries to be an individual and we are, however at the same time we individuals are just like other individuals who came before us. I'm not talking identically - but overall, enough to say that Kobe is just like Micheal Jordan ... who some say was just like Elgin Baylor - while others say was more like Doctor J.

Leaders of communities that "follow Jesus" - are, Following Jesus. That's what it means to be Like Jesus. And Jesus was a leader, saying come this way - follow me. Jesus stated that He was from The Father - indicating that even Jesus was following a Leader.

Hitler led people to do things that are pretty unimaginable. But he was only able to do it because of all the leaders that he had. Others following hitlers lead, doing what He was doing, and believing what he was preaching; taking his ideas as their own. They carried out a mission by following - a whole lot of following. While many of them had leadership titles like General and Leutinant. That's precisely what they were.

Whether you're aspiring to lead others in the right direction - or the wrong one - a direction to help others or to harm others - the essential aspect of leadership is the same.

Who are you following? ....

Who are you leading?

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