Saturday, October 06, 2007


Wondering why my Agloco seemed to stagnate? I'd love to tell you...

The Short story is that for weeks now I've been referring people ... using the WRONG referral ID - can you believe it? I actually was giving them an ID that does not even exist; So I can only hope people did not sign up - Truth is, I know people have - probably lots.

The glitch was up for weeks; Easily 30-50 people could be Direct to Agloco at this point.

I have a new graph to share - it will also be up soon - Since I made the correction a total of 4 people joined my network.... but I need a way to communicate with them. That's one flaw in the Agloco system; they do not allow for someone to contact people in their "downline" ... which would be great; I'd love to duplicate myself through them, sharing what I've done to be in the Top 6.22% with this company.

In fact, if you sign up for my Money Making Newsletter (on the right side of this blog) you can begin recieving tips to follow in my foot steps; Not only through agloco, but through the limitless opportunities that are all around us, every single day.


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