Sunday, December 17, 2006

Me and My Views.

I never wanted thaShow to be about my life - or about me. However inevitably my views are constantly being expressed here. Whether it's through my desire to raise the question of if Kobe is better than Micheal (ok, that's not too important in the world scope) - or my views on racism in America, and how it effects us as a society in 2006 (depending on who you are this may not be important either) going into 2007.

As I sit here contemplating my life, I do find myself with questions. Am I reaching the right audience? Is anyone reading thaShow - do people care about the topics I'm raising?

More importantly have my ideas - for solutions to common problems - helped anyone out there?

Helping others really drives me. There's something about it that makes me feel good. In a way it's selfish, my willingness to help others often translates to an opportunity to help myself.

For many, many years now I have helped my church in giving out toys and food to families in the Nickerson Gardens Projects - today I missed out for the first time in a very long time. I wont get into why - because that's not very important. Instead I'd rather talk about whether or not "giving" to the needy helps them or not.

Perhaps questions like those are too deep - too complex to have a simple yes or no response, without debate and conversation that can lead to finding the answer, or will simply leave a gash so wide that there is seemingly no possible way to figure out what the answer is.

Human nature arises.

This natural struggle of our existence - Light vs. Dark - Black vs. White - The desire to help others vs. The desire to help ourselves.

There is so much constant Dichotomy in the works of our lives that often even I forget about the importance of balancing these two energies. A good book that I read some time ago has been helping me through this period in my life - a book by Deepak Chopra called "The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success."

A few great thoughts from the book are:

  1. The Universe is always in a state of Perfection

  2. Everything is always happening as it should.

  3. Do not struggle against the Universe.

I was watching something very interesting on History International - about sex and the bible - dealing with how Hebrews viewed sex, and sexuality, during the writing of the bible. Very interesting stuff really - in case you've never read it, the Bible is FULL of sex and sexuality. Being that much of the Old Testament is metaphoric in nature, even the story of Eve's Temptation can be interpreted in a way that's not so Literal.

Eve being created from Adam's rib - and the Snake - are both phalic symbols. Which puts a unique spin on the idea of Eve being tempted by "the devil."

It also clearly points out just how much "interpretation" has become our Religion - and I wonder just how much religion has to do with the problems of our world today. Notice I said religion - not spirituality.

I've got a DVD by a guy named Ashra Kwesi, which is his presentation documenting a very strong possibility that the stories of the Bible, originated on the walls of the Egyptian Pyramids - the show on History International mentions this aswell.

There's even a scene in "The DaVinci Code" where Tom Hanks playing the lead role stands up and shows us a statue of Isis and her son Horus - in a pose that 'remarkably' resembles the Madonna and Child photos that float around often during this time of year.

Where am I going with all of this?

Your life is yours to live as you see fit - be it for selfish reasons or be it for selfless ones. And you are welcomed to take my advice or not - My views are often controversial because they are not politically correct. Often my friends do not see eye to eye with me; and yet I often feel as if their views are not new, fresh, or inventive enough to truly Help the world we live in become better.

All in all, that's my goal in life. To be of service ...

It would be great to recieve a lavish lifestyle in return for helping others live a more fullfilled lifestyle; and yet I often find myself wondering how fullfilling my life is - and if I need to work more on ME - in order to truly help others the way I'd like to.

So while those questions remain in the air I will not struggle against the universe. Instead I will simply await for the answers to become more clear. All the while seeking to help others find clarity with questions they may have.

ThaShow is not for the slow of brain.

I remember how I first got into blogging via yahoo clubs - now called yahoo groups. A friend of mine at the time, a girl who I chatted with quite regularly, decided that we should start up a place for Intelligent Conversation. ThaClub was born.

To this day, chat rooms are not exactly a place to find people willing to challenge themselves, or their beliefs. It's not exactly a place for reflective people to hold meaningful discussions about life - and what THEY can do with theirs to leave here in peace.

And so with that goal in mind, thaClub grew - and flourished for quite some time. Conversations were deep, and were great to read. Quite a few people emailed me letting me know how much thaClub was helping them; how much they enjoyed the conversations - how refreshing the group was.

Then the internet blossomed even more - spawning more and more places for intelligent people to go and talk with each other - Today, blogging is where it's at and there are So many blogs out there that I wonder just how will I possibly reach people with mine - such an attention defecit society, with So many choices - it's a wonder we all haven't popped from sensory-choice overload.

Perhaps that's why chat rooms are full of so many dumb people - there's so much to know that often people simply Unplug because they dont want to deal with it all. Hell, I've done it aswell. I can truly say that It's a better feeling when I'm plugged in.

Things just seem to make more sense.

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