Friday, July 24, 2009

Fantasy Fall Out 2....

Just wanted to let you know that K paid up. So now, we're talking about $80 ...not $100

There have been some interesting revelations though. Things happening behind the scenes I was not aware of; Casting an interesting light on ... these people.

I won't name any names here... but apparently a dude we've all known, started seeing Jennifer Loftin, after one of my boys stopped seeing her.

That's Shady ...

What kind of 'friend' starts Dating a friends ex girl??

You can't find any other women in the world?? I understand that sometimes alcohol clouds judgement, and perhaps they hooked up on a drunken night; but to Keep doing it after that?? .... wtf?

Anyways, this new information cast light on the comments made on my original post. Clearly, I was way off in my guesses, and assumptions, of "who" was behind those comments. The NEW information sheds light on exactly who that is.

Dude has been this way all his life; a two faced, back stabbing, kiss ass. Frankly, I've never liked the guy.

He finds out who's in charge, and kisses their ass real good; Washes their balls ya know... makes them feel like King of the Hill; He would do this with our Basketball Coaches; Like a "teachers pet" ... then, he'd start shit with players on the team, and if any of those players lashed out at him, the Coach... who's balls have been washed thoroughly, would swoop in to save him; save the day... He'd do this with "star players" on the team as well; so that when disputes would arise, naturally, they would take his side; due to all the ass kissing and ball washing.

Dude has been this way his entire life; A Spoiled brat; with uncles playing professional sports, making millions of dollars; he'd get lots of nice things given to him, then would walk around like HE was responsible for it.... never did like the guy.

And due to how I am, a no-nonsense kind of person, very nice and respectful towards nice and respectful people ... but, rub me wrong and I'll be sure you never forget how wrong I'm gonna rub you... which of course is part of what you've seen here.

People who wrong others, don't like to be called out for it.

It's something I've noticed over the years.

In this situation, there are 4 people who owe me money, they are all wrong, and they're now upset, that I've called them out about it; So.. what's a guy to do to make things right?

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